Psoas Strength and Flexibility: Core Workouts to Increase Mobility, Reduce Injuries and End Back Pain

Psoas Strength and Flexibility: Core Workouts to Increase Mobility, Reduce Injuries and End Back Pain

by Pamela Ellgen

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Connecting the lower spine to the hips and legs, a strong and flexible psoas muscle is vital for everyday movements like walking, bending and reaching, as well as athletic endeavors like jumping for a ball, holding a yoga pose and swinging a golf club. With targeted information and exercises, this book’s step-by-step program guarantees you’ll transforms this vulnerable muscle, including:

  • Develop a powerful core
  • End back pain
  • Increase range of motion
  • Improve posture
  • Prevent strains and injuries

    Packed with 100s of step-by-step photos and clear, concise instructions, Psoas Strength and Flexibility features workouts for toning the muscle as well as rehabbing from injury. And each program is based on simple matwork exercises that require minimal or no equipment.
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    ISBN-13: 9781612434650
    Publisher: Ulysses Press
    Publication date: 02/24/2015
    Sold by: SIMON & SCHUSTER
    Format: NOOK Book
    Pages: 144
    Sales rank: 1,049,043
    File size: 7 MB

    About the Author

    Pamela Ellgen is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and an experienced writer on health, fitness, and nutrition. Her work has been published in LIVESTRONG, The Huffington Post, Jillian Michaels – Live Well, and The Portland Tribune. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

    Table of Contents

    Part 1 Overview 1

    Introduction 2

    What Is the Psoas? 4

    Is Your Psoas Healthy? 8

    Maintaining a Healthy Psoas 12

    Nutrition & Weight Loss 19

    Part 2 Flexibility Exercise 27

    Active Stretches 28

    Leg Swing 29

    Walking Psoas Stretch 30

    Kneeling Knee Crunch 32

    Lunge 33

    Inner Thigh Stretch 34

    Static Stretches 35

    Static Kneeling Psoas Stretch 36

    Bent-Knee Stretch 38

    Hamstrings Stretch on Bench 39

    Bent-Knee Stretch on Roller 40

    Outer Thigh Stretch 41

    Quadriceps Stretch 42

    Hamstrings Stretch 43

    Kneeling Psoas Stretch with Leg Rotation 44

    Kneeling Wall Stretch 46

    Self-Myofascial Release 47

    Psoas Release 49

    Piriformis & Gluteal Muscles Release 50

    Outer Front Hip Release 51

    Hamstrings Release 52

    Quadriceps Release 53

    Yoga 54

    Corpse Pose 56

    Mountain Pose 57

    Tree Pose 58

    Pigeon Pose 60

    Boat Pose 61

    Bridge Pose 62

    Triangle Pose 63

    Cobra Pose 64

    Crow Pose 65

    Standing Big Toe Pose 66

    Pilates 68

    Pelvic Curl 71

    Supine Leg Lift 72

    Prone Back Extension 73

    One-Leg Circle 74

    Roll-Up 76

    Neck Pull 77

    Hundred 78

    Single Bent-Leg Stretch 79

    Single Straight-Leg Stretch 80

    Double-Leg Stretch 81

    Teaser 82

    Open-Leg Rocker 83

    Rollover 84

    Jackknife 86

    Scissors 37

    Spine Twist 88

    Corkscrew 90

    Part 3 Strength Exercises 91

    Strength Training 92

    Chair V-Sit 93

    Scissors 94

    Captain's Chair 95

    Plank 96

    Opposite Arm & Leg Raise 97

    Russian Twist 98

    Cat-Cow Pose 99

    Superman 100

    Extension on Exercise Ball 101

    Side Plank 102

    Dead Lift 104

    Standing Side Kick 106

    Single-Leg Hip Lift 108

    Knee Extension 109

    Single-Leg Squat with Reverse Wood Chop 110

    Static Wall Squat 112

    Side-Lying Clamshell 114

    Quadruped Leg Lift with Bent Leg 115

    Quadruped Leg Lift with Straight Leg 116

    Part 4 Programs 117

    Psoas Programs 118

    General Psoas Flexibility 119

    General Psoas Strength 120

    Psoas Strength & Flexibility for Sedentary Population 121

    Psoas Healing from Pain, Swelling & Spasms 122

    References 123

    Index 129

    Acknowledgments 133

    About the Author 135

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