Rainbow's End

Rainbow's End

by JB Bonds


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Joanie and Roz, widowed, septuagenarian sisters, moved to Pelican Key,

twenty miles north of Key West, Florida to live together for support and

companionship. From the beginning, Roz made the observation that living

there made every day seem like Saturday, except Sunday.

Little did the sisters know that they were soon to get involved with a

cross dresser, a kleptomaniac, amorous affairs, lots of cats, and a

situation that puts them in peril.

All of this adds up to a book filled with escapades and events that will

tickle your funny bone, but most importantly, will prove you don¹t retire

to die, but to live.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781642372755
Publisher: Price World Publishing
Publication date: 07/02/2018
Series: Rainbow's End , #2
Pages: 374
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.77(d)

About the Author

"JB Bonds is the pen name for Jane McCoy and Brenda Rowell, sisters, who have raised two beautiful families, and been blessed with a close, enduring relationship throughout their lives. Because of the rich friendships they've acquired over the years, they felt they had a story to tell.
Jane lives in Asheville, NC with her husband, Jim, and Brenda spends six months at Smith Mountain Lake, VA, and six months at Myrtle Beach with her husband, Chuck. Both are enjoying retirement."

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Sisters 1

Chapter 2 Miss Puss Puss 14

Chapter 3 Good God in Heaven, I’m Burning Up! 25

Chapter 4 No, No, We Don’t Usually Meddle 35

Chapter 5 Margaritas and Cigars 45

Chapter 6 Caliente Honey 55

Chapter 7 What Was in Those Smashes? 59

Chapter 8 Two New Friends 71

Chapter 9 The Effects of the Elixir 82

Chapter 10 Hung Out to Dry 88

Chapter 11 It’s Sousa Time! 95

Chapter 12 Joanie Gets a Buzz On 103

Chapter 13 Longing in My Skin 108

Chapter 14 Company Chicken 118

Chapter 15 What’s Cooking at the Hammonds’? 125

Chapter 16 An Addition to the Family 132

Chapter 17 Man Down 141

Chapter 18 BOOM! Jingle Bells! 149

Chapter 19 Where’s My Coffee? 163

Chapter 20 A Little Snoopin’ Never Hurt 169

Chapter 21 Help From Our Friends 174

Chapter 22 May Day! May Day! 180

Chapter 23 What’s Going on Here? 184

Chapter 24 I’m Ready for a Vacation 187

Chapter 25 The Rooster from Hell 191

Chapter 26 Did Somebody Say Duct Tape? 199

Chapter 27 My Bad! 202

Chapter 28 All Hell Broke Loose 210

Chapter 29 Burton’s Story 218

Chapter 30 I Need to Spice Up My Life a Little Bit 220

Chapter 31 Tabby to the Rescue 229

Chapter 32 The Greek God 234

Chapter 33 I’m Getting Married 241

Chapter 34 All But Naked Rabbits 245

Chapter 35 Serious as a Heart Attack 251

Chapter 36 Will You All Ever Forgive Me? 255

Chapter 37 Bees at McGhee’s and Pipe Down People! 265

Chapter 38 Nuptials and the Deep End 271

Chapter 39 Humor an Old Gal 282

Chapter 40 Making the Circuit 288

Chapter 41 He’s a Perfectionist 295

Chapter 42 My Nerves were Jangling 303

Chapter 43 Matching Turbans 309

Chapter 44 A Hole in the Fence 315

Chapter 45 His Knees Buckled 321

Chapter 46 They Flew the Coop 328

Chapter 47 The Jig is Up 336

Chapter 48 Blossom Aquarius 343

Collection of Rainbow’s End Recipes

Chilies — Egg Puff 348

Deviled Eggs 349

Black-Eyed Pea Casserole 350

Cheese Straws 351

Hot Corn Dip 352

Company Chicken 353

Applesauce Jell-O 354

Chocolate Mint Brownies 355

Old Fashioned Southern Pound Cake 357

World’s Best Cornbread 359

Grilled Pork Tenderloin 360

About the Authors 361

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