Reflections on Him, Reflections of Him

Reflections on Him, Reflections of Him

by Joan Clark Cannon

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The writings in this book have been compiled over several years, with the help of my partner, the Holy Spirit. Most of them I had no choice to write. I have called the writings Burps, as that is what it seems like, when they begin. They come out suddenly, and I feel that I have no choice but to write them down, on anything that is handy. I was obedient in writing, and when I am obedient, I honor my God, who is only trying to work with me. Many times I have been awakened during the night, and must write. That is a Gift, and I Thank God for it! The past several years, beginning about the time I turned 50, I am becoming aware that, although I am not perfect, but far from it, God Loves me anyway, and is trying to use me. It has taken several people around me to make me realize this. I attended a Life in The Spirit Seminar at the perfect time in my life. Funny how things happen at the perfect time in our lives! Its not an accident! I thank my family for everything, for they are my roots. My Grampy was an inspiration in his wisdom from my earliest years. My parents were each so different, so special and I can see both Kay and Louie in myself and in my sisters. When I married my husband and we moved around, it was difficult for me to get used to not being in the same place. Yet, the moving was such a gift with all the experiences that came with each move. I thank you, dear, for helping me to see the World! My friends, Eileen from childhood, and others that came into each place in my life have each been put where they were for reasons. I feel that I have known each person at the time in life that I was supposed to learn something from them! My friends in DC, especially, have taught me so much about faith, especially Faith in God! I always knew that God was there, but I didnt realize that He was Here for Me! Sometimes I can be so dense I feel like I need a pretty big hammer to make me think of things! Thanks, Veronica, for being my Big Hammer! Thanks Patricia, for also being a gentle loving reminder that is also the Hammer of God, prodding me when I am trying to procrastinate. Thanks Pat and Kristy, for being there for all my special moments of discovery of the wonders and Love of God! So, after much thought, hesitation, and unbelief in myself, I launch this creation out to You, Lord! Thank You so much for being so special in my life! Love, Joanmarieclark Cannon

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About the Author

Joan Clark Cannon Joan was born in Meriden, Ct. She married Larry Cannon in 1977, and they have traveled around the country and around the world. They currently reside in Northern Virginia, and have been enjoying the Washington DC area since 1987. Joan has always known that she loved God, but has grown to realize that He Loves her personally. This book has been written over several years, with much prodding from friends, and with assistance from the Holy Spirit!

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