Riders - The Complete Series

Riders - The Complete Series

by K M Liss


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The Road To Ruin (I)
Tiffany has plans. She has her life mapped out and wants to make something of herself.
Working in the bar is just a temporary job while she's on vacation.
But when she meets biker Joshua Lyle her whole world tilts on its axis.
He's the hottest guy she's ever seen.
Sparks fly between them. But he's so full of himself.
She doesn't want to go there, for several good reasons.
She knows he's the road to ruin. And she's seen what that can do to a girl.

Crossroads (II)
Joshua has screwed up big time. he knows he has a mountain to climb to redeem himself.
He is in no mans land with Tiffany and needs to behave himself when he's around her, to prove he's not just obsessed with getting in her underwear again. A date at the creek to watch the sunset. Kinda romantic, he feels. It all seems perfect. Even if her little sister is tagging along.
His day ends with an undercurrent of menace in the air. Problems he has to deal with and plans to resolve.

Horizons (III)
Getting his guys out of jail, firing his 'sneak', and getting Mickey into line... its all in a days work for Joshua. Joshua and Tiffany hit a roadblock in
Their developing relationship, all thanks to Mickey's big mouth. Joshua has to face up to himself and the fact he has made a big mistake believing him. Tiffany is left reeling by Joshua's cruel treatment. She's beyond angry and so upset she's about to strangle him.
And now she has another problem. One very big one.
Just when they're about to close in on the shooter, he runs. Mickey has a lot to answer for but never, never, in a million years would Joshua have imagined what came next...

Sunrise (IV)
Hovering on the edge of death Joshua had no idea all that was happening.
Secrets... high emotions... a whole new dawn awaited him.
All he needed to do was wake up.
And all Tiffany could do was wait. And hope.
The final chapter in the Riders series.

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