Power of the People Won't Stop: Legacy of the TWLF at UC Berkeley

Power of the People Won't Stop: Legacy of the TWLF at UC Berkeley


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This anthology includes essays, photographs, and reflections from individuals who participated in or were inspired by the Third World Liberation Front (TWLF) student strike in 1969 that led to the establishment of Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley.

Multiracial solidarity was established through the coming together of African American, Asian American, Chicano and Native American students to form the Third World Liberation Front (TWLF) along with support from white student allies.

This anthology fills a historical void. In social movement histories, we hear about the historical importance of struggles such as the Free Speech Movement in 1964 and the People's Park conflict in 1969 but very little about the TWLF. If the participants do not retell their history, it will be inaccurately retold. Or worse, it becomes omitted and erased from the narrative of general social movement history.

This anthology is also the story of what future generations did to continue the struggle, including the establishment of new twLF coalitions in 1999 and afterwards.

The strike reshaped academia then and its legacy has ramifications on how we look at history and societal transformation today. In many ways, the TWLF and the solidarity that emerged has provided future generations to draw on past lessons to make change in the present.

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ISBN-13: 9781734744002
Publisher: Eastwind Books of Berkeley
Publication date: 07/01/2020
Pages: 222
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.47(d)

About the Author

HARVEY DONG (editor) is a second-generation Chinese American who was active in AAPA (Asian American Political Alliance), TWLF (Third World Liberation Front) at UC Berkeley; the Asian Community Center; and the struggle to save the International Hotel. He currently is a lecturer in the Asian American & Asian Diaspora Studies Program at UC Berkeley.

Douglas Wachter was born in Berkeley in 1941, raised educated there, graduating from the University of California at Berkeley (UCB) with a B.A. in Biochemistry. He was the first of three boys born to parents who were intensely involved in radical politics. As a teenage boy, he was captivated by their energy and sense of purpose. At the same time, He had become fascinated by the "magic" of photography, as taught to be by his father in their home darkroom. His dual journeys as movement activist and movement photographer were destined from the start.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION: Third World Liberation Comes to San Francisco State and UC Berkeley. Harvey Dong


Bandung: The Third World Project. Janie Chen

Dr. Carlos Munoz Jr: An Inspiration for All of Us. Pablo Gonzalez

What Happened After I Left the Military. Carlos Munoz

MASC & the UFW Grape Boycott at Cal. Manuel Ruben Delgado

The Wisdom of a College Structure. Mexican American Students Confederation (MASC)

Introduction to "Proposal for Establishing a Black Studies Program". Afro-American Students Union

Black Panther Party Demand 5

Bureau of Indian Affairs Relocation Policies. LaNada War Jack

The Student Population to be Served by Indian Studies. United Native Americans

Understanding AAPA. AAPA Newspaper

Remarks of Paul Takagi (1969). Paul Takagi, PhD

From Asian Studies Proposal. General Purpose and Principles. AAPA


Black, Brown, Red, Yellow & White. All the People Must Unite! Doug Wachter Photography

The Strike Escalates. Ysidro Macias

Joining the TWLF After Relocation. LaNada War Jack

I Am Who I Am Because of the Third World Strike. Clementina Duron

It's the Peoples University. Clementina Duron

50 Years Later: The Struggle for Social Justice Continues. Floyd Huen

Without Hesitation, I Voted to Strike. Francisco Hernandez

Lessons Learned from the Third World Strike. Lillian Fabros

Video Clip (Poet as Young Revolutionary, Berkeley 1969). Jeffrey Thomas Leong


Memories of TWLF. Rickey Vincent

The TWLF Legacy in Immigrant and Refugee Struggles Today. Loan Dao

The 1999 Hunger Strike. Roberto Hernandez

African American Studies and the TWLF Strike. Ula Taylor

The Future of Ethnic Studies on its 50th Anniversary: Autonomy and Self-Determination Are Missing. Harvey Dong

What Can Asian American Studies Be? Asian American Studies Coalition at Cal

#WhatHappened Campaign: The Current and Future State of AAADS. Jacklin Ha

Our Community's Schools. Lailan Sandra Huen

Jumping into the River of Justice. Kai Nham

We Need to Learn From What Happened. Joanne Yi

50 Means Hope. Ethnic Studies Graduation Speech (Spring 2019). Rizza Estacio


Embracing the Politics of Education: Celebrating 50 Years of Ethnic Studies as a Praxis of Liberation. Ziza Delgado

BSU/TWLF Veterans Support Arab American Studies (April 2020)

TWLF Legacy and the Save CA Ethnic Studies Coalition! An Ethnic Studies Movement Across California As Never Before. R. Tolteka Cuauhtin

Ethnic Studies Historical Legacy. Maria E. Ramirez and Nina Genera


Chronology of Events. Abraham Ramirez

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