Reflections on Green River: The Letters of, and Conversations with, Ted Bundy

Reflections on Green River: The Letters of, and Conversations with, Ted Bundy

by Sara: A Survivor


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Reflections on Green River is a collection of documents related to the interviews that took place with Ted Bundy in 1984, 1988 while he was in prison in Florida by Washington State officials. It is a more complete collection of documents than has been previously published by others.

Washington State officials brought materials with them to provide to Bundy including a map of the area and asked him specifically about case details, about suspects they were looking at, and his opinions on the killings occurring in WA State. All of this was done without Bundy's attorneys present at the time and seemingly without their knowledge. It makes sense to interview him as his MO was very similar to Ridgeway even more so than stated publicly. What has never been disclosed publicly is that Taylor Mountain and Issaquah both had full skeletons there and not just heads as has been claimed: There were 3-4 girls [by skeletal remains] found at Issaquah per the records that were sealed and 4-5 girls found at Taylor Mountain [per skeletal remains logged in during the initial search days in March of 1975]. That's -1-2 additional victims who were denied ever being found and denied their existence. The material in this collection shows a more active involvement of Bundy in consulting than stated and taken together with the evidence that WA State moved to a sealed area, this work raises questions about the validity of the 1989 final interview where none of the Taylor Mountain evidence of skeletal remains was discussed and why the scenario of decapitation was ever put forward - it simply isn't supported by the evidence. Another question to be asked of officials is why seal away and hide evidence? These were open active murder investigations and girls were missing and murdered. The cases now are contaminated by a lack of preserving and protecting evidence, by conjecture not supported by the overall case evidence, and by a failure to work the cases in a timely manner.

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About the Author

Sara is a pseudonym for a survivor of Ted Bundy that had never been able to come forward due to the severe trauma of having survived multiple kidnapping attempts and stalking by him. This is supported and proven by the records which WA State had moved to a sealed area and never released publicly until November of 2014 and June of 2015 to Sara. These records showed that not only was she who she claimed to be but also that Taylor Mountain had been misrepresented to the public, that the skeletal remains of the girls found on Taylor Mountain were in fact found there and not just skulls as has been claimed publicly, and also that much of the evidence related to the cases of Ted Bundy in WA State had never been worked or thoroughly analyzed and had in fact been sealed away, raising questions about what happened back then even to this day. This volume is important because the documents it contains have not been released in their entirety before and reveal more insight into the interviews that transpired with Bundy in prison that occurred without his attorneys present.

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