Revival: Handel (1906)

Revival: Handel (1906)

by Richard Alexander Streatfield

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It is the inner meaning of Handel’s music, and its power of searching the profoundest recesses of the soul, that in the following pages I have endeavoured, so far as I am able, to elucidate. Its merely technical qualities have already been discussed enough and to spare. Books on Handel written by musicians already abound, but musicians as a rule take more interest in the means by which an end is attained than the end itself. They tell us a great deal about the methods by which a composer expresses himself, but very little about what he actually has to express. I have tried, how feebly and with what little success no one knows better than myself, to find the man Handel in his music, to trace his character, his view of life, his thoughts, feelings, and aspirations, as they are set forth in his works.

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About the Author

Richard Alexander Streatfield was an English musicologist and critic. His career was spent at the British Museum, although not in its music department. His publications included books on opera, Handel and modern music.

Table of Contents

1. Handel at Halle, 1685-1703 2. Handel at Hamburg, 1703-1706 3. Handel in Italy, 1706-1710 4. Handel’s First Visit to England, 1710-1711 5. Handel’s Second Visit to England, 1712-1717 6. Canons and the Royal Academy of Music, 1718-1726 7. Faustina and Cuzzoni, 1726-1728 8. Handel as Manager, 1728-1732 9. Struggles and Defeats, 1732-1737 10. Ecce Convertimur ad Gentes ! 1737-1741 11. Handel in Ireland, 1741-1742 12. The Second Bankruptcy, 1742-1745 13. The Turn of the Tide 1745-1751 14. Handel’s Blindness and Death 1751-1759 15. The Operas 16. Oratorios and Other Choral Works 17. The Messiah 18. The Later Oratorios 19. Instrumental Works Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Index

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