Sanctuaried: The CEO Divining Rod

Sanctuaried: The CEO Divining Rod

by Roger E. Hawkins Ph.D.


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What is it that separates the truly successful men and women who exist in that upper strata of corporate environment-that is, the sanctuaried-from those individuals who almost made it...but not quite? This question prompted a comprehensive research that spanned more than two decades and culminated in several years of statistical analysis. The individual who designed this study now reveals surprising findings. In Sanctuaried: The CEO Divining Rod, organizational effectiveness psychologist Roger E. Hawkins, PhD breaks down his data and applies it to seven notable individuals. From them, we learn important elements that contribute to success and lead to membership in that inner sanctum of the corporate elite. What do these sanctuaried executives have in common? The author looks at the Significant Life Events (SLEs) that many of these people have experienced on their way to the top. Using their experiences as a guide, readers are able to assess their own experiences and devise steps toward moving forward. According to Dr. Hawkins, this compelling book can become the foundation science book for personal growth. By paying close attention to his divining rod, or power magnet, for CEO performance, including psychological growth, mid-life transition, and consolidation, the criteria for success will be more fully understood. So many individuals achieve that near-the-top status of upper middle management, yet cannot seem to break through the final barrier. With this book, barriers can be broken.

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ISBN-13: 9781452865263
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/08/2010
Pages: 152
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