Praying for Purpose for Women: A Prayer Experience That Will Change Your Life Forever

Praying for Purpose for Women: A Prayer Experience That Will Change Your Life Forever


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This 60-day prayer experience can change a woman's life forever. Sixty influential Christian women—such as author Liz Curtis Higgs; author Ruth Graham, daughter of evangelist Billy Graham; singer and songwriter Babby Mason; and author Kay Warren, wife of Pastor Rick Warren— share how their lives have changed. This book can be used by itself as a daily devotional. However, if women read through Praying for Purpose for Women as a devotional while reading Pathway to Purpose for Women, their whole experience will be deepened and solidified.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780310292845
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication date: 01/01/2009
Series: Pathway to Purpose
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Katie Brazelton, (Ph D, M Div, MA), es coach ontologica y autora de la serie exito de ventas, Camino hacia el proposito para mujeres (Zondervan/Vida) y sus libros acompanantes; Remodelacion de caracter y Conversaciones con proposito, con mas de 420 mil copias impresas. Antes de convertirse en ministro licenciado en la Iglesia Saddleback, Katie fue directora de relaciones publicas para una empresa de medicina multimillonaria y presidente de desarrollo de curriculo en una compania de etica educacional. Katie es fundadora y capacitadora de los 'Centros internacional de entrenamiento para una vida de proposito'. Actualmente es columnista, conferenciante y profesora en el Seminario Rockbridge buscando realizar su sueno de establecer 200 centros adicionales alrededor del mundo. Ella reside en el sur de California con sus dos hijos adultos, su nuera y nietos.

Read an Excerpt

Praying for Purpose for Women

A Prayer Experience That Will Change Your Life Forever

By Katie Brazelton
Copyright © 2005

Katherine F. Brazelton
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-310-29284-5

Chapter One Your Divine Appointments with God

Welcome to Praying for Purpose for Women. This sixty-day prayer experience is designed to help you answer the question: What hopes, longings, passions, strengths, character, faith, and values did God instill in me for his use, his glory, and his purposes? Yes, you do have a purpose beyond all the really hard years of going to school, accomplishing your to-do lists, and building a retirement fund! If you truly desire God's greatest plans for your present and future, the most powerful things you can do are to pray, reflect on Scripture, read about biblical and modern-day role models, take time to listen to God as he mentors you about his wishes, and record your insights. This book will coach you daily to do that.

An Overview: Where You're Headed

In this prayer experience you will accomplish five important things:

1. Become an eyewitness to purpose in the lives of others by reading sixty surprising interviews of Christian women role models and sixty stories about Bible characters. 2. Uncover purpose in your life by answering sixty tough and insightful questions that will lead you to a clearer understanding of who God formed you to be.

3. Pray for purpose by praying sixty specific Scripture prayers for life direction and by taking the time to listen for God's answers.

4. Summarize purpose by evaluating your life themes, patterns, and action steps, and by having your written comments reviewed by a dear friend or spouse, who will tell you the truth about what she/he notices.

5. Live out purpose in your life by consistently completing your own prayerfully recommended action steps.

Part 1 will focus on who God is, how much he loves you, and how uniquely he created you. You will see that you are only a steward of the personality, roles, and talents he has entrusted to you. You will explore topics related to your time, money, resources, energy, character, ministry, brokenness, successes, network, and platform, among others, as each affects the kingdom-building mission for which you were born.

Each day features the response of an influential woman to one of sixty critical questions about life purpose. When you read these behind-the-scenes and, sometimes, never-before-heard stories-explaining how these women slowly and often painstakingly grew into God's plan for their lives-you will see that they are just like you, facing issues similar to your own. Not one of them has been exempt from life's struggles and not one of them has all the answers. In other words, the barrier between the women who appear to have it all together and the rest of us who often feel like we are floundering does not exist.

In Part 2, you will record your life themes and patterns, "connecting the dots" about things you may not have understood before. And, most importantly, you will answer two key questions:

1. From what you notice-even if they don't seem logical to you right now-what appear to be your current life purposes?

2. From what you notice-even if it doesn't seem logical to you right now-what appears to be your unique, passionate ache that God instilled in your heart before you were born?

Answers to these questions will free you up to enjoy doing "today things" today and prayerfully preparing for your tomorrows!

How to Get the Most Out of This Prayer Book

Take your time. I suggest that you read through only one lesson per day for sixty days, so that you won't attempt to rush through your prayers and reflections for the sake of getting answers sooner. This process takes time.

Pray personally. When you see a blank line in the Suggested Prayer, fill in your first name on the line to personalize your prayer. In that way, you will actually be praying Scripture back to God. Remember to keep your Bible handy to read about each day's Bible character.

Trust the process. I can't promise you that you will like (or understand) the progression of the questions as you move through the book. The seemingly random order of the questions (and some redundancy) clears itself up during Part 2, when you slot your answers into categories. To dwell on this ahead of time could skew your response or dwarf your insights. Just enjoy the process, trust the Holy Spirit, and don't try to figure everything out.

Dig deep. I suggest that you not use the same words to answer more than two questions. This will cause you to dig deeper for truths or to, at least, phrase your answer from a different perspective.

Welcome the struggle. If you find yourself asking, Why is this question challenging me? allow yourself the freedom to be uncomfortable as God confronts you with any truth he would like you to hear. You may even need to deeply ponder your answer throughout the day as you talk to him about your feelings (anger, sadness, fear, elation, surprise, curiosity, or other). Figuratively speaking, ask him to open your eyes, just like he did literally for the blind man, Bartimaeus (see Mark 10:46-52).

Desire a change in your life. Let the process stir up a persistent desire for a changed life that God will use. Anticipate that he will mobilize you now and in the future in a powerful way.

Let God mentor you. Sit still and listen to him, so he can speak to you.

My intense longing for purpose in my own life-and my drive to learn of other women's struggles along this same path-sent me searching for answers around the world, when all along, my purpose was right before my eyes. May your decision to pray daily for purpose-for sixty days-help you be still, listen for God to speak, and see the magnificent purposes he has planned for you-that are right before your eyes. Enjoy these sixty divine appointments with God.


Excerpted from Praying for Purpose for Women by Katie Brazelton Copyright © 2005 by Katherine F. Brazelton. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents

How to Use the Pathway to Purpose Series. . . . . 15
Series Foreword by Kay Warren. . . . . 19
Part One
Your Divine Appointments with God . . . . . 23
DAY 1: What Are You Afraid Of?. . . . . 29
Michelle Akers, Olympic soccer gold medalist
DAY 2: What Consequences Have You Faced
from a Life Mistake?. . . . . 33
Jill Savage, founder of Hearts at Home
DAY 3: When Have You Persevered?. . . . . 37
Florence Littauer, founder of CLASS
(Christian Leaders, Authors, and Speakers Services)
DAY 4: Whats Confused in Your Life?. . . . . 41
Anita Renfroe, retreat worship leader; humorist
DAY 5: How Did God Use a Crisis or Problem
to Bring Good into Your Life?. . . . . 45
Janet Thompson, founder of Woman to Woman
DAY 6: What Are a Few of Your Talents or Skills? . . . . 49
Sue Augustine, author of 5-Minute Retreats for Women
DAY 7: How Do You Define Success?. . . . . 53
Laura Krauss Calenberg, cofounder of Models
for Christ with her husband
DAY 8: Who Is Your Hero or Role Model?. . . . . 57
Karen Braun, director of Mothers Who Care,
Canada & International
DAY 9: What Comment or Conversation Has Had
a Great Impact on You?. . . . 61
Denalyn Lucado, kindergarten teacher
who ministers to single moms; wife of Max
DAY 10: What Are Two of Your Best
Personal Qualities?. . . . . 65
Sue Semrau, womens head basketball coach
at Florida State University
DAY 11: How Do You Self-Sabotage? . . . . . 69
Kay Warren, author; international advocate
for thoseinfected/affected by HIV/AIDS;
wife of Saddleback Church pastor, Rick
DAY 12: Whats Right and Whats Wrong in Your Life? . . 73
Dr. RoseAnne Coleman,
founder of RoseAnne Coleman Ministries
DAY 13: What Was a Turning Point in Your Life? . . . . . 77
Janet Congo, cofounder of LifeMates
with her husband
DAY 14: What Roadblocks Have You Encountered
in Your Life?. . . . . 81
Ann Platz, interior designer; author of eleven books
DAY 15: What Are Your Hobbies?. . . . . 85
Ronda Rich, one of USAs first female sportswriters;
award-winning journalist
DAY 16: Who Is in Your Network?. . . . . 89
Andria Hall, former CNN/USA weekend anchor;
founder of SpeakEasy M.E.D.I.A.
DAY 17: What Were You Born to Tell the World? . . . . . 93
Diane Dunne, former Chanel executive; now street
preacher to New York Citys homeless
DAY 18: How Is God Developing Your Character? . . . . 97
Eva Marie Everson, who speaks on behalf of the National
Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families
DAY 19: What Has Been Your Favorite Job, Ministry,
or Community Volunteer Opportunity? . . . . 101
Barbara Smith, author of Cooking with Smittys Mom;
mother of recording artist, Michael W. Smith
DAY 20: In What Situation Was Gods Power
Evident to You?. . . . . 105
Fern Nichols, founder of Moms In Touch International
DAY 21: Weighing Everything, What Do You Want
Out of Life?. . . . . 110
Cheri Fuller, author of thirty-six books,
including When Mothers Pray
DAY 22: What Strength of Yours Can Easily
Become a Weakness?. . . . . 114
Ruth Graham, author of In Every Pew Sits a Broken
Heart; youngest daughter of Ruth and Billy Graham
DAY 23: Whats Going On in Your Quiet Time
with the Lord?. . . . . 118
Jean Driscoll, Paralympian
DAY 24: What Do You Need to Confess?. . . . . 122
Michelle McKinney Hammond, cohost of the
Emmy-nominated talk show, Aspiring Women
DAY 25: Where Have You Searched for Significance? . . 126
Tracy Hanson, professional golfer in the Ladies
Professional Golf Association
DAY 26: What Would You Like to Change
About Yourself?. . . . . 130
Cheryl McGuinness, founder of Beauty Beyond
the Ashes Ministry; wife of 9/11 pilot Tom
DAY 27: When Have You Taken a Quantum Leap
of Faith?. . . . . 134
Liz Curtis Higgs, author of twenty-two books
for women and children
DAY 28: Where Is Your Current Mission Field? . . . . . 138
Lindy Boone Michaelis, daughter of Pat Boone
DAY 29: Other Than God and Your Family,
What Do You Value Most?. . . . . 142
Kay Rader, former world president of womens
organizations for The Salvation Army
DAY 30: What Equipping Do You Still Need
for Gods Work?. . . . . 146
Barb Lindquist, worlds top-ranked, female,
professional, Olympic distance-triathlete
DAY 31: Whats Missing in Your Life?. . . . . 150
Lori Salierno, CEO of Celebrate Life International
DAY 32: What Do You Want to Be Doing for God
Ten Years from Now?. . . . . 154
Lisa Winters Cox, one of the original Doublemint twins;
Bible study teacher
DAY 33: What Weakness of Yours Has God
Turned into a Strength?. . . . . 158
Babbie Mason, Dove award-winning songwriter; singer
DAY 34: How Balanced Is Your Life?. . . . . 162
Sandy Bloomfield-Demelli, Jewish convert; advisory
council member for Shine magazine
DAY 35: What Do You Need to Learn?. . . . . 166
Thelma Wells, author; Women of Faith
conference speaker
DAY 36: What Is Your Unhealthy Method of Escape? . . 170
Karen Hill, childrens author; editorial assistant
to author Max Lucado
DAY 37: When Have You Obeyed God?. . . . . 174
Kathy Collard Miller, author of forty-seven books
DAY 38: When Have You Experienced Gods Timing
in Your Life?. . . . . 178
Pam Rosewell Moore, helper/companion to Corrie
ten Boom (Holocaust survivor) for seven years
DAY 39: How Does God Get Through to You? . . . . . 182
Kali Schnieders, author of Truffles from Heaven
and former Miss Missouri-World
DAY 40: What Is the Root Cause of Your Anger? . . . . 186
Elisa Morgan, president of MOPS Intl
(Mothers of Preschoolers)
DAY 41: How Would You Spend Your Last Week
on Earth?. . . . . 190
Arvella Schuller, television producer for Hour of Power
at the Crystal Cathedral; wife of Robert
DAY 42: What Do You Need to Surrender?. . . . . 194
Mary Ann ORoark, former executive editor of
DAY 43: How Do You Try to Steal Gods Glory? . . . . 198
Anne Ortlund, cofounder of Renewal Ministries
with her husband; author of twenty-seven books
DAY 44: How Often and How Hard Do You Laugh? . . 202
LeAnn Thieman, nurse who helped rescue three hundred
babies from Vietnam
DAY 45: What Is Your Prized Excuse?. . . . . 206
Kathy Peel, founder and
president of Family Manager, Inc.
DAY 46: What Are You Most Grateful For?. . . . 210
Charlotte Smith-Taylor, professional basketball player
in the Womens National Basketball Association
DAY 47: What Are Your Spiritual Gifts?. . . . 214
Jan Johnson, author of fourteen books
and more than a thousand articles
DAY 48: What Baggage Are You Carrying That
You Dont Want?. . . . . 219
Leslie Parrott, author; codirector of the Center
for Relationship Development at Seattle Pacific
University with husband Les
DAY 49: To Whom Has God Called You?. . . . . 223
Renee Stearns, attorney; often speaks on behalf of World

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