Resolute [LP]

Resolute [LP]

by Stu LarsenStu Larsen

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record)



The Aussie singer/songwriter and wanderlust aficionado's second studio long-player, Resolute feels both homespun and cosmopolitan; a dog-eared paperback with enough coffee and wine stains in its creases to suggest that it's endured the weathering of multiple ports of call. Lyrically, Larsen's breezy folk-pop may be informed by his nomadic lifestyle -- he left his small rural community in Queensland in 2010 and has since blazed a trail through North America, Asia, Europe, and beyond -- but his tales are never mired in the faux-egalitarian intellectualism or weary cynicism that so often accompanies the campfire yarns of the youthful world traveler. Instead, he comes off as a relatable and amiable narrator capable of distilling both wonder and woe into four minutes of grass-fed Anglo-Americana -- he's spent quite a bit of time in the U.K. with friend and fellow troubadour Mike Rosenberg, better known by his stage name Passenger. Like Rosenberg, Larsen's songs feel rooted in the Sunday warmth of stalwart American singer/songwriters like James Taylor and Paul Simon. In fact, heartfelt singles "Aeroplanes" and "I Will Be Happy and Hopefully You Will Too" owe more than a cursory nod to the former. Pairing earnestness and melody is hardly a novel concept, especially in a genre that's so sonically and architecturally accommodating, but Larsen's musings on love, life, and loss never feel cloying. Whether it's a short day trip or an epic adventure, Resolute, as a soundtrack, is more than ready to tag along. Its comforts are subtle, but surprisingly restorative, like a postcard from an old friend. [Resolute was also released on LP.]

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Release Date: 07/21/2017
Label: Nettwerk Records
UPC: 0067003106214
catalogNumber: 31062


  1. Aeroplanes
  2. What's a Boy to Do
  3. Chicago Song
  4. I Will Be Happy and Hopefully You Will Be Too
  5. Going Back to Bowenville
  6. What If
  7. Far From Me
  8. By the River
  9. The Straight Line
  10. Till the Sun Comes Back

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Stu Larsen   Primary Artist

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