Rhythms of Life: A Collection of Poems

Rhythms of Life: A Collection of Poems

by Neil Primus

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All the poems and verses in my manuscript are original work. They traverse time such as can be seen in pieces like ‘Creation,’ ‘Slavery’ and ‘Nightmare 2001’. Many explore present day realities and touch on areas that affect me and especially my country. Poems like ‘Hard Times’, ‘Fire De IMF’, ‘Black Out’, ‘Wata Woes’ and ‘No Way Venezuela, No Way! ‘Fall under this category. Readers will find some of my strongest sentiments in poems about Guyana. Pieces like ‘Thought for You’, ‘The Beauty of My Land’, ‘Moods of My Land,’ ‘When’, ‘Why Us?’ are fi lled with emotions of anger, frustration, patriotism, love and loyalty. Whether criticizing or praising, when the topic is about Guyana all my senses are heighten. A number of my poems have a religious grounding because this is a vital part of my journey. ‘Never Despair’, ‘Bible Brothers’, ‘A Smile’, ‘Life’ and ‘Coconut Life’, show that there is a Creator Being. A few poems deal with Christmas but only that which is experienced by Caribbean people. One cannot write without dealing with our rich culture and folk lore. ‘Me Betty’, & ‘Is Time’ are two such pieces. The very short pieces life ‘Nightmare 2001’, ‘Sad Times’, ‘My Parrot’ and ‘Beauty’ still convey a strong message. Humour has been used once it does not distract from the focus of the poem. One example of this is ‘Hard Times’ a fi tting tribute to the late Louis Bennett of Jamaica. The poems have been written over a period of many years and were compiled after some encouragement from friends and family.

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