Relation Between Laboratory and Space Plasmas: Proceedings of the International Workshop held at Gakushi-Kaikan (University Alumni Association) Tokyo, Japan, April 14-15, 1980

Relation Between Laboratory and Space Plasmas: Proceedings of the International Workshop held at Gakushi-Kaikan (University Alumni Association) Tokyo, Japan, April 14-15, 1980

by H. Kikuchi (Editor)

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1981)

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This book contains the lectures presented at the International Workshop on Relation between Laboratory and Space Plasmas held at Gakushi-Kaikan (University Alumni Association) Kanda in Tokyo, Japan on 14 - 15 April, 1980. Its aim was to bring together laboratory, fusion and space plasma physicists and to highlight the communality of basic plasma phenomena, similarities and differences observed in the laboratory and in space, thus exchanging information tnd views on new ideas to link both areas. Although similar type of conferences were held in Europe and recently in the States, this is the first time we have had in Japan for such an international meeting, which may be regarded as an extended version of our national Workshop held twice at the Institute of Plasma Physics of Japan (IPPJ) in 1976 and in 1977 (IPPJ Research Report No. 286 and No. 365). The Workshop consisted of seven regular sessions and one special session with approximately ninety participants from allover the world. Thirty-six papers, invited and contributed, were presented, nine from U. S. A., three from U. S. S. R., two of each from Germany, France, India, one of each from Sweden, Canada, Belgium and fifteen from Japan. The topics covered were: (1) The Critical Velocity (2) Beam Plasma Discharges and Interactions (3) Double Layers and Shocks (4) Instabilities in the Equatorial and Auroral Electrojets (5) Turbulent and Anomalous Plasmas (6) Plasma Irregularities (7) Solar Plasma Phenomena (8) Active Experiments in Space Plasmas and Their Simulation in the Laboratory.

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ISBN-13: 9789400984424
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 10/19/2011
Series: Astrophysics and Space Science Library , #84
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1981
Pages: 418
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Table of Contents

— The Role of High-? Mirror-Cusp Space Plasma Concept in a New Fusion-Reactor Approach.- I. The Critical Velocity.- The Critical Ionization Velocity.- Viability of the Critical Ionization Velocity Concept in Selected Space Situations.- II. Beam Plasma Discharges and Interactions.- A Review of the Beam Plasma Discharge.- Laboratory Simulation of the Injection of Energetic Electron Beams into the Ionosphere — Ignition of the Beam Plasma Discharge.- Laboratory Experiments on Beam-Plasma Discharge.- Nonlinear Behavior of High Frequency Electric Field Just Before the Initiation of Beam Plasma Discharge.- Electron Beam Experiments in Space.- III. Double Layers and Shocks.- Formation of Double Layers.- Observations of Electrostatic Shocks and Associated Plasma Instabilities by the S3-3 Satellite.- Formation of Electrostatic Double Layers in a Plasma with Electron-Drift.- Laboratory Measurements of the Plasma Potential in the Presence of Strong Ion Cyclotron Turbulence.- Magnetic Field Line Reconnection Experiment.- Mechanisms for the Excitation of Ion Cyclotron Waves in Auroral Acceleration Region.- IV. Instabilities in the Equatorial and Auroral Electrojets.- On Plasma Instabilities in the High-Latitude Ionospheric E Region.- Laboratory Experiments Related to Plasma Instabilities in the Electrojets.- A 15-Min Period Geomagnetic Pulsation Ps 6 Excited by an Instability of Auroral Electrojets.- Magnetic Field Aligned Currents and the Structure of the Auroral Ionospher.- V. Turbulent and Anomalous Plasmas.- Power Law Spectrum of Relativistic Particles in Space and Possibilities of Its Laboratory Simulation.- Chasmas in the Laboratory and in Space.- Numerical Calculations on the Propagation of Microwaves in Highly Over-Dense Magnetized Plasmas.- The Nonlinear Theory of Current-Driven Instability of Lower-Hybrid Drift Oscillations and Magnetic Field Reconnection in the Magnetopause.- VI. Plasma Irregularities.- Instabilities in Current Layers.- Nonlinear Interaction of Electromagnetic Radiation with a Weakly-Magnetized Nonuniform Plasma.- Plasma Densities in the Thermal Magnetosphere Determined from Ion Cyclotron Whistlers.- Ray Trajectories and Wave Fronts of Radiated Electromagnetic Modes in an Inhomogeneous Magnetoplasma.- Drift Effect on the Electrostatic Landau Mode in a Maxwellian Plasma.- VII. Solar Plasma Phenomena.- Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Beam-Plasma Interaction for the Application to Solar Radio Burst.- A Model of Type I Solar Radio Bursts.- Nuclear Fusion Process in 3He-Rich Flares.- VIII. Active Experiments in Space Plasmas and Their Simulation in the Laboratory.- Space Experiments with Particle Accelerators: SEPAC — SEPAC Program for First Spacelab Mission.- Remarks about the Wave Observations during the Rocket Borne Electrons Injection into the Ionospheric Plasma.- EXOS-B/SIPLE Station VLF Wave-Particle Interaction Experiment.- Active Stimulation of the Auroral Plasma.- Summary.- Summary — Editor’s Note.- Index of Subjects.- Index of Names.

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