Ride Ranger Ride

Ride Ranger Ride

by Roy RogersRoy Rogers


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If the silver-bullet man is your cup of rotgut, then this is the batch you've been waiting for. While there are numerous compilations of Roy Rogers' material out there, including the truly definitive Bear Family set, this compiles on a single disc all of Rogers' classics with the Sons of the Pioneers through his solo singing cowboy days, ranging from 1943 through 1980. There are 21 songs here, including the title track, the "I'm an Old Cowhand" standard, "The Hills of Old Wyomin'," "Don't Fence Me In," the requisite "Hi Ho Silver" (of course), and pretty much all of the hits in between. "Hits" may be overstating the case, though, since Rogers only placed two solo tracks on the charts in his entire career, compared to Gene Autry, who placed 25. Nevertheless, if you are after the cowboy's best-known obscurities, then this is yer bet -- especially for the budget price.

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