Red, White, and Spooked: The Supernatural in American Culture

Red, White, and Spooked: The Supernatural in American Culture

by M. Keith Booker

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Beginning with John Winthrop's "city upon a hill" sermon in 1630, American culture has been informed by a sense of its own exceptional nature. The notion of the Western hemisphere as a new world, a place filled with possibility and even magic, goes back to the initial voyages of Columbus, while the American Revolution gave even more impetus to the idea that the United States was a special place with a unique mission. As a result, America has always attempted to define itself through a network of invented myths and national narratives. Red, White, and Spooked details the development of our national myths which can be seen underlying the genres of country and film noir, the characters of Superman, Batman, and Spiderman, television hits like Deadwood and NYPD Blue, and the Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings franchises as well.

This culture-spanning investigation begins with a historical survey of supernatural and superhuman themes in American culture, concluding with the recent upsurge that began in the 1990s. It then turns to a number of thematic chapters that discuss various works of recent popular culture with supernatural and superhuman themes - such as The X-Files, Smallville, The 4400, Medium, Heroes, Lost, and The Dead Zone - organized according to the desires to which these works commonly respond. The object here is to try and see what these fantasies can reveal about what it means to be American today, and what we still want it to mean.

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Publication date: 11/30/2008
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About the Author

M. Keith Booker is currently the James E. and Ellen Wadley Roper Professor in the Department of English at the University of Arkansas. He is the author of many Greenwood and Praeger volumes on television and film, including most recently May Contain Graphic Material: Graphic Novels, Comic Books, and Film (2007), Postmodern Hollywood: What's New in Film and Why It Makes Us Feel So Strange (2007), From Box Office to Ballot Box: The American Political Film (2007), Alternate Americas: Science Fiction Film and American Culture (2006), and Science Fiction Television (2004).

Table of Contents

Introduction. Culture of Longing: The Supernatual

in American Culture

1 Not Just a Job: The Longing for Adventure

2. Heroism in America: The Longing for Heroes

3. U.S. vs. Them: American Paranoia and the Longing for Evil

in American History and American Culture

Conclusion: The Contradictory Compensations of Popular Culture

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