by Knifehandchop


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In the world of IDM-glitch madness, few labels are comparable to the output and quality that Tigerbeat6 has exuded in 2003. Knifehandchop's latest offering is just another notch in the proverbial bedpost of excellence that has characterized TB6 as of late. A swift blend of jungle, ragga, a few hysterical booty tunes, and a smattering of gabber is the crux of this release, but much to Knifehand's credit, all of the songs are distinctive and stand apart from one another. The lack of filler is definitely a good thing -- there isn't much evident. And clocking in at just over an hour is nearly perfect timing, as Rockstopper's intensity would be overwhelming had it lasted any longer. A musically diverse head trip from an artist who never disappoints or threatens to become stale.

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