Reach: Accept and Share - Reaching the Lost for Christ Through Social Media

Reach: Accept and Share - Reaching the Lost for Christ Through Social Media

by Doug Pray, Jason Lord


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Social media provides ordinary Christians with the power to do something extraordinary, touching lives around the world. The power of social media is tremendous and by simply using it to do good and to spread His Word, the Church is able to enter the worldwide dialogue with a message of hope and salvation.

Social media is a huge step towards beginning to fill our pews once again and to grow, possibly allowing us to become one of the "breakout churches" of the nation; however, the potential of social media goes far deeper than that, allowing us to evangelize around the world, to witness to nonbelievers the world over and to truly fulfill the mandate from God.

Through social media, we are able to spread the Word to places where even speaking about Christianity is illegal and to save the nonbelievers of other nations from governments whose autocratic rule would keep them from spending an eternity with Christ. Within our own community, we are able to establish relationships with people that give us the privilege to witness to them, growing the Church within our own congregations and our own community.
By making this simple change within your everyday, ordinary life, the effects within your congregation and around the world will be profound.

Fulfilling the Great Commission is just a click away, so it is time that we start taking action and fulfilling our commission in life.

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ISBN-13: 9781937829292
Publisher: Total Publishing And Media
Publication date: 06/01/2012
Pages: 162
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