Quick, Fast, Done: Simple Time Management Secrets From Some of History's Greatest Leaders

Quick, Fast, Done: Simple Time Management Secrets From Some of History's Greatest Leaders

by Bill Bodri


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Everyone has time management issues. We all want to get more things done in less time with less effort. We also have life goals we want to accomplish and seek rich lives of fulfillment and meaning.

Half time management methods and half goal setting and achievement skills, here are the best productivity tools used by some of the world's busiest people that will help you get tasks done promptly for moving ahead. There is Andrew Carnegie's five minute per day To-do list, Masterson's daily scheduling method, Kennedy's method of setting priorities, Allen's procrastination cure, Henry Ford's method of reducing your work hours to get more done, Warren Buffett's prioritizing and productivity method, Churchill's rapid writing method, McKinney's weekly review technique for keeping your life and business on track, Holme's power productivity method for running meetings, the Rockefeller optimal meeting schedule for business as well as other powerful techniques. Here are the simplest but most effective time management and productivity methods that work!

With methods that require just five minutes per day, one hour per week, one day per month, or one weekend per year you can dramatically change your mindset and transform your business or life to get things done more rapidly and see more tasks successfully completed.

Not just a collection of successful time management methods, there are exercises for setting personal life goals, teachings on the technique of "deep practice" and visualization for developing talents or skills, and discussions on why you should establish self-improvement goals and annual family traditions for both yourself and your family members. By using any of these goal achievement systems you will also benefit by having more free time, more money and more fun in life in return. Lastly, if the typical western methods for goal achievement you're already using seem lacking or ineffective because you just aren't moving ahead, you might try adding the four eastern spiritual methods for goal achievement to your efforts that use spiritually significant actions to empower success.

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Publisher: Top Shape Publishing LLC
Publication date: 08/31/2016
Pages: 92
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