Scared Of Beautiful

Scared Of Beautiful

by Amb Branding, Tiffany Campbell


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To be an aspiring photographer, the thought of beauty strikes fear in a young Bobbi Cochran; a fear that had paralyzed her since losing her love to her very best friend. Her world became dark, the hatred she felt in her heart plaguing her relationships with people and even the view she had of herself. Needing a fresh start, she relocates to California where a collision with a young and equally fearful Donovan McCall, changes the course of her life forever.
Love was a word and an emotion that was non-existent in Donovan's world. He lived the selfish lifestyle of a young entrepreneur, owning a tattoo shop in West Hollywood. Women were magnets to his good looks, success and charm making it easy to maneuver around any emotion before it turned into something more. Women were disposable. He was never challenged, and when he was , she was replaced. It isn't until he runs into a rude Bobbi Cochran, that everything he had become so accustomed to turned foreign.
Love and the art of it all was something both wanted to devour into but the fear of the beauty within was holding them back.
Will they let go and allow love to take control?
What are they so afraid of?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692480359
Publisher: Shaunta Kenerly Presents
Publication date: 07/03/2015
Pages: 286
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Tiffany Campbell is a 26-year-old African American author born and raised in the thriving city of Columbus, Ohio. At the tender age of eight, she wrote her first short story and has since gone on to write and produce screen plays, mini TV series for her church, and drama presentations. At 24, Tiffany took her first major step into the world of published literature when she self published her first edition Scared of Beautiful while living in Chicago. It was a transitional time period for Tiffany and she knew it was time to reanalyze and focus on what it was that she truly wanted in life. There she discovered that the root of her passions and what made her happiest was writing, and she wanted to finally utilize the gift that God in-trusted her with.
She has since republished her debut novel in its second edition with Kenerly Presents in the summer of 2015. This upcoming year, Tiffany plans to release her sophomore novel, "Don't Disconnect," which she anticipates to be impactful to every reader she encounters. Tiffany's goal as a writer is to change lives, one word at a time with each title she publishes.
Tiffany prides her self in developing characters that not only she, but men and women can easily relate to in some form. Like herself, her characters are both going through or have transition themselves and are learning to let go of everything that has held them back in the past and push forward.
She only wants to motivate her readers to do the same; to follow their passions and their dreams, and to allow love to find them on the way.

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