Presbyopia: Selected Poems

Presbyopia: Selected Poems

by Allan Cameron




The presbyopic poet cannot focus on "the self as subject", but only on what is distant. This collection of poetry attempts to detach the writer from the obsessions that have dominated poetry for so long: sentiment, love, feelings and the autobiographical in general. To completely dispose of these would be dogmatic, and Cameron argues that some of the greatest poets are both presbyopic and myopic. This poetry is unfashionably but unashamedly political and philosophical. Cameron continues to express in another form the contempt he feels for utilitarianism in general and in particular its crude and extreme form, as peddled by neo-conservative politicians and their intellectual bag-carriers. At the same time he attempts to invent new poetic forms. Inspired by some Italian poets, he uses meter and rhyme, but then breaks it up using enjambement and internal rhymes instead. There are English influences too: most surprisingly Rudyard Kipling's "Mary Gloster." This poetry is unashamedly anti-imperialist. This poetry is unashamedly anti-war. This poetry is for those who have more doubts than certainties.

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ISBN-13: 9780956056030
Publisher: Vagabond Voices
Publication date: 12/31/2009
Series: Vagabond (Paperback)
Pages: 100
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