Reasons and Relationships

Reasons and Relationships

by James Spring


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Our relationships are the most important thing in our life. Without those relationships we would have essentially no life at all. Without our relationships we would not be able to grow intellectually, to express our creative ability in any meaningful way, learn about love and compassion, or, indeed, learn about who we are as individuals. Learning about who we are is the first step in learning about and from our relationships. Being aware of and accepting our strengths and weaknesses is the foundation for working to improve those areas of our "self" that we see as hindering our relationships and keeping us from being the best person we imagine we could be. Practicing positive, progressive "exercises" toward self-understanding can help us achieve that Rosetta Stone of dynamisim, empowerment. And not the shadow forms of empowerment we usually hear about, but the real empowerment that is a product of self-understanding and self-control. With a little practice we can all experience the positive growth that comes from being a more integral part of the life we lead now and of the new life that may open to us from our new self-discovery and self-understanding.

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ISBN-13: 9780977895304
Publisher: JDS Books
Publication date: 02/12/2008
Pages: 109
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About the Author

James Duane Spring has spent many years analyzing the dynamics of the relationship between our passions and what most of us call reason. His experience at various colleges and universities has given him the opportunity to analyze a wide variety of thought and human interaction. This experience has provided him with an insight that makes sense of human interaction by incorporating a realistic understanding of that illusive quality we call "human Nature" into his thought. Mr. Spring's decision to publish his thoughts and insights concerning some of the mystery and misunderstandings that take place when individuals interact will be welcomed by everyone who values the positive results that flow to individuals and groups when their most precious passions are guided by reason.

Table of Contents

Introduction     ix
The Most Important Thing In Your Life     1
Seeing     5
Seeing     6
Judging Things     9
Your Opinion     9
Their Opinion     10
People     13
Observing     15
Results     17
Judging People     19
Enlarging Opinions     20
Values     23
Dealing with People     27
Seeing by Listening     27
Self Control     30
People as Art     37
Seeing People as Art     39
Back to Earth     42
Finding Your 'Self'     45
Reasonable People     48
Knowing Who We Are     54
Comparing Selves     61
The Positive     65
Roadblocks     69
Our Goal     72
The Universal Analogy     74
Perception and Art     76
More About Self     79
Who We'd Like to Be     83
Name Calling     87
Broadening Our Horizons     89
Truth     92
Taking Life Seriously     94
Appendix     97
Index     105

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