Rise and Fall of North America's Indians: From Prehistory through Geronimo

Rise and Fall of North America's Indians: From Prehistory through Geronimo

by William P. Brandon


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Who were the first settlers in North America? Where did they come from? How did they survive? In this expansive one-volume account of the native peoples of North America, eminent historian William Brandon—who devoted much of his life to examining this subject—presents this revelatory history of the development and culture of the native peoples of North America, from their incipience through the late nineteenth century. From the Valley of Mexico to the Bering Straight, a multitude of diverse cultures settled and created art, healing medicines, and an agriculture that brought us maize, potatoes, chilies, avocado, and tobacco. Among those from central America were the art-obsessed Mayans and Olmecs; from North America came the Ojibwa, Powhatan, Cree, Illinois, Apache, Cherokee, Natchez, Sioux, and many others. In The Rise and Fall of North America's Indians, Brandon brings this world to life and chronicles 10,000 years of Indian history.

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ISBN-13: 9781589790360
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing
Publication date: 11/15/2003
Pages: 616
Product dimensions: 6.22(w) x 9.28(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Noted historian William Brandon(1914-2002) was the author of The American Heritage Book of Indians, The Last Americans: The Indian in American Culture, and The Magic World: American Indian Songs and Poems.

Table of Contents

Part 1The Ancient Americas
1The Dawntime3
2In the Footsteps of the Ancients19
3Art and Numbers25
4Under the Wheel of Time31
5Turmoil and Temples in Central Mexico43
6From the Toltecs to the Incas51
7Empires of the Sun71
8When Worlds Collide83
9Through the Lookinglass I101
10March of the Metal Men110
11The Plumed Serpent118
12Cornfield and Kiva128
13Blood, Gold, and Souls147
Part 2Heritage of the New World
14Through the Lookinglass II167
15Serpent Mound to Tattooed Serpent185
16People of the Forest202
17Puritans and Indians218
18European Cannon Meet Longhouse Diplomacy236
19Muskets across the Mountains254
20The Road Not Taken275
21Along the Trail of Tears290
22A Man for All Seasons318
23Death and Dispossession in the Heartland331
24Through the Lookinglass III339
25Under the Northern Lights354
26Golden Hills, Crimson Blood378
27From Sacajawea to Chief Joseph395
28Buffalo Indians and Pony Soldiers412
29The Last Stronghold446
30Through the Lookinglass IV478

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