RE-MEMBERING FRANKENSTEIN: Healing the monster in every man

RE-MEMBERING FRANKENSTEIN: Healing the monster in every man

by G. H. Ellis MD

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Every man has an unconscious that contains aspirations and libido. The most dangerous are capable of evil and injury. Dr. Ellis identifies the literary Frankenstein monster as a quintessential image for this troubling monster potential in every man. Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" also provides character images for all the major psychological complexes that plague the typical man including their father and mother complexes, their inferior function, their inner child, and especially the inner feminine, the anima. "Re-Membering Frankenstein" takes the reader through an analytical friendship with Victor Frankenstein. The protagonist's saga allows the reader to decode the issues that typically consume hours of couch time for the struggling man. Several hours invested in "Re-Membering Frankenstein" and reflecting on the consciousness questions will accelerate a man's transformation and therapeutic healing of his soul. For women this book is a decoder ring for many of the frightening and confusing behaviors of men including outbursts of rage, moodiness, macho bravado, cowering to their fathers, and belittling women.

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