Pure Skin Care: Nourishing Recipes for Vibrant Skin & Natural Beauty

Pure Skin Care: Nourishing Recipes for Vibrant Skin & Natural Beauty

by Stephanie L. Tourles

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The natural skin care industry is growing, with more and more consumers seeking nontoxic, all-natural products. Now they can make their own at home, less expensively and with fewer additives.    
In Pure Skin Care, best-selling author and long-time formulator of natural products Stephanie L. Tourles shares her 78 all-time favorite recipes for facial cleansers and scrubs, masks, moisturizers, and steams, along with creams, balms, and exfoliants for the entire body, all formulated to meet the most up-to-date green beauty standards. Readers will find specialized formulas for feet, hands, and sun protection, along with instructions for customizing recipes for particular skin types and easy-to-make treatments for common skin conditions like rosacea, acne, and wrinkles. This book features soothing, pampering, healing, and restorative formulas for all ages and needs.

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ISBN-13: 9781635860504
Publisher: Storey Books
Publication date: 09/18/2018
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 563,178
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Stephanie L. Tourles is the author of Pure Skin Care and Stephanie Tourles’s Essential Oils: A Beginner’s Guide, as well as the best-selling Organic Body Care Recipes, Hands-On Healing Remedies, and Raw Energy. As a licensed holistic esthetician with a strong background in Western and Ayurvedic herbalism, she has been practicing and teaching healthy living for more than 25 years. Tourles has extensive training in the nutritional sciences and is a certified aromatherapist, nationally certified reflexologist, and a professional member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. She lives in Marble Falls, Texas.

Table of Contents


Part One: Achieving Beautiful Skin, Naturally
Chapter 1: Caring for Your Skin

Chapter 2: Choosing Your Tools and Containers
Chapter 3: Basic Techniques

Part Two: Making Your Skin Care Products
Chapter 4: Clean: Recipes for Cleansers, Astringents, and Toners
Facial Cleansers
   Astringents and Toners
Chapter 5: Revive: Recipes for Masks, Steams, and Scrubs
   Facial Steams
Chapter 6: Nourish and Protect: Recipes for Moisturizers, Elixirs, Skin Conditioners, and Sun Care
   Facial Moisturizers
   Herbal Facial Elixirs
   Body Oils, Butters, and Balms
   Tanning Potions and After-Sun Relief
Chapter 7: Pamper: Recipes for Feet and Hands
   Foot Care: Feelin' Footloose and Fancy-Free
   Hand and Nail Treatments

Appendix: Skin Care Apothecary
   The Ingredient Dictionary

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