Rhythms of Feather and Smoke- A Spiritual Guide for Sensitive People

Rhythms of Feather and Smoke- A Spiritual Guide for Sensitive People

by Quynn Red Mountain

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�Rhythms of Feather and Smoke�
The latest E- book created by Quynn Red Mountain
for Earth Web Media.

The World is Alive, and WE are a part of It!

Welcome to the Living World of Animism*, which predates any form of monotheistic (one god above all others) religion, by many thousands of years. In fact, until approximately 5,000 years ago, all cultures on the planet interacted with their living world in a variety of Animistic ways. Animism is so flexible and consistent that it has been the backbone of diverse traditional cultures all over the world, including every ancient tribe of what we now call Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Animistic cultures are, and always have been, those that foster and cultivate the shamanic arts, which are the tools and methods with which humans most effectively communicate with the living worlds.

*The word �Animism� is one word from one language, Greek, and it means that there is �Spirit�, or �Life�, in everything. The idea can and will be described with many other words, known and not yet known.

Each one of us is made of the same elements of which the Earth is made, and we are initiated as Earthlings by our actions, both individually and collectively. Yes, we are also made of stardust, and back to stardust we will go. Animists understand this. Animists also know that while we are here, we are a part of this living organism called Earth and that it, and all life upon it, continually speaks with us. Unfortunately many have been conviced this is no longer true. It is our individual and collective responsibility to align once again with the stream of reality where the rhythms of rattle and drum, the power of our feathered friends and the smoke of helpful plants are honored by every human being.

Deep within, you know the truth. The multidimensional realities that so many people experience every day are not dead. The living world is very much alive, and it speaks to anyone who will listen. The only thing that seems dead is the public acceptance of such realities, but even that is not dead. It is simply sleeping, waiting for people to admit their truth one by one. All we need to do now is to learn, or simply to remember, how to listen to the world around us, and within us. Once we do this, everything else unfolds.

The double helix of our spiraling DNA holds all of our ancestors, which for each of us, consists of one or more of the old tribes of Animists. Due to cultural migration and mixing, over the generations we have become individual mosaics of various cultures. Even if your ancestry consists completely of European heritage, you are still a blend of many cultures. People today look at �Europe� as one entity, but for thousands of years, many, many tribes of significant variety inhabited this vast area of the European continent. The same is true for Africa, Asia and the Americas. Some groups were similar, while other groups hated each other. From our point of view however, all these pre-christian tribes would be considered �Animists�. From now on, when you think of yourself, know that you are a sacred gathering of your ancestral tribes, and they are looking to you to maneuver through this very new world.

You, yes you! You are the first ancestor of your personal New Tribe. Whether you have children or not, if you feel called by the living world to awaken and take your seat at the Animist table, then it is up to you to step forward as a Tribal Leader. Have the courage to ask your sacred ancestors for assistance to heal the soul wounds that have occurred in the times between when the �Convert or Die� people first approached your ancient ancestors, and now. This may seem daunting, but consider it a life-long process. It is not important to strive for perfection, but it is vital that you are not held hostage by the torturers of the past. As you claim your place in your New Tribe, you will gain more allies willing to help you understand your gifts and reframe the negativity in your past.

Many Animists wait for their �Tribe� to come and claim them. Please do not fall into this hole, because it keeps you waiting far too long. Know that you are the One your Tribe has been waiting for. When the world begins speaking to you in a language that you can hear (language of intuition, dreams, synchronicity, visions and journeys), take it as a wonderful sign that it is time to establish your New Tribe identity. At that moment, there is no more waiting, and your living world can actively guide you in your quest for help, answers, and others with whom to gather. However, you must remember that this is a solitary endeavor, so there is no human Guru who can give you all your answers. Gathering with other seekers and practitioners can help you practice asking within for your own answers, and witnessing others on their New Tribe path is incredibly helpful to you as you do the same.

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About the Author

Quynn Red Mountain is a shamanic practitioner, mentor and teacher. She is the ordained Animist Minister for Earth Web Media�s �Web of Life Church� . She is also the founder of �The Institute for the Shamanic Arts� (the spiritual education branch of EWM), and Producer of the �Earth Tribe Network� ( EWM�s Animist Outreach Media).

While in her late 20's, Quynn had a strange experience that immediately called her to learn how to shamanize for herself (see end of page for description). Since then, she has committed to remembering the wisdom of Nature and her ancestors, and to utilize this wisdom in our complex and changing world. Quynn created ShamanWorld.com in 2000 to describe her approach to, and connection with, modern shamanizing while offering information for others who are seeking their shamanic and spiritual path. Today, Shaman World is growing to be a Resource Portal for shamanizers of many paths, particularly those who are returning to the wisdom of their shamanic heritage after generations of silence.

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