Revealing the Mysteries of the Bride of King Yeshua

Revealing the Mysteries of the Bride of King Yeshua

by Richard Aaron Honorof

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This book reveals the Great Mysteries concerning the Bride of King Yeshua.

There is no Pre or Mid or Post Tribulation Rapture of Yeshua’s Bride; all these are just theories, for they are all missing the biblical proofs which are found in the Mysteries of the Feasts of the LORD of Leviticus 23, and also those found in the Mysteries of the Shofar of God, which are the 10 places in the Scriptures of the Old and New Covenants where Yeshua (Jesus) sounds His Shofar into His Creation, for His Call for His Bride, and as He returns.

Yeshua’s Bride is taken up into Heaven exactly when Yeshua told us in Matthew 25:6, which is at Midnight. When and what is Midnight? Midnight is late in the Great Tribulation years of the anti-Messiah. Midnight is just before the Wrath of God is released upon the earth. Yeshua’s Bride is not called up to Heaven with the shofar, as is taught, but with the Lion’s Roar, seen in Revelation 10:3, when the Mighty Messenger Roars.

Who is Yeshua’s Bride? All believers in Yeshua make up His Body. However, most of Yeshua’s parables about a wedding were primarily about ‘Guests’ at a wedding supper or banquet with food. His Wedding has one Bridegroom and one Bride, with many guests attending. So who then is Yeshua’s Bride? Yeshua’s Bride are those men and women who through obedience and surrender and sacrifice have been brought into the very heart of God by the work of the Holy Spirit. They are those men and women who are Yeshua’s best and closest and most trusted friends, whom Yeshua can count on to carry out His hardest and most difficult assignments. They are His high priests in the Melchi-Zedek priesthood.

Yeshua gave parables about a Wedding (Matthew 25:1-13) and a Wedding Banquet (Matthew 22:1-13 and Luke 12:35-40). These are two different events which will be held at two different times and in two different places. The Wedding will be held in Heaven, and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb will be held back down on earth in Jerusalem after Yeshua returns with His Wife (Bride) from Heaven. It will be the Celebration which launches the Millennial Kingdom Reign of Yeshua for 1000 years. This event will also be held on Yeshua’s Birthday, on the Feast of Succoth.

This book explains many different Mysteries …
When is Yeshua's Bride taken to Heaven? And on what biblical Feast of the LORD does this happen? When does the Marriage take place in Heaven, and on what biblical Feast of the LORD? How long is the Honeymoon, for Yeshua and His Wife in Heaven, before they return to earth? On what biblical Feast of the LORD does Yeshua return to earth with His Wife? When, and on what biblical Feast of the LORD is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb held in Jerusalem (Isaiah 25:6-10)?

Each of these bible Mysteries concerning Yeshua's Bride are presented in great detail, with a thorough Scriptural study on each of these points. This book has been 40 years in the making from 100's of revelations given to me by the Holy Spirit since 1973.

Excerpts from this book:
In the Spring of 1973, I was saved ... God audibly spoke to me three Words, and at the same moment He planted those three Words from John 21:17 deep into my heart with His divine Love, words that would truly change my life forever, as God spoke, “Feed My Sheep!”
Standing before me was ‘the King of Glory’, Yeshua! He wore a very simple golden crown … His face and whole Being
I could not see through His Glory. For He is like a blazing Sun, blazing in its full Glory! He walked over to me and lovingly placed a red crimson robe around my shoulders. Moments later I found myself back down in the desert. I knew that I had just been saved and delivered and healed by my God from many years in the drug and occult worlds.
In 1995 I moved to Israel and became an Israeli citizen, and got married. Here I have written and published many more books to announce the coming of our Messiah, King-High Priest Yeshua

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