Premier Hits

Premier Hits

by Gary NumanGary Numan

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record)

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In the U.S., Gary Numan is remembered as a one-hit-wonder, while back home in his native England, he continued to crank out hit after hit and became a superstar in the process. His icy space-age persona and sound may be forever associated with early-80's British new wave (Flock of Seagulls, early Duran Duran, etc.), but he was the originator, and today seems pretty darned original. Numan was a scholar of the David Bowie Ziggy Stardust-era, and used Bowie's space alien approach as a starting point. While retaining his futuristic lyrics, Gary stripped Ziggy's sound free of the distorted guitar riffing and posturing, and replaced it with clinical synthesizers and a standoffish stage persona. His music also gives off a paranoid vibe at times, as evidenced on the hits "I Die: You Die" and "Are 'Friends' Electric?" But Numan's songs can also sedate you ("Down in the Park"), while other times sneak up on you (the unexpected punk rocker "Bombers"). And of course there's his sole U.S. hit, "Cars," which sounds like a not so distant ancestor to fellow futuristic weirdos Devo.

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Release Date: 08/11/2015
Label: Beggars Uk - Ada
UPC: 0607618200718
catalogNumber: 82007


  1. Cars
  2. I Die: You Die
  3. Are 'Friends' Electric?
  4. Down in the Park
  5. We Are Glass
  6. Metal
  7. We Are So Fragile
  8. Bombers
  9. We Take Mystery (To Bed)
  10. She's Got Claws
  11. Complex
  12. Music For Chameleons
  13. That's Too Bad
  14. This Wreckage
  15. Films
  16. Warriors
  17. Me, I Disconnect from You
  18. Love Needs No Disguise
  19. White Boys and Heroes
  20. Sister Surprise
  21. Stormtrooper In Drag

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