The Power of Soul: The Way to Heal, Rejuvenate, Transform, and Enlighten All Life (Soul Power Series)

The Power of Soul: The Way to Heal, Rejuvenate, Transform, and Enlighten All Life (Soul Power Series)


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In the twentieth century, mind over matter was emphasized. In the twenty-first century, soul over matter will transform all life.

The Power of Soul reveals divine soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices to transform the consciousness of humanity and all souls, and enlighten them in order to create love, peace, and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes.

The Power of Soul teaches soul healing, soul prevention of sickness, soul rejuvenation, soul transformation of every aspect of life (including relationships and finances), and soul enlightenment. It offers you practical soul treasures to empower you to apply all of these teachings. This is the divine direction for the fifteen-thousand-year Soul Light Era, which started on August 8, 2003.

The Power of Soul is the leading authority for Dr. Sha's entire Soul Power book series. The divine soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices in this book will lead humanity and all souls to the universe of soul over matter. This book shows humanity and all souls the way to heal, rejuvenate, transform, and enlighten all life.

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About the Author

Master Zhi Gang Sha is a soul leader, an extraordinary healer, and a divine servant. He was trained as a conventional medical doctor and a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. The founder of the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment and of the World Soul Healing, Peace and Enlightenment Movement, he is a grandmaster of many ancient disciplines, including tai chi, qi gong, feng shui and the I Ching. Master Sha is also an expert in the most advanced cellular healing science now occurring in China. In the West, he is involved in breakthrough research on the effects of spirit on the human system. Master Sha was named Qigong Master of the Year at the Fifth World Congress in Qigong. In 2006, he was granted the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission Award for his humanitarian efforts. His Soul Power Series reveals soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices to transform every aspect of life. Visit

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Soul Basics

For many years, I have traveled around the world to teach soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices. I always ask my students, "What is the soul?" Common answers include: Soul is the inner being. Soul is the inner child. Soul is the spark of the Divine. Some people say soul is one drop of water in the vast ocean. Others describe the soul as the essence of one's life. There are many different answers. Every answer has some significance and correctness for the concept of soul. I honor every answer but I would like to share my own insights on the fundamental wisdom of the soul.

What Is the Soul?

A human's soul is a golden light being. To see a soul, you must open your spiritual eye, which is named the Third Eye. Then you will see clearly that every human being has a golden light being inside his or her body. The soul can sit in different parts of the body. There are seven main areas where a human's soul can sit. These seven houses for the soul are located:

1. just above the genital area

2. between the genitals and the navel

3. at the level of the navel

4. in the heart chakra, which I call the Message Center

5. in the throat

6. in the head

7. just above the head, over the crown chakra

Where your soul sits is extremely significant for your spiritual journey. The significance is that the location of your soul represents your spiritual standing in Heaven. The higher your soul sits in your body, the higher your spiritual standing in Heaven.

A soul has to do Xiu Lian (pronounced shew li-en) in order to uplift its standing. Xiu Lian is an ancient spiritual term. "Xiu" means purification. "Lian" means practice. Xiu Lian represents the totality of the spiritual journey. It includes the cultivation and purification of your soul, heart, mind, and body. Neither you nor your soul can decide where your soul sits inside your body. This simply means that your spiritual standing is not determined by you or your soul's desires. The Akashic Records decide where your soul sits inside your body according to your spiritual standing. The Akashic Records are in a special place in Heaven; there, all of your lives are recorded, including all of your activities, behaviors, and thoughts. They also decide your spiritual standing in Heaven based on your life records.

If you offer good service, such as love, care, compassion, kindness, generosity, and purity, the Akashic Records record this good service. If you offer unpleasant service, such as killing, stealing, harming, and taking advantage of others, the Akashic Records also record this unpleasant service. There is a book in the Akashic Records for each person's soul. This book is dedicated to recording all of your services, good and unpleasant, in your present lifetime and all of your soul's previous lifetimes. Your soul also carries a copy of this record. A highly developed spiritual being can read this record directly, either from the Akashic Records or from your soul. However, such spiritual beings are rare, as they must be given a spiritual order from the Divine to access this information. Not many beings in history have received this Divine Order to access the Akashic Records.

I cannot emphasize enough that where your soul sits inside your body is a vital factor for your spiritual journey. Today, many spiritual teachers talk about soul enlightenment. What exactly is soul enlightenment? The key to soul enlightenment is the soul's standing. To be enlightened, a soul must sit in the Message Center or higher. If your soul does not sit in these layers, you cannot be considered to have an enlightened soul. This teaching about the divine standard for soul enlightenment was given to me many years ago. Every year, I have two or more Soul Healing and Enlightenment retreats. In each one, the Divine enlightens every participant. The Divine has enlightened thousands of human beings in the last few years. In chapter 13, I will reveal the vital soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices of soul enlightenment.

I am extremely honored to be a servant of humanity and the Divine to offer divine soul enlightenment for humanity. The Divine gave me the task to offer soul enlightenment for all humanity. I am extremely humbled, honored, and blessed to offer divine soul enlightenment to humanity in my Soul Healing and Enlightenment retreats. I am simply a servant and vehicle of the Divine to offer the Divine's enlightenment to humanity. All credit belongs to the Divine. I am extremely honored to be a servant and vehicle. I cannot thank the Divine enough for choosing me to serve humanity and all souls in this way. Thank you, Divine, from the bottom of my heart.

Characteristics of the Soul

A human being has a character. Some people are very active. Some people are very quiet. Some people are very humorous. Some peo-ple are very serious. A soul has its own character. From my personal experience, I would like to share my insights on the main char-acteristics of the soul:

• Your soul (which I also call your body soul to distinguish it from other souls, such as the souls of your organs) is independent. A human being has a soul, mind, and body. They are separate but united. They are separate because they are independent. They are united because they reside in the same body and communicate with one another.

• Souls have consciousness and intelligence. They have awareness. They think. They analyze. They learn. They have likes and dislikes. One person may like to travel. Another may love food. You may like to read. Someone else may like sports. A soul has its own likes and dislikes, which it has developed over hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes. To help balance and harmonize your soul, mind, and body, it is important to know your soul's likes and dislikes.

• Souls have emotions. A soul can be happy, peaceful, sad, fearful, or upset.

• Souls have incredible wisdom. After you open your spiritual communication channels, you will be able to consult with your soul. You will be amazed to learn how much your soul knows. Your soul is one of your best consultants and guides.

• Souls have great memory. A soul can remember experiences from all of its lifetimes. For example, you may travel somewhere for the first time but clearly feel you are familiar with that place. You may feel like you were there before. Some places make you happy. Some places make you scared. You may have had past-life experiences in those places. You soul has memories of those experiences. Therefore, you have special feelings at those particular places.

• Souls have flexibility. Walk toward a corner of your room. When you reach the corner, you will have nowhere else to go. You have to turn around to move farther. In life, many times you could be stuck in a situation like a corner. You must turn around to get unstuck and move farther. This teaches us to realize the importance of flexibility. There is a famous statement from ancient times: hua you san shuo, qiao shuo wei miao. The essence of this statement is: There are three ways to say something. Find the best way in the moment. This tells us there is flexibility in speaking every sentence. Therefore, there is flexibility in every aspect of life. Your beloved soul has profound wisdom, knowledge, and experience from hundreds of lifetimes. Your soul has great flexibility. Make sure you use the strength of your soul's flexibility to deal with your life.

• Souls communicate with other souls naturally. Your body soul communicates with other souls naturally. People often talk or dream about a soul mate. When you meet some people, you may instantly feel love. You may feel there is something special between you. The reason for this is that your souls were close in past lives. Your souls could have been communicating for many years before you met physically.

• Souls travel. When you are awake during the day, your soul remains inside your body. But when you are asleep at night, your soul may travel outside your body naturally. In fact, many souls do this. Where does the soul go? It goes where it loves to go. Your soul can visit your spiritual teachers to learn directly from them. It can also visit your old friends, or Heaven and other parts of the universe.

• Souls have incredible healing power. In this book, I will teach you how to apply Soul Power for healing, including self-healing, healing of others, group healing, and remote healing.

• Souls can help you prevent sickness. In this book, I will reveal the soul secrets of soul prevention of sickness.

• Souls can help you rejuvenate. In this book, I will share soul wisdom and practices for soul rejuvenation.

• Souls have incredible blessing capabilities. If you encounter difficulties and blockages in your life, simply ask your soul to help you: Dear my soul, I love you, honor you, and appreciate you. Could you bless my life? Could you help me overcome my problems and difficulties? Thank you so much. Invoke your own body soul in this way anytime, anywhere. Your soul can help you solve your problems and overcome your difficulties. Love your soul. Ask your soul to bless your life. Your soul will be delighted to assist you. You could be fascinated and amazed to see the changes in your life.

• Souls have incomprehensible potential powers. In this book, I will teach you how to develop the potential powers of your soul.

• Your soul connects with your mind. Your soul can teach your mind. Your soul can transmit its great wisdom to your mind.

• Your soul connects with your Heaven's Team, which includes your spiritual guides, teachers, angels, and other enlightened masters in Heaven.

• Your soul can store messages. Messages can be stored in your Message Center and in the souls of your body, systems, organs, cells, and more. After you develop the potential powers of your soul, you will be able to access those messages anytime and anywhere.

• Your soul is constantly searching for knowledge. Just as your mind is always learning, so too is your soul. Your soul can learn from other souls, particularly from your spiritual fathers and mothers. Your soul has the potential to learn divine wisdom and knowledge.

• Souls can protect your life. Your own soul can protect you. Other souls, including angels, saints, spiritual guides, enlightened teachers, and the Divine, can protect your life. They can help you prevent sickness, change a serious accident into a minor one, or help you avoid an accident completely.

• Souls can reward you as well as give you warnings. If the soul is happy with what you are doing, the soul can bless your journey. If the soul does not like what you are doing, it can make your life difficult. It could block your relationships or even make you sick.

• Your soul can predict your life. If you can communicate with your soul, your soul can tell you what is in store for you.

• Souls follow spiritual laws and principles. Your mind may not be aware of this, but your soul absolutely follows spiritual laws.

• Your soul is eternal.

• Many souls yearn to be enlightened. They want to offer good service in the form of love, care, compassion, sincerity, generosity, and kindness. That is why more and more people are searching for soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices. You are reading this book now. You may have a great desire to search more.

Relationships Among Soul, Mind, and Body

A human being has a soul, a mind, and a body. The body includes systems, organs, cells, cell units, DNA, and RNA. Mind is consciousness. Your body has consciousness. Every system, organ, cell, DNA, and RNA has consciousness. Your body has a soul. Every system, organ, cell, DNA, and RNA has a soul. Soul is a golden light being. If you have advanced spiritual abilities, you can see any of these souls, including the souls of DNA and RNA. They are different types of golden light beings.

Soul, mind, and body are separate but united as one inside the body. They work with each other. They communicate with each other. They harmonize and balance each other. For example, the liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys are the major yin organs. If one of them is sick, it will break the harmony among all of them.

Each major organ connects with the emotional body. The liver connects with anger. The heart connects with anxiety and depression. The spleen connects with worry. The lungs connect with grief and sadness. The kidneys connect with fear. Sickness in the physical body can create disharmony and imbalances in the emotional body.

Each organ has its own soul. The soul of the liver is named liver hun. The soul of the heart is named heart shen. The soul of the spleen is named spleen yi. The soul of the lungs is named lung po. The soul of the kidneys is named kidney zhi.

Every organ has its own soul, mind, and body. Every cell has its own soul, mind, and body. So does every DNA and RNA. To balance the souls, minds, and bodies of all your systems, organs, cells, DNA, and RNA is vital for life.

A human being has his or her own soul, mind, and body. This soul is the body soul. This mind is the consciousness of this being. This body includes all systems, organs, and cells. What are the relationships among them?

Generally speaking, human beings think they make decisions in their minds. They think they like or dislike someone or something. They think they want or do not want to do something. What I want to share with everyone is that your soul is involved in your decision making. Your soul shares its own likes and dislikes with your mind. If your mind's decision agrees with your soul's desire, things are smooth and successful. If your mind does not agree with your soul's desire, things are blocked.

I have experienced this divine wisdom for many years. The one-sentence secret for the relationships among soul, mind, and body is:

Soul is the boss.

In your company, your boss tells you to do something. When you follow his or her direction, things are smooth. If you do not follow your boss's direction, it could cause big problems. This does not mean your boss is always right. But even if your boss is not right, he or she does have the power to make decisions about your job. In the same way, a soul may not always be absolutely right, but the soul has the power to block your life.

This wisdom teaches us that it is important to communicate with your soul. Your soul has many lifetimes of experience. Generally speaking, your mind has experience from only one lifetime, your present one. Your soul knows much more than your mind. My teaching is to open your spiritual channels to communicate with your own soul. Listen to your soul's guidance. Follow your soul's desire. Your life could be much smoother and much more successful.

If you have disharmony among your soul, mind, and body, you could have poor health, unbalanced emotions, unpleasant relationships, and blockages in your finances. How to harmonize them? Let me show you a simple soul practice to balance soul, mind, and body.

Sit in a relaxed position and condition. Silently communicate with your soul, mind, and body like this:

Dear my soul, mind, and body, I love you all.

You may have some disharmony among yourselves.

You have the power to balance one another.

Do a good job.

Thank you.

Then, silently and repeatedly chant:

I love my soul, mind, and body. Balance and harmonize my soul, mind, and body.

I love my soul, mind, and body. Balance and harmonize my soul, mind, and body.

I love my soul, mind, and body. Balance and harmonize my soul, mind, and body.

I love my soul, mind, and body. Balance and harmonize my soul, mind, and body...

Practice three to five minutes per time, a few times a day. At the end of the practice, always say:

Hao! Hao! Hao!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Hao, pronounced "how," means "perfect," "wonderful," "balance," "harmonize," and "get well." It is an affirmation and a command.

The first thank you is to the Divine. The second thank you is to all of your spiritual fathers and mothers in Heaven. The third thank you is to your own soul, mind, and body. Gratitude is extremely important on the spiritual journey.

From this simple practice, you could receive remarkable healing for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. You could receive life transformation for your relationships and finances.

Why does this technique work? It works because you invoke and share love with your soul, mind, and body. You give a soul order to your soul, mind, and body to balance and harmonize themselves. The key reason it works is that love melts all blockages and transforms all life. Love has immeasurable power to remove all kinds of blockages. This soul order expresses the power of your soul for healing and transformation. I will reveal the most important soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices about soul orders in chapter 4.

The Purpose of Physical Life and Soul Life

Every human being has a purpose for life. Some people want to be scientists. Some people want to be doctors. Some people want to be artists. Some people want to be basketball players. Everyone has his or her own desires. Everyone loves doing something and dreams about doing it well.

If a person has a good profession, good relationships, a harmonized family, good health, and happiness, that person feels successful in physical life. Satisfaction in one's physical life is important. Many people have this kind of satisfaction. They are blessed.

Some people have this kind of physical success, yet they are not satisfied. They may feel that something is missing. They may feel empty. They may feel they are searching for something, but they do not know exactly what they are searching for. If this resonates with you, I believe you are searching for your soul journey.

Millions of people worldwide are already on their soul journey. They thirst for soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices. They want to know what the spiritual journey is and how to move forward on it. They want to be enlightened and learn how to reach enlightenment. In this book, I will share what the soul journey is, how to move forward on your soul journey, and how to reach soul enlightenment.

Soul enlightenment is the final destiny of one's soul journey. After you reach soul enlightenment, move further to mind enlightenment and body enlightenment. In chapter 13, I will deliver the soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices about soul enlightenment to you.

A human's physical life is limited. To live for one hundred years is great. To live longer than this is extraordinary. A human's soul life is unlimited. Soul life is eternal. I have a deep realization that the relationship between the physical journey and the spiritual journey can be summarized in a one-sentence secret:

The physical journey is to serve the soul journey.

If you offer great service to others; if you make others healthier and happier; if you help transform human consciousness; and if you contribute to love, peace, and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth, and the universes, you will accumulate great virtue. Virtue is the record of your services. Heaven records these services. Your great virtue from your good service will uplift your soul standing. Your future lives will be significantly blessed.

Your descendants, including your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and beyond, will be tremendously blessed. There is a famous ancient spiritual statement:

Ancestor plants the tree. Descendants enjoy the shade.

On the other hand, if you offer unpleasant service, such as killing, harming, and taking advantage of others, Heaven also records these unpleasant services. These unpleasant services will profoundly influence your and your descendants' future lives. I will explain this wisdom further in chapter 2 on karma.

In conclusion, to have great success in physical life is wonderful, but it is not enough. To develop the soul's life is vital. To develop the soul's life is to reach soul enlightenment. To reach soul enlightenment is to uplift your soul standing in the spiritual world. The higher your soul standing is, the more abilities the Divine will give you to serve. The more you serve, the higher your spiritual standing will be. Finally, you will be a high-level spiritual being and will move closer and closer to the divine realm. Reaching the divine realm is the ultimate purpose of the spiritual journey.

On Mother Earth, there are many kinds of spiritual books, workshops, and seminars. In Heaven, there are also books, workshops, and seminars. In the physical world, spiritual teachers offer teaching. In Heaven, saints and the Divine offer teaching. In the divine realm, the Divine offers the teaching personally. The final goal of one's spiritual journey is to reach the divine realm. Now let me share another major one-sentence soul secret:

The higher the realm you reach in Heaven, the more profound teaching you can receive from Heaven and the more Soul Power you are given by Heaven to serve.

This is the true path for every spiritual being. Be sure you are aware of this soul wisdom.

Millions of people worldwide are searching for soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices. Their souls are yearning to uplift their standing in Heaven. This is why more and more people are moving on their spiritual journey and searching for soul enlightenment.

The ultimate goal of the Soul Light Era, the fifteen-thousand-year era that began on August 8, 2003, is to enlighten all humanity and all souls. We are at the dawn of this journey. Let us join hearts and souls together to follow this divine direction and move to achieve this final destiny of the Soul Light Era. We are honored to serve this divine mission. We are honored to reveal and share divine soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices to empower people to reach soul enlightenment.

Teach and spread soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices.

Do soul healing for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Transform and enlighten the souls, hearts, minds, and bodies of humanity.

Create love, peace, and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes.

Hao! Hao! Hao!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

What the Soul Can Do for Your Life

A human being has a soul, mind, and body. Your mind can do a lot for your life. Mind has the power to heal the body. Mind can create and manifest. Mind can transform consciousness and every aspect of life. Mind-body medicine and the mind-body connection are well known. They are examples of mind over matter, which is Mind Power. There has been a great deal of research that demonstrates the power of the mind. We honor the power of the mind, but the power of the mind is not enough.

The next step to serve humanity is soul over matter, which is Soul Power. "Soul over matter" means soul can make things happen. It includes soul healing, soul prevention of sickness, soul rejuvenation, soul prolongation of life, and soul transformation of every aspect of life, including relationships and finances. The final goal of soul over matter is to enlighten your soul, to enlighten all souls of humanity, and to enlighten all souls in all universes.

In this book, I will reveal and share with humanity the secrets of soul healing, soul prevention of sickness, soul rejuvenation, soul prolongation of life, soul transformation, and soul enlightenment. This book is the leading authority of my Soul Power Series. It transforms the universe of mind over matter to the universe of soul over matter.

The dawn of the Soul Light Era is a turning point for humanity, Mother Earth, and all souls. The power of mind over matter will move to the power of soul over matter. The Soul Power Series will empower humanity to use Soul Power to heal, transform every aspect of their lives, and enlighten their souls, minds, and bodies.

Soul over matter will transform every occupation. Soul over matter will transform people's views of Mother Earth and the universe. The Divine will show Divine Soul Power to humanity. Let me give you several examples.

As I described in the introduction, divine soul healing power has been transmitted to the first Love Peace Harmony Center in Boulder, Colorado. People can sit in this physical place and invoke this divine power. They can then receive remarkable results for healing and life transformation.

As another example, I have offered Divine Soul Downloads in teleconferences, workshops, radio programs, and television shows since July 2003. Thousands of heart-touching and moving stories have confirmed the power of these divine souls, beginning with Walter's story, which I shared in the opening section of this book.

The Divine has downloaded his healing power to more than seven hundred people since July 2003. These hundreds of Divine Healers have created remarkable healing results for humanity.

The Divine has created about one hundred Divine Writers in the last few years. Divine books, which are inspiring and profound, will be produced one after another.

As a final example, the Divine has offered thousands of karma cleansings, which I will explain further in the next chapter. Recipients have received extraordinary healing and transformation in every aspect of life. All of these examples confirm the power of soul.

Soul Power is the power of the twenty-first century. Soul Power is the power of the Soul Light Era. After reading this book and applying Soul Power by doing the soul practices and invoking Divine Soul Downloads, you could completely transform your thinking about healing, prevention of sickness, rejuvenation, prolonging life, life transformation, and enlightenment. Your consciousness could be completely transformed. Your view of the world could be completely transformed.

Soul over matter is the new divine direction for the entire Soul Light Era. The Divine made this decision on August 8, 2003. You can clearly see that the world is moving in this direction. Many more people are searching for soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices. Many more people are giving their love, care, compassion, forgiveness, peace, and harmony to others. Many more people are searching for the transformation of consciousness. Many more people want to become servants of humanity, Mother Earth, and the universes. The search for transformation of healing and consciousness and for soul wisdom has become a global movement of wave after wave. At this time, the Divine guided me to create the Soul Power Series of books. I am honored to offer these books to you and all humanity.

The books of the Soul Power Series will offer soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices to heal, prevent sickness, rejuvenate, prolong life, transform consciousness and every aspect of life, including relationships and finances, and enlighten your soul, heart, mind, and body.

The Divine guided me to flow these soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices. I give all the credit to the Divine and Heaven. I am only a servant of humanity, all souls, and the Divine. I am extremely honored to be this servant.

The essence of the guidance I received from the Divine for the Soul Power Series and the Soul Light Era is one sentence:

Soul over matter will transform humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes.

The Soul Light Era

On August 8, 2003, the Divine appointed Yuan Shi Tian Zun, one of the top Taoist saints in history, to form a committee to lead a new era, the Soul Light Era. This highest divine committee has twelve members. In the committee's first meeting in Heaven, the Divine formally announced that the last era was ending. Niu Wa Niang Niang, the top spiritual leader of the last era in Jiu Tian (pronounced joe ti-en; "jiu" means nine, "tian" means Heaven), the nine layers of Heaven, had accomplished her task. She was uplifted to Tian Wai Tian, the Heaven beyond Heaven, which is the divine realm.

Souls who reside in Tian Wai Tian stop reincarnation. Souls who reside in Jiu Tian must continue to follow the spiritual law of reincarnation. Many great teachers from various spiritual traditions in history, including Jesus, Mary, Ar Mi Tuo Fuo (the Chinese name for Amitabha, an ancient buddha who is the leader of the Pure Land), Shi Jia Mo Ni Fuo (the Chinese name for Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism), Ling Hui Sheng Shi (the new name of Guan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion), and Pu Ti Lao Zu (one of the top Taoist leaders), have all been souls in Jiu Tian. In the Soul Light Era, which will last fifteen thousand years, Jesus, Mary, buddhas, and other saints will continue to serve humanity to uplift their soul standing. Many of these saints will be uplifted to Tian Wai Tian. In fact, since August 8, 2003, six saints have already been uplifted from Jiu Tian to Tian Wai Tian, including a few of those I named above.

The ultimate goal of the Soul Light Era is:

To join every soul as one to reach universal soul enlightenment.

In Chinese, this ultimate goal is expressed as wan ling rong he da yuan men. "Wan" means ten thousand, which represents "all" or "every." "Ling" means soul. "Rong he" means join as one. "Da" means big. "Yuan men" means enlightenment.

In order to enlighten every soul, we have to enlighten our own souls first. Then enlighten the souls of our family members and loved ones. Then we enlighten the souls of our friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Next we enlighten the souls of all human beings in our city and country. Then we enlighten the souls of all humanity on Mother Earth. Finally, we enlighten all souls in all universes.

Everything has a soul. A human being has a soul. A bodily system has a soul. An organ has a soul. A cell has a soul. DNA and RNA have souls. An animal has a soul. A river has a soul. A tree has a soul. A mountain has a soul. A city has a soul. A planet has a soul. A star has a soul. A galaxy has a soul. A universe has a soul. To enlighten all souls is to enlighten all of them. This is a huge task. This is a divine calling and the divine direction.

I am honored to make a spiritual calling for the Divine to every reader, every soul of humanity, and every soul of all universes. Let us join hearts and souls together to offer our unconditional universal service to all humanity and all souls, in order to create love, peace, and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes. Let us enlighten all humanity, all animals, all nature, and all universes.

In the beginning section of this book introducing the Soul Power Series, I shared how I became an unconditional universal servant. That was the calling the Divine made to me. I responded immediately. Three months later, I was chosen as a divine servant, vehicle, and channel. If you respond to this divine calling as an unconditional universal servant, you too will be chosen as a divine servant, vehicle, and channel at the appropriate layer and with the appropriate frequency.

If you commit as an unconditional universal servant, you must do it. You must show your commitment to the Divine. The Akashic Records record every activity, behavior, and thought of a human being. There is a renowned historical spiritual statement: If you do not want people to know, do not do it. If you do it, you know, Heaven knows, Earth knows.

On the spiritual journey, it is very important to make a vow to the Divine to show your commitment to serve. Major divine teachers, such as Jesus, Mary, Ar Mi Tuo Fuo, Shi Jia Mo Ni Fuo, Ling Hui Sheng Shi, Pu Ti Lao Zu, the Medicine Buddha, and many others, all made a big vow to the Divine to be an unconditional universal servant.

I would like to share a spiritual secret here. For advanced soul enlightenment on your soul journey, it is vital to make a vow to the Divine. To make a vow is to tell the Divine you are ready to be a total GOLD servant of the Divine and humanity. Total GOLD means total gratitude, total obedience, total loyalty, and total devotion to the Divine. You will bring the Divine's personal attention. When the Divine hears your big vow, the Divine will give you a task.

Remember, if you are ready to make a vow, do it. If you are not ready to make a vow, be sure you do not do it. After making a vow, the Divine and Heaven will give you a task in response to your vow. If you make a vow but you do not follow through, it will create major bad karma for your spiritual journey. Nobody wants this.

Make a vow to the Divine. Accept divine tasks and also realize that the Divine will give you spiritual tests. The Divine will test your commitment, persistence, ability to overcome difficulties and remove blockages, and your total GOLD.

This is a critical secret for every spiritual being to know. After making a vow to the Divine, you can be 100 percent sure that the Divine will give you a task and a test. Accomplish the task. Pass the test. Then your soul will be uplifted. Jesus, Mary, Shi Jia Mo Ni Fuo, Ar Mi Tuo Fuo, Guan Yin, Pu Ti Lao Zu, the Medicine Buddha, and many other great teachers all went through the process of making a vow to the Divine, passing divine tests, and accomplishing their divine tasks. Then they were uplifted by the Divine personally.

There is a famous statement about the spiritual journey: Ren zai zuo. Tian zai kan. In essence, this means: Human beings are doing their work. Heaven is watching. Therefore, as a spiritual being, you must know that if you make a vow, the Divine and Heaven will give you a task and test you. They will observe every aspect of your life. If you are committed to serving humanity and all souls, do not be scared. It is a vital secret to make a vow to tell Heaven and the Divine that you want to make a commitment to serve. Then they will give you your task and test you. The process could be very painful. But remember another renowned statement that also applies to the spiritual journey: No pain, no gain.

After passing spiritual testing and accomplishing divine tasks, your spiritual standing will be uplifted. Then continue to serve. Receive further testing and further tasks. Then receive further uplifting. The spiritual journey is a hard journey. It is also a painful journey. But finally, you will remove all selfishness, ego, and attachments to become a pure servant of humanity and all souls. When you reach this level, you gain inner joy and inner peace. Everything you touch will be a success. Whatever you think, will happen.

True spiritual power is beyond comprehension. You must reach advanced soul enlightenment to fully understand what I am saying. You will understand this teaching more and more as you read this book. You will experience it directly in your future spiritual journey. You may agree with me more and more. It does take time.

Now we are at the beginning of the Soul Light Era. This is a historic period. The Divine needs total GOLD servants. The Divine made a calling on August 8, 2003. I have hundreds of advanced students worldwide who have responded to this calling by making a vow to the Divine. More and more spiritual beings will respond to this special divine calling.

Nobody is forced to make a vow to the Divine. I am sharing a major spiritual secret with you and all people worldwide. It is your choice to respond or not.

In conclusion, to make a vow to the Divine to be an unconditional universal servant is vital for your spiritual journey. If you are ready, you can pause a moment and make a vow to the Divine as follows. This is just my suggestion for your reference. You can absolutely change the words. Just follow the essence of this suggestion.

Dear Divine,

I am honored to make a vow to you and Heaven.

I commit to being an unconditional universal servant to all humanity and all souls.

I commit to being a total GOLD servant to you and humanity.

Please give me your task and bless me to accomplish it.

I am extremely honored.

Thank you.

If you decide to make a vow like this, what will happen when you do it? The Divine will appear at the moment you make this kind of vow. The leaders of the Akashic Records, including Yan Wang Ye and Jin Fa Sheng Shi, will also appear instantly. They will record your vow in your spiritual book in the Akashic Records. The Divine will give you a task. Then Heaven will wait for your accomplishment of the task. They will give you great spiritual support to facilitate your accomplishment of the divine task.

I offer the above teaching to explain further why this is a historic time. Mother Earth is in a transition period. All kinds of natural disasters, wars, and conflicts between religions and nations are happening worldwide. The Divine needs unconditional universal servants to stand out to serve humanity, to remove the suffering of humanity, and to create love, peace, and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes. At this historic moment, make your vow to the Divine and Heaven. Commit yourself to being a divine servant. Then your spiritual journey will move a big step forward.

At least twice a year, I hold Soul Healing and Enlightenment retreats. Their purpose is to offer soul healing and soul enlightenment for humanity. I welcome you to join me in one of my Soul Healing and Enlightenment retreats. I will offer the teaching with my Certified Divine Master Teachers and Healers and my Certified Master Teachers and Healers. As a divine servant, vehicle, and channel, I will send a major Divine Order to enlighten the soul of every participant at the retreat. Soul enlightenment is the number-one task for the Soul Light Era. After reaching your own soul enlightenment, you can return home to prepare the people around you for their soul enlightenment. You absolutely can reach soul enlightenment by yourself. However, I can be the servant and facilitator for your soul enlightenment journey. I am honored to be your servant.

Enlighten your soul.

Enlighten the souls of your family members and loved ones.

Enlighten society.

Enlighten all souls of humanity.

Enlighten Mother Earth.

Enlighten all souls.

Enlighten all universes.

This is the divine task for the fifteen-thousand-year era that started on August 8, 2003. This is a divine calling. When you are ready, make a vow to the Divine to be an unconditional universal servant. Purify your soul, heart, mind, and body. Join hearts and souls together to accomplish this divine goal.

Copyright © 2009 by Heaven's Library Publication Corp. and Dr. Zhi Gang Sha

Table of Contents

Soul Power Series

How to Receive the Divine Soul Downloads Offered in the Books of the Soul Power Series

• What to Expect After You Receive Divine Soul Downloads

Foreword to the Soul Power Series by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Foreword to The Power of Soul by Dr. C. Norman Shealy

How to Read This Book


1: Soul Basics

• What Is the Soul?

• Characteristics of the Soul

• Relationships Among Soul, Mind, and Body

• The Purpose of Physical Life and Soul Life

• What the Soul Can Do for Your Life

• The Soul Light Era

2: Karma

• What Is Karma?

• Why We Have to Understand Karma

• The Power of Karma: The Root Cause of Success and Failure in Every Aspect of Life

• Cleansing Bad Karma

• Increasing Good Karma by Offering Unconditional Universal Service

3: Develop the Power of Soul

• What Is the Power of Soul?

• The Significance of the Power of Soul

• Sacred and Secret Practices for Developing the Potential Power of the Soul

4: Soul Orders

• What Soul Orders Are and How to Give Them

• The Power of Soul Orders

• Soul Standing Is Vital

• Principles to Follow in Giving Soul Orders

5: Soul Guidance for Your Spiritual Journey

• What Is Soul Guidance?

• Essential Soul Guidance for the Spiritual Journey

6: Soul Intelligence, Wisdom, and Knowledge

• The Soul Stores Intelligence, Wisdom, and Knowledge

• Ask Soul Intelligence, Wisdom, and Knowledge to Transfer Power to Your Heart and Mind

• How to Develop Soul Intelligence, Wisdom, and Knowledge

7: Soul Healing: Breakthrough Healing for the Twenty-first Century

• Heal the Soul First; Then Healing of the Mind and Body Will Follow

• Sacred and Secret Formulas for Soul Healing

• Soul Healing for Bodily Systems, Organs, Cells, Cell Units, DNA, RNA, and Spaces

• Soul Healing for Emotions

• Soul Healing for Mental Disorders and Mental Blockages

• Soul Healing for Spiritual Blockages

8: Soul Prevention of Sickness

• Prevent Sickness of the Soul First; Then Prevention of All Sicknesses Will Follow

• The Benefits of Soul Prevention of Sickness

• How to Do Soul Prevention of Sickness for the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies

9: Soul Rejuvenation and Longevity

• Rejuvenate the Soul First; Then Rejuvenation of the Mind and Body Will Follow

• Prolong the Life of the Soul First; Then Longevity Will Follow

• Secret Wisdom for Long Life in TraditionalChinese Medicine

• Secret Wisdom for Long Life in Taoism

• Secret Soul Practice for Advancing from Jing to Chi to Shen to Xu to Ta

10: Soul Transformation of Relationships

• Personal Relationships

• Family Relationships

• Workplace Relationships

• Relationships Among Organizations

• Relationships Among Cities, States, and Countries and Among Heaven, Earth, and Human Beings

11: Soul Transformation of Finances and Business

• Soul Marketing

• The Power of Soul Marketing

• How to Do Soul Marketing

• Karma for Finances and Business

• The Importance of the Name of the Business

• Using Soul Communication to Guide Your Business Decisions

• Efficient and Effective Business Operations

• Leadership and Management

12: Transform Your Soul Journey

• What Is the Soul Journey?

• Transform the Soul First; Then Every Aspect of Life Will Be Transformed

• The Power of Soul Transformation and How to Transform Your Soul

13: Soul Enlightenment

• What Is Soul Enlightenment?

• Benefits of Soul Enlightenment

• Advanced Soul Enlightenment

• Enlighten the Soul First; Then Enlightenment of the Mind, Body, and Every Aspect of Life Will Follow

• How to Reach Soul Enlightenment

14: Divine Soul Downloads and Divine Soul Orders

• What Are Divine Soul Downloads?

• The Significance of Divine Soul Downloads

• Types of Divine Soul Downloads

• How to Apply Divine Soul Downloads

• What Are Divine Soul Orders?

• The Power of Divine Soul Orders


Afterword by Dr. Peter Hudoba


A Special Gift

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Power of Soul: The Way to Heal, Rejuvenate, Transform and Enlighten All Life 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 61 reviews.
ILoveSoulHealing More than 1 year ago
The Power of Soul is one of the best spiritual guides I have ever seen. It carries high level spiritual wisdom and gives answers to questions all those have to deal with, when they discover that they are on a spiritual path. It offers basic knowledge about karma, soul enilghtment and the purpose of life. At the same time it is full of wonderful spiritual practices that help us to heal and transform what ever needs healing to move on our spiritual journey. It also carries Divine Treasures inside, but this you need to figure out on your own.
drbrock66 More than 1 year ago
I found this book by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha to be one of those books that once I start reading, I have a hard time putting down. A core teaching is "Everything has a soul." Another is "Heal the soul first, then healing of the mind and body will follow." Each chapter is filled with soul wisdom, healing treasures and practices to transform many aspects of every day life; including health, relationships, guidance and finances. The chapter on karma is the most profound for me. Dr. Sha teaches that "Karma is the root cause of success and failure for every aspect of life." This helped me understand many puzzling aspects of my life. The most unique thing about this book [and others in the Soul Power series] is Divine Soul Transplants. Simply by reading certain paragraphs and being willing to receive the Divine Soul Transplant, you will be the fortunate recipient. Then Dr. Sha explains how to apply this new soul. This is true for anyone who will ever read this book in the future. I highly recommend this book.
ILoveDiv9SoulHealing More than 1 year ago
The Power of Soul Book is a book full of usefull practices for every aspect of life. There are countless practices for self healing including tranformation of our own karma with simple forgiveness practices followed by good practices for healing of realtionships. I discovered if poeple are struggeling with the concept of the soul or espacilly karma its very helpful when they start with the practices for purification of the mind. When the mind calms down, becomes more clear and open they are more able to connect with their soul and really can benefit deeply from all the other teachings and practices in this book. Pick what ever is most needed at this moment and practice for a while. You need to practice. This is the secret of selfhealing. You are healing yourself on your own, because you are doing something on your own. With this book you have countless treasures. I wish all readers much joy and great success.
EK3396815 More than 1 year ago
This is one of my favorite books of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. It includes all soul power basics - and a lot of spiritual practices. If you are interested to move on your spiritual journey, I highly recommended this book. The guidance you get is very profound and you can experience love, blessings and healing by reading and much more by doing the practices. Enjoy it - as I do again and again.
MichelleRobbins More than 1 year ago
Have you ever wondered why you are here? What your strengths are? What your purpose in life is? These questions & more are simply and powerfully answered in this book. I learned what a soul is, how to communicate with my soul, why there were bumps along my path and how to clear them, and so much more! This is a MUST READ for anyone on the spiritual path.
onelight More than 1 year ago
For someone who's been studying spiritualism and mysticism, or even for someone who is recently interested in the Soul and the possible transformative powers of the Soul in their life, this book, especially the audio version, is a must! I recommend getting the text book as well as the audio version just in case you had any question about a word due to Master Sha's (the reader's) accent, which is actually quite subtle.
This book is astonishing in its scope and immediate applicability to anyone's life. I cannot remember the last time I experienced something so dynamic and motivating. The enthusiasm is contagious!
LN1 More than 1 year ago
I have read many of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha's books and recommend them all. This book is really the centerpiece as it gives the reader the basic and core teachings of 'Soul Power'. There is information here that explains so much of what is happening today. We are in a time of transformation and this wisdom will guide us through it. There are practical and useful tools that can easily become part of your daily routine. Try each one as you go through the book and truly you will find your perspective changing for the better. Like alot of people I have been seeking spiritual wisdom and have found it on occasion but never have I been guided as to how to really apply it in my life. These teachings do that and more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There are many books on self healing and techniques. Then there is an informative book full of wisdom and easy to follow teachings called, Power of Soul by Dr, and Master Zhi Gang Sha. This book can assist the individual to understand roots of life blockages including sickness, finances, and relationship issues. I am encouraging readers to add what is offered in this book to assist you in making personal and transformative changes for every aspect of life. Blessings and healings to each of you and to your families.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"The Power of Soul" Book provides me with the direction, explanations and understandings to the many events that had occurred in my life that I could not comprehend. Since young I was very conscious that there was something missing in my life. I had no idea what I was looking for and where to start my search. I just knew it was incomplete. How I wish this "The Power of Soul" book was available years ago. It could have saved me years of searching. Not only is this book simple to read, it also contains many powerful and life transforming practical treasures that are easy to practice and apply to all aspects of our life. I strongly recommend this book.
Hannah7 More than 1 year ago
The first book I read by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha was Power Healing. The information within the pages of that book were so transforming and revolutionary that my husband and I started studying with Master Sha. Another book that we read after the Power Healing book was The Power of Soul. I cannot recommend it enough because it is packed with spiritual information that I have never read anywhere else. Once you start reading the first paragraph, you cannot put the book down. For those of you who have chronic health issues or for those of you who just want to physically feel better, there is no method better than for a Master to show you in very simple steps how you can take charge of your own life by teaching you sacred and secret techniques to help you heal yourself on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and most importantly, on a Soul Level! Do not take my word for it, pick up the book and read it yourself. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by reading this book!
lifeforce More than 1 year ago
This book is very useful for self-healing at all aspect of life. It has practical self-healing techniques to clear physical, mental, emotional, financial, relationship blockages and many others. For example, I find chapter 10 - Soul transformation of Relationships - is very helpful to transform one's relationship with spouse, children, co-workers, bosses etc by using the healing techniques to clear negative energies wrap around the relationship. This way we can communicate in a most efficient manner in order to move our life forward with love peace and harmony. As a physician and life coach consoler I highly recommend everyone to try it and see how your life will proceed in a more joyful way.
dlusch More than 1 year ago
he Power of Soul is an amazing book about the soul and the soul journey. It is simple to read and follow. It is profound and deep in wisdom. It is a book you can read over and over again and learn something new every time. There is wisdom within the wisdom and messages within the messages.

The Power of Soul reveals soul wisdom that you could study with a teacher/master your whole life and never receive. Dr. Sha gives to all so generously. It covers areas such as Soul Basics in Chapter 1, Karma in Chapter 2, Develop the Power of Soul in Chapter 3, and all the way to Soul Enlightenment in Chapter 13. It teaches you the what, why, and how-to's of Soul Healing, Soul Guidance, Soul Prevention, Soul Transformation and much more. It teaches you how to develop the potential power and capabilities of your soul so you can offer more service, be more loving and forgiving, and be a better person in every aspect of life.

When reading the book, I also received 11 Divine Downloads. These Divine Downloads instantly increased my own healing, rejuvenation and transformation power. The applications in using them are so simple and easy to do, yet so powerful.

I have also purchased and listened to The Power of Soul audiobook. It is like being in a workshop with Dr. Sha. It is such an amazing experience!

I have read and recommend all of Dr. Sha's books and audiobooks. However, this book - The Power of Soul - is the most powerful one yet. The Power of Soul can open your soul, heart, mind and body in a new ways to the Divine, to the universe. It can change your life. You can truly live from the power of your soul.
RobynOz More than 1 year ago
Master Sha's wonderful book, the Power of Soul is not only a book, but can be seen as a manual that can be used over and over again to heal and transform every aspect of our lives. We are now living in the soul light era. In this era, the soul is the boss. The more we are able to connect with and listen to our soul, the more harmonious our lives will be. Every thing and everyone have a soul. The soul carries a lot of wisdom and knowledge, it is able to heal, bless and transform every aspect of our life. Master Sha has the ability to explain these spiritual concepts in such a simple and easy to understand way. He provides the wisdom first and then a practice to experience this wisdom. He allows the reader to begin to transform their lives immediately. This is a truly wonderful book that I highly recommend to anyone wanting to tap into the unlimited power of the soul.
herzenswonne More than 1 year ago
The whole life I ask myself: "Why a few people have just luck and everything goes well? Why other people in the same family are unhappy and are always sick?"" This book give my a deep understanding about this secret? You get not just an accumulated knowledge. You get a real understanding of life. It is wonderful to have a simple explanation of what karma is. Also you get practical tools to clear it! This book opens the door to your heart and soul!
Soul_Healing More than 1 year ago
In this series Dr.and Master Zhi Gang Sha shares Asian secrets for the reader to use in healing herself and others both in person and remotely. Master Sha teaches that "to heal the soul first, the mind and body will follow". Everything has a soul. Souls can be called upon to heal and prevent illness, to rejuvenate and to prolong life. The Soul Power Series gives specific techniques and teaches the ancient custom of chanting or soul singing to emphasize the process of transformation. This is a must read for any student interested in learning healing techniques and in the process of Enlightenment.
soulsongsinger More than 1 year ago
I was at a recent retreat with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Part of the practice every day was soul-guided movement and dancing (see Soul Wisdom book). I was on my way to join the group in the morning and, I don't know how, I missed the two steps going down into the room. The next thing I knew, I was on the floor. I had fallen down, hit my head, broke my glasses and cut my right cheek. I used my left hand to try to break my fall. I couldn't help but cry from the immediate pain in my left wrist. I couldn't move my hand or fingers. I knew it was broken. It was a linear hairline fracture. A friend of mine whose third eye readings are very accurate told me, "When I came into the Compassion Care room to see you I 'saw' a line in your wrist and knew it was ...broken." A small crowd gathered around me as I was lying on the floor. As soon as they determined I didn't have a spinal injury, I was helped to the Compassion Care area for examination and treatment. I received ice compresses to my wrist and face, several soul healings from team members, and much-needed rest. A little later Master Sha came into the room and offered me special divine soul healing blessings. This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. There was NO SWELLING and NO BRUISING of my left wrist, face, head, or left side of my body! This is a true miracle. I chanted silently, "Divine soul treasures heal me." Within a few hours I could move my wrist back and forth, and from side to side, with minimal pain. My wrist was immobilized by an Ace bandage the first two days. I now only have a little residual discomfort on the left side of my wrist. I am so grateful for the simple healing techniques taught in the new bestseller, The Power of Soul, by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha. My experience is one of many that illustrates the power of soul. I invite you to get a book and experience it for yourself. The divine treasures Master Sha gave me are in the book! Enjoy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I will read this book over and over as the wisdom goes deeper with each reading. The practices are absolutely amazing because there is instant success...and yet soooo easy! I like simple and practical application of profound profound wisdom and practices. Thank you Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am really enjoying this audio book! Not only does it have many useful practices, but there are soul downloads contained within the book to raise our frequencies. Receiving these & practicing with the author is a lovely, meditative experience. I'm learning new methods that I use & appreciate. I especially like using Soul Orders (found in chapter 4). I love the idea & practice of communicating with my souls for healing & transformation - & for every aspect of my life. It' feels empowering! This book also contains a CD of Dr. Sha's Soul Song for Rejuvenation. I can feel the changes in my energy when I play it. I recommend "The Power of Soul" to learn, practice, transform, heal, energize & ENJOY.
FABrown More than 1 year ago
This is the third in the Soul Power Series books in which Dr.and Master Zhi Gang Sha offers Divine blessings and teaches the art of Soul healing through the practice of gratitude, love, compassion and forgiveness. The practices in this book empower the reader to develop self-healing abilities and to offer healing blessings for relationships, financial issues as well as physical and emotional dis- ease for family, friends, businesses and animals.
Dr. Sha teaches that everything has a soul and that all souls have the power to heal, rejuvenate, and transform all aspects of life. This awareness is one of many simple wisdoms offered to assist in our spiritual journey for peace, love, harmony and enlightenment of all humanities, universes and Mother Earth. This study is a "must" for the serious seeker of Truth.
USServant More than 1 year ago
This book represents everything I love about Master Sha¿s practice. It is practical, relatively easy to do, simple to understand and has much more lasting and far reaching affects than I can ever comprehend. It is my small contribution to making a difference in this world. I can make that real change for myself and others.

Techniques and practices that would have been out of my comprehension and reach are now made readily available to me. The nicest thing about this book is that you don¿t need a dictionary to read it and must be an academia to understand it! Because it is easy to read and understand does not mean it¿s trite or not worthy. When you read this book over and over you come to understand how divine it is and it begins to help give you that spiritual connection.

TPOS is a drill down tool for me. At the first layer it is my how to do book where I learn the practices and techniques of healing my soul mind and body. After I master these practices and start doing them routinely and sincerely, reading the book again gives me the secret wisdom. Understanding the real essence of the easy to do techniques to bring about my transformation and enlightenment this book leads me to my spiritual connection and desire to be a better universal servant for the Divine.

As a universal servant I want to serve others and help more in the world to other people. This book then becomes a means of doing this service. I can share this book with people especially my family and friends. And if they only read it for the healing aspect I am happy for them. Even if they don¿t even read this book it will bring light and love into their presence just by having it.
Jennifer55JC More than 1 year ago
At the Soul Healing and Enlightenment retreat in Kona last november I started to get a toothache and each day the pain increased more and more. I didn't have anything to take for the pain and I still had another two days to go before returning to Canada when the pain was so bad I was sure I had developed an abscess. I was a bit worried about seeking dental care in Kona as I wasn't sure where to go plus I didn't have a car to get there.

I decided to chant and place my hand over the infected side of my jaw. I did this for two hours singing Love, Peace and Harmony and chanting please heal my tooth. I envisioned lots of light flowing to the tooth. I chanted and chanted for several hours and eventually fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning the pain had completely gone. The tooth felt tender if I pushed down on it but the dreadful pain from the night before has gone. I was so happy and felt very much blessed. I have not had any further problems with this tooth. Thank you God.
Janai-Lowentein More than 1 year ago
5.0 out of 5 stars Soul Powered Empowerment Happens With This Book!, February 4, 2009
By Janai Lowenstein (Drain, Or.) - See all my reviews

Although I have read other vital writings by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, I find this book even more comprehensive in practical, easy-to-grasp nutshells and one sentence secrets that stick with me in everyday life. This book actually provides experiences that are incredibly empowering AS I read it. From downloads that raise my energy frequency to simple ways to give Soul Orders to my own internal organs for rejuvenation and healing, I benefit tremendously every time I have picked up the book. The empowerment of DOING the suggestions in the different sections is accelerating my soul's journey. I am feeling a more succinct alignment with my mind/body/heart/soul than ever in my life.

Feeling the power of soul activated within my being cannot be compared to any other life experience. I can simply say that it is a gift beyond words and a treasure beyond description. Thank you, Dr. Sha, for your selfless dedication and for all that you share.

Janai Lowenstein, Drain, Oregon
soulteacher More than 1 year ago
The Power Of Soul by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is a treasure beyond words. Heal the soul first, and healing of the mind and body will follow; enlighten the soul first, and enlightenment of the mind and body will follow. I first heard about Master Sha in June 2008, and within days my wife and I were on a plane to Montreal for a soul healing and enlightenment retreat. During that event, our lives forever changed. We went not sure what to expect, yet sure we were supposed to be there, and came home with enlightened souls. A peace came over me that was different from any that I had felt up until then. A gentle wave of love that felt like home, yet like no place I had ever called home before. And this is just the beginning of a journey to light, which reveals itself more and more day by day. The Power of Soul is a storehouse of knowledge about healing and enlightening the soul. It's about the soul journey we are all on, but may not be aware of just yet. Reading this book and/or listening to the audiobook brings the consciousness to the point of knowing that to disregard the book's teachings is to deny life itself. I highly recommend this book to everyone, and wish everyone a marvelous soul journey.
abdMALIK More than 1 year ago
Dr Sha is the most readable mystic I have encountered. He is the only one I have read who puts Activations in the chapters so you that after you understand the topic area, you can receive a soul upgrade 'on the spot.' The Activations are quite powerful, too, reminding me of the authorized John of God book experiences I had. There are eleven Activations in the book, and I feel like I was given the Keys to Heaven...something I never experienced in my early life in organized Christianity. Even after 35 years studying with great teachers of many traditions, and receiving initiations in several; this book is unlike anything else. For one on the spiritual path, desiring to clear Karma and life a life of service - this is The 'instruction manual.'
PBaker More than 1 year ago
Power of Soul is a lovely, inspiring book, filled with deep, rich wisdom and practical everyday use techniques to further the soul journey, to heal, prevent illness, rejuvenate and prolong life.

I am deeply affected by the knowledge and wisdom held within the pages of this priceless book. Long held secrets lace the pages of The Power of Soul, and make it accessible to everyone. Powerful techniques are presented to incorporate into our everyday life, making it possible for everyone to develop their soul's capabilities beyond imagination. The capabilities of the soul are unlimited, and the influence of the soul on the mind and body are incomprehensible.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, Dr. Sha, for making it possible to develop soul, mind and body in such a profound, yet simple way. The gifts of soul expansion and enlightenment, increased spiritual awareness and unconditional universal service, healing, prevention of illness, rejuvenation and prolongation of life found in The Power of Soul is a true gift to humanity.