Rethinking High School: Best Practice in Action

Rethinking High School: Best Practice in Action

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With Best Practice: New Standards for Teaching and Learning in America's Schools, authors Zemelman, Daniels, and Hyde highlight the consensus among the many recent national standards documents: all the experts are calling for schools that are more challenging, authentic, and collaborative. Drawing on these three core principles, their book offers ideas, strategies, and examples of exemplary programs to achieve better teaching and learning. But Zemelman, Daniels, and their colleague Marilyn Bizar didn't stop there. They helped start a new inner-city high school that puts Best Practice into action. This video offers an insider's look at this new, complex, and emerging school.

Zemelman, Daniels, and Bizar take us directly into the classrooms at Best Practice High School, where real kids and teachers are cocreating a rich curriculum and a supportive community. You'll observe teachers frankly discussing the challenge of standards and change, and the rewards Best Practice offers. You'll see kids involved in some key innovative structures - integrated curriculum, peer mediation, flexible scheduling, weekly internships, inclusion special education. There are also helpful discussions of the practical, everyday procedures that make Best Practice work, and of the ways students make choices and take on responsibilities on a daily basis.

Teachers, principals, and administrators will be inspired and engaged by this practical look at what can be achieved by a group of dedicated educators, students, and community members. They'll also discover how - despite the typical constraints of district mandates, required curriculum, and standardized tests - we can all achieve higher standards and a new vision for schools across the nation.

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ISBN-13: 9780325001951
Publisher: Heinemann
Publication date: 10/15/1999
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 7.50(h) x 1.06(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

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Dr. Marilyn Bizar is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Secondary Education at National-Louis University in Chicago. A former public school teacher, Marilyn collaborates with a network of 12 Chicago public schools, the Best Practice Network, seeking to implement authentic and challenging teaching methods in classrooms. Along with a team of full-time teacher-leaders, the network offers classroom consulting, staff development workshops, and leadership development for teachers, principals and parents. In 1995, Marilyn helped found the Best Practice High School, a 450-student Chicago Public School that demonstrates on a daily basis, that classroom methodology can make a difference for kids and teachers. Marilyn has co-authored four books, including Methods That Matter with Harvey Daniels, School Leadership in Times of Urban Reform with Rebecca Barr, and Rethinking High School, co-authored with Harvey Daniels and Steve Zemelman, which chronicles the challenges of creating and implementing a new, small high school in Chicago. Marilyn consults and presents in schools and at conferences around the country. She assists schools in examining their high schools for reform and restructuring. Her workshops focus on developing literacy strategies across the curriculum with teaching methods that are learner-centered.

Harvey "Smokey" Daniels has been a city and suburban classroom teacher and a college professor, and now works as a national consultant and author on literacy education. In language arts, Smokey is known for his pioneering work on student book clubs, as recounted in Literature Circles: Voice and Choice in Book Clubs and Reading Groups, and Minilessons for Literature Circles. His latest bestselling books on content-area literacy are The Curious Classroom; Comprehension & Collaboration, Second Edition; Upstanders; Subjects Matter, Second Edition; the Texts and Lessons series; and Content-Area Writing. He is also coauthor of Best Practice, Fourth Edition, and The Best Practice Video Companion as well as editor of Comprehension Going Forward. Smokey works with elementary and secondary teachers throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, offering demonstration lessons, workshops, and consulting, with a special focus on creating, sustaining, and renewing student-centered inquiries and discussions of all kinds. Smokey shows colleagues how to simultaneously build students' reading strategies, balance their reading diets, and strengthen the social skills they need to become genuine lifelong readers. Connect with Smokey @smokeylit. READING Comprehension Going Forward Mini-lessons for Literature Circles Subjects Matter, Second Edition Texts and Lessons for Content-Area Reading Texts and Lessons for Teaching Literature WRITING Community of Writers Content-Area Writing LITERACY The Curious Classroom Comprehension & Collaboration, Second Edition Inquiry Circles for Elementary Classrooms Inquiry Circles for Secondary Classrooms SCHOOL CULTURE Best Practice, Fourth Edition Best Practice Video Companion Rethinking High School Rethinking High School Video Upstanders

Steven Zemelman's newest Heinemann title is From Inquiry to Action, which combines two of his education passions: Choice-based inquiry approaches and civic action. He blogs frequently about the ideas behind the book and about how educators around the US are applying them at his blog Civic Action in Schools. Steve has worked in many capacities to promote the sustainability of innovative schools in Chicago. For eight years he directed the Center for City Schools at National-Louis University, and he is a founding director of the Illinois Writing Project. He has spearheaded the start of a number of innovative small high schools in the city. His experiences and research in these areas led to his Heinemann book 13 Steps to Teacher Empowerment, coauthored with Harry Ross. Steve has been a frequent collaborator with Harvey "Smokey" Daniels. They have coauthored seven books and videos with Heinemann, including Subjects Matter, Second Edition; Best Practice, Fourth Edition, and The Best Practice Video Companion; Content-Area Writing; Rethinking High School and its companion video; and A Community of Writers. These books are filled with practical strategies for making writing, reading, the content areas, and indeed the life of a school itself into a deeper and richer learning experience for kids. Zemelmen and Daniels are known for immediately useful teaching strategies that range from brief, easy-to-use reflections that help students learn right in class to bigger public-writing projects that can make school truly memorable for kids and teachers alike. Steve consults with schools and districts around the country and may be contacted directly at or @StevenZemelman.

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