Prince of Truth

Prince of Truth

by EvangelistaEvangelista


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Fearless singer Carla Bozulich was never known for following a conventional path in her art -- and Evangelista -- her latest band/project which unites a number of her old collaborators with a variety of equally out-there musicians from the thriving Montreal indie music scene -- is an affair that's understandably far from conventional. Still, Prince of Truth, Evangelista's second record, is a challenging listen even by the rather expansive standards of everyone involved. On Hello, Voyager, their first communal record, Evangelista seemed like a band flopping about in search of direction, dashing from art-punk to haunted balladry to avant-garde, noisy freak-outs reaching sky-high. Here, they burn down to the ground whatever was achieved the last time around and start anew. All notions of recognizable song forms are chucked out the window, as Evangelista turns instead to the very fabric of elemental sound, some primordial sonic soup from which strange things are molded; things that take shape and morph and dissolve before our very eyes. Instruments are not so much played as engaged to produce various sound textures that are then intertwined into larger masses of sound. "The Slayer" sets the right mood of extremely tense uncertainty, taking half of its running time to emerge from the mire of guitar scrapes and noises as the beautifully ugly and surprisingly heavy dirge it is. Several tracks, like the funereal elegy of "Iris Didn't Spell" and the barely there "Tremble Dragonfly" spend their time drifting in and out of focus; tension is continuously built but almost never resolved, making Prince of Truth a dark, claustrophobic record. In fact, one of the more fully formed pieces, a nightmarish dub-jazz "Crack Teeth," would've sounded too spooky even for a David Lynch movie. Almost the only moment of release comes on "You Are a Jaguar" where Bozulich's voice follows a rather simple melody rising from a whisper to a full-throated screech and then dropping back to whisper again, while the band answers with swells of cathartic noise. By the time the closing "On the Captain's Side" rolls around -- all sinister humming and disembodied voices carrying a sea shanty from beyond -- Prince of Truth is back on a brink of some nameless void. It makes clear that Evangelista is dead certain about continuing its brave foray into a huge and dark unknown. And if their future reports from those out-there realms are as strange and captivating as Prince of Truth, it's hard not to wish for their journey to continue as long as possible.

Product Details

Release Date: 10/06/2009
Label: Constellation
UPC: 0666561006129
catalogNumber: 61
Rank: 131860

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Evangelista   Primary Artist
Nels Cline   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Carla Bozulich   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Vocals,electronics
Weba Garretson   Background Vocals
Ches Smith   Percussion,Drums
Thierry Amar   Contrabass (Vocal)
Nadia Moss   Keyboards
Shahzad Ismaily   Acoustic Guitar,Drums
Ezra Buchla   Viola
Jessica Catron   Cello,Vocals
Lisa Gamble   Saw
Devin Hoff   Contrabass (Vocal)
Andrea Serrapiglio   Cello

Technical Credits

Carla Bozulich   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Dominic Cramp   Composer
Ches Smith   Composer
Thierry Amar   Composer
Shahzad Ismaily   Composer
Lisa Gamble   Composer
Efrim Menuck   Engineer
Tara Barnes   Composer
Jonah Fortune   Composer

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