by Ronan Tynan


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After a three-year wait, Ronan Tynan returns with his latest release, presenting an eclectic program sure to please both his fans and listeners new to his abundant charms. From inspirational show tunes to spirituals to contemporary standards and more, the Irish vocal sensation brings beauty and expressive power to all material he touches.

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Release Date: 03/01/2005
Label: Decca
UPC: 0075021032675
catalogNumber: 000386302

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ronan Tynan   Primary Artist,Vocals
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra   Accompaniment
Miles Bould   Percussion
Tony Hinnigan   Celtic Pipe
John Parricelli   Guitar
Metro Voices   Vocals,Accompaniment
Clio Gould   Concert Master
Brian Byrne   Conductor
Rupert Christie   Keyboards
David Ayres   Keyboards

Technical Credits

Aldo Nova   Composer
Desmond Child   Composer
Phil Coulter   Composer
Gary Burr   Composer
Eric Bazilian   Composer
Nick Glennie-Smith   Composer
Julie Gold   Composer
Mitch Leigh   Composer
Richard Marx   Composer
Nick Patrick   Producer,Audio Production
Todd Whitelock   Engineer
Geoff Foster   Engineer
Andy Saunders   Engineer,Pro-Tools
Randall Wallace   Composer
Howie Dorough   Composer
Ronan Tynan   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Traditional   Composer
Stuart K. Hine   Composer
John Reid   Composer
Cliff Goldmacher   Composer
Brian Byrne   Arranger,Composer
Fanny Gotschall   Art Direction
Jeff Cohen   Composer
Rupert Christie   Programming
Christian Leuzzi   Composer
Jenny O'Grady   Director
David Ayres   Programming

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Ronan 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The remarkable Ronan Tynan, who became world famous as one of "The Irish Tenors", is on his own now and has produced a truly amazing album. His voice has become continuously richer and fuller over the last several years, as has been frequently noted in concert reviews by his many fans. "Ronan", his new album, is appropriately titled because it gives us a look at all the many facets of his personality and the things that are important to him and the people who have helped shaped the amazing person and performer he is. His story is now well known - - a person who was born with a lower-limb deformity and had bilateral below-knee amputations at age 20 and walks amazingly well on prosthetic limbs. The album starts with a very energetic rendition of "Man of La Mancha" and contains other inspiring songs such as "The Light Inside of You" and "Ready to Fly" (which he most certainly seems to be). There are beautiful religious songs all magnificently rendered in his incomparable voice - - "Mansions of the Lord", a very special and truly beautiful and powerful combination of "Going Home" and "Amazing Grace", "From a Distance", "How Great Thou Art", etc. "La Roca Fria del Calvario" (The Cold Rock of Calvary) shows his very considerable operatic abilities, as he is a classically trained opera singer. "Ellie" is a very well done going-off-to-war song that has never before been recorded and is one of my favorites in an album full of sure-to-be favorites. "Come in From the Rain" is a love song with a great melody, great orchestration, and great lyrics and should be extremely popular. "The Eyes of Love" is another beautiful love song, done with great beauty and sincerity by a singer who is known for his sincerity. "The Old Man" is a great tribute to his late father, who always loved and encouraged him. Last but certainly not least is "Passing Through", a song he wrote with the help of Margaret Byrne to honor his mother who helped to formulate his personality with traits of determination, willpower, and courage. This is a powerfully moving song of great sadness and beauty sung with great sensitivity. Altogether, Dr. Tynan (he is also a medical doctor) has turned out a truly magnificent album that is worth the price many times over.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is sheer perfection--a real gem. His soaring voice is pure gold, and it just gets better and better. It'll send chills down your spine. It's hard to choose my favorite song, because they're all beautiful. This CD comes with a colorful insert with the words to all of the songs, plus several photographs
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ronan's new album, is a visit to musical ecstasy. From "The Light Inside Of You", which washes over you like velvet over your skin, to "How Great Thou Art" in that rich booming voice voice, that reminds us how powerful faith is. His tribute to his mom, "Passing Through", which Ronan wrote, is amazingly soft as he reminds us how fragile life really is.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This new album of Ronan Tynans is a must have,even my brother who does not like this kind of music liked this CD. The songs on here are both touching and insperational.I highly recommend this album!
Guest More than 1 year ago
In probably one of the most heartfelt albums released in a long time, Ronan Tynan has created a true journey in his album called, “Ronan”. The most touching song in the entire album has to be the track entitled, “The Old Man”, which is a tribute to Ronan’s father. In the song, he explains how his father was more then just a father, but his best friend and his greatest teacher. In “The Eyes of Love”, Ronan sings about how love cannot be avoided when you look into its eyes. And probably the song that creates a certain feeling the most, has got to be “God Bless America”. Mainly because during the tragic and horrific times of 9/11, no one would have thought that an Irish Man would have been able to stand in Yankee Stadium and make us feel more proud to be an American. I have not been able to take his album out of my cd player since I got it last. This album is truly a masterpiece and I’m glad I’ve added it to my collection of wonderful music.
Guest More than 1 year ago
With the release of his new CD, Ronan Tynan once again inspires us, as he soars on the wings of eagles and carries the listener along with him to new heights of vocal achievement. His voice is strong and rich on the religious selections "How Great Thou Art", "Amazing Grace(Going Home)", and the intensely moving "Mansions of the Lord". He also successfully transitions from the standard Irish fare to songs such as, "The Light Inside of You", "Come in From the Rain", "Ready to Fly", and "From a Distance". Perhaps the centerpiece of the CD is "Passing Through", his poignant tribute to his beloved Mam, whom he has watched fade away until her once mischievous eyes see worlds we can only imagine. "Passing Through" establishes him as a world-class songwriter, in addition to one of the finest tenors in the world. RONAN is a triumph of strength, beauty, and inspiration from a remarkable man whose God-given voice reflects the positive faith that is so much a part of him.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the best of Ronan! His wonderful voice is heaven to listen to as always, but on this album his warm, engaging personality comes shining through. This music will touch your heart and make your spirits soar though wide rang of emotions. From the rousing,rocking "Man of La Mancha" to the inspirational "How Great Thou Art" to the honest, deeply touching tributes to his parents,“The Old Man”, and "Passing Through" . I haven't been able to stop listening to it since I got it. This album is well worth you time and money, I highly recommend it. You'll get endless hours of listening pleasure.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ronan Tynan's new cd is a must have.From his rousing rendition of "Man of La Mancha" to "Passing Through" which is a heart warming tribute to his mother who suffers the ravages of Alzheimers disease, this cd runs the gammet of emotion. When one's spirits are low, listen to this cd, you'll be glad you did, it's amazing.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wow, Another Ronan Tynan CD to enjoy his voice has finally arrived. True to himself, Ronan has chosen a wonderful blend of songs that reflect his musical ability and his innermost soul. Ronan chose songs that allow us to hear his great and powerful voice as he sings the “Man of La Mancha” or his sweet sensitive voice in “The Eyes of Love”. Ronan also allow you to feel his sorry as he sings “Ellie”, “The Old Man” and “Amazing Grace (Going Home)” but nothing prepares you for “Passing Through”. Written by Ronan, you are given a glimpse into his home, his childhood, his profound love for his mother and the sorry he must feel as his mother fight Alzheimer’s. With each song, I found myself looking at Ronan’s past, his present life and his hope for the future. Ronan truly bring us into his world through his voice. Whether you are looking for wonderful music, a great tenor’s voice or a glimpse into Ronan’s world, you’ll not be disappointed. Ronan Tynan’s new CD “Ronan” will bring you hours upon hours of musical pleasure.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In this new CD, Ronan Tynan takes the listener to a Heavenly Paradise. The CD begins with the wonderfully rich "Man Of La Mancha" and smoothly moves to such incredible hymns as "Amazing Grace" and "How Great Thou Art" and ends with touching heart and soul filled renditions of "The Old Man" and Ronan's own song "Passing Through." Any music lover should have this CD in their collection. Ronan gives his all to the fans with the selections in the CD. Definitely a must have for Ronan fans.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for a cd that will move you and send chills through your heart then “Ronan” is what you have been searching for. This album is a holy matrimony of spirit and faith and each word allows me to connect on a deep level with this artist. Ronan Tynan has combined his creative originality with traditional hymns into a compilation that seems to make my speakers come to life. Not only is this album inspiring but it is a true display of vocal depth and diversity. Songs like “The Light Inside of You,” “The Impossible Dream,” and “You Raise Me Up” invigorates my soul and renews me when I am feeling down. Then there are songs like “Mansion of The Lord,” Amazing Grace,” and “How Great Thou Art” that seem to make the songs of payer come alive and give me strength. This cd has the ability to transform your stereo system into a house of praise and a personalized concerto all at the same time. This is one for the ages and I thank Ronan for giving his fans what they have been craving.
Guest More than 1 year ago
How else can I describe the way I felt when listening to this? This is perhaps the most passionately delivered album I have heard in all my life. Ronan's voice breaks through the confines of my speakers and becomes one with my inner thoughts. When listening to this, it is as if he is speaking directly to me. His delivery is so smooth and flawless, his vibrato so grand and pure, that even the most prententiously critical opera buff will cower at Ronan's lionesque voice. I can most certainly see why he is the world's most famous Irish tenor! It's hard to pick, but I'd say my favorite two tracks are "The Light Inside of You" and "Ready to Fly." This album is beautiful both poetically and musically, and is destined to cross boundaries between listeners of opera, new age, Irish, folk, and even some pop music. I cannot say enough about this album, but I will force myself to stop.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I wish I had known about Ronan's solo career sooner! I have been a big Irish Tenors fan for quite a while, and recently picked up "Ronan". Now I know where the Tenors' real talent lies. Ronan's voice SOARS on this album. His lyrics really speak to me personally, and the instrumentation is magnificent. I plan on buying his older album, "The Impossible Dream" very soon. I hope it is as good as this one!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ronan Tynan’s third solo CD has the potential to add his name to the list of world renowned artists who are know only by their first names like Bono, Madonna and Cher. The CD, self-titled Ronan which catapulted onto the music scene on March 1, 2005, has begun its steady climb to the top of music charts. This eclectic selection of songs has something for all musical tastes. Tynan has included opera and spiritual selections, as well as several love songs and familiar contemporary songs with new arrangements. The song list contains a few Tynan standards such as "The Old Man" and "Man of La Mancha", as well as some new selections that showcase the powerful tenor's exceptional voice. Over the past three or four years, in both his CDs and concert appearances, Tynan has paid tribute to the parents that gave him the strength and determination to overcome many obstacles he has faced both as a young boy and as a man. In Ronan, he has included two songs for his parents. "The Old Man", dedicated to his father, tells of the relationship that was more than just father and son, one that was also a deep friendship. One of the most poignant songs in the collection is "Passing Through", which Tynan co-wrote with composer Margaret Byrne. This song, written for his mother, speaks of how a family must watch and cope as a loved one succumbs to Alzheimers Disease. Both are personal and moving tributes. Ronan demonstrates Tynan’s range and vocal talent, from the power of his voice and his outstanding vocal control in the more sacred songs such as "How Great Thou Art", which not only raises the rafters but the hairs on your arms as he hits those final notes, to his soft approach to the contemporary selections including the newly recorded "Ellie", and the lovely "Come in From the Rain", both personal favorites of mine. There is only one thing better than Ronan, the new CD from tenor Ronan Tynan, and that is having the pleasure of seeing and hearing him in person!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Can words really describe this album? Probably not, but I will make an attempt. Ronan delivers a masterpiece with his latest album. The music is not only beautiful, but also inspiring. "The Light Inside of You" and "The Old Man" are examples of excellent stand-out tracks that will have opera fans and classical fans alike begging for more. When Ronan sings, the listener can really HEAR him -- that is, the listener will find it easy to relate to the emotions Ronan expresses in his words. I cannot recommend this album highly enough!