Roots And Routes: Poetics at New College of California

Roots And Routes: Poetics at New College of California


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'Roots and Routes' gathers essays, talks, interviews, statements, notes, and other prose writings by poets who studied and/or taught at the New College of California’s Masters in Poetics program over the course of its nearly 30-year existence. The collection evokes a much-needed anti-hierarchical, even anarchic, pedagogy in poetry, poetics, and the literary arts, and is part of a general reevaluation of standard higher education models on Creative Writing. As such it will appeal to a wide range of students and scholars interested in America’s recent literary history, as well as to poets outside the academy and the general reader interested in US poetry and poetics.

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ISBN-13: 9781622738007
Publisher: Vernon Art and Science
Publication date: 05/08/2020
Series: Series in Creative Writing Studies
Pages: 464
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Patrick James Dunagan lives in San Francisco and works at Gleeson Library for the University of San Francisco. He received his MA/MFA in Poetics from New College in 2001. His books include the critical study The Duncan Era: One Poet's Cosmology (Spuyten Duyvil) along with volumes of poetry: Sketch of the Artist (fsmbw), Drops of Wine / Drops of Rain (Spuyten Duyvil); from Book of Kings (Bird and Beckett Books); Das Gedichtete (Ugly Duckling); and "There Are People Who Think That Painters Shouldn't Talk": A GUSTONBOOK (Post-Apollo).

Marina Lazzara received an MA in Poetics from New College of California and has published in various literary magazines and with Two Way Mirror Books. She is a vocalist and guitarist for the San Francisco band, The Rabbles. Teaching Creative Writing and Health Education to seniors by day, she can otherwise be found hosting salons at her home where for over three decades she has supported the literary and music underground of the Bay Area.

Nicholas James Whittington is a poet, scholar, educator, editor, printer, and publisher living in Oakland, CA since 2012. Born and raised in San Francisco, he continues to edit and publish the roughly annual AMERARCANA along with the occasional small book under the auspices of his family bookshop, Bird & Beckett Books, in the city, while completing his dissertation at the University of California, Santa Cruz, on the original incarnation of the Masters in Poetics Program at New College of California. At Impart Ink, an errant studio, he designs, typesets, and prints books both digitally and via letterpress - Recent chapbooks include Provisions (2017, PUSH Press) and Indefinite Sessions (2016, Gas Meter Books). His first full-length collection is Resolution of the West (2020, Bootstrap Press).

Table of Contents

Introduction: Source. Structure. Line. Rime.

Basic Elements, part 1

Robert Duncan

I. First Period: circa 1980-1987

1. Perspective

Duncan McNaughton

2. A Word / An Introduction

Louis Patler

3. Symposium On Persons In Poetics

Susan Thackrey, et al.

4. Myrrh: A Study of Persona in H.D.'s Trilogy

Judith Roche

5. La Bela Semblansa: Bernart de Ventadorn and the Troubadour Moment

Carl Grundberg

6. On Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Sarah Menefee

7. A momentary (not necessarily brief) inner-lute: lecture notes

David Meltzer

8. An Other Language/Another Language: Beyond and Into Saussure, Freud and Lacan

Susan Thackrey

9. Boundary – Horizon – Landscape – Field (or The End of the World)

Norma Cole

10. Speculations Through The Mirror: Silence

Christopher Gaynor

11. Approaching 80 Flowers

David Levi Strauss

12. “Regionalism”: All Chiefs & No Indians?

John Thorpe

13. Congratulatory Poetics

Joanne Kyger interviewed by John Thorpe

14. “Everything in Between can Obviously Happen”

Anselm Hollo talking with Tinker Greene and Noreen Norton

15. The Grammar of Dictation: an informal survey of Jack Spicer’s Collected Books

Dawn-Michelle Baude (Dawn Kolokithas)

16. Out of Me: Whitman and The Projective

Aaron Shurin

17. Signing for Soul and Body: Walt Whitman & the Physical

Todd Baron

18. Life’s Triumph: A Lecture on Shelley

Michael McClure

19. Feathers to Iron: A Concourse on World Poetics

John Clarke

Basic Elements, part 2

Robert Duncan

II. Second Period: circa 1988-1999

1. Cosmology: Intelligence and Infinity in Language

Adam Cornford

2. An Alchemical Analysis of Nine Sketches from Blake’s Vala, The Four Zoas

Allen Ensign

3. Eternity in William Blake

Dave Hayman

4. The Paradoxical Flower

Hoa Nguyen

5. The Poetics of Voudoun

Jean-Vi Lenthe

6. Patti Smith: Woolgatherer

Eugenia Hepworth Petty

7. A Poetics of Resistance

Jeff Conant

8. One Word (UP): LISTEN!

Christopher Winks

9. Langston Hughes as Songwriter: “Poetry and Popular Song”

Michael Rothenberg

10. Still Life With Trees: A Statement on Poetics

giovanni singleton

11. Kenneth Patchen

Charles S. Maden

12. The Being of the Poem of Being: Heidegger, Cummings, and Language

Steve Carll

13. The Negative Eschatology of Maurice Blanchot

Fitz Fitzgerald


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