The Schoolgirl's Forced Seduction

The Schoolgirl's Forced Seduction

by Sarah Graham

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Julie Monroe had been raised for four years by her overly protective but caring stepmother Anne. Not long after Julie’s eighteenth birthday the two have a fight over her choice in boyfriends. The harsh words that are exchanged set both of them on a path of lewd sexual acts, forced submissions, and a deep discovery about their own inner natures.

Will they find their way to their way to a special new love or will they both give themselves over to the harsh lust of a cruel school coach and his young cohorts? This book contains aggressive extremely intimate encounters between a teenager and the adults and friends in her life including both group games, lesbianism, and forceful men with a taste for ladies they want to make a bit submissive.

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Excerpt from Book:

Before she could react further, her shocked ears heard Julie sigh: "Kiss me, Curt. Ohhhh, kiss me like that again..."

Hungrily, the boy gathered the young teenager into his strong arms and embraced her. Julie had her back to Anne at that moment, her heaving breasts buried in her boyfriend's massive chest, their arms entwining. They kissed and nuzzled one another, squirming their eager young bodies together passionately, and Anne choked back a moan of shock, her eyes transfixed on the scene in front of her, her hands sweating uncontrollably.

She could see the sensuously quivering flesh of her Julie’s smooth, taut buttocks, her shapely thighs as she arched her loins into the boy named Curt's groin, her upper legs pressing and grinding against him seductively.

A low moan came from the girl, as Curt mashed his lips heavily down on her mouth, both of them oblivious to the fact that her stepmother was watching horrified just a few feet away, seeing the madly working cheeks of their faces as they sucked and rolled their tongues freely in one another's open mouths. Then Curt reached one hand down and softly grasped one of Julie's excitedly throbbing buttocks, cupping it lovingly, running his fingers tantalizingly over the barely covered flesh.

"No... No, don't do that, Curt," she heard Julie gasp.

"Why not, baby? You know you love it."

"I... I told you before, Curt, I'm not that kind of girl," she whimpered, shivering uncontrollably, gasping for breath.

"All girls are that kind of girl," he teased. The boy began to move his other free hand around to the front now, gently pushing up the hem of her sweater in an obvious attempt to cup one firm, throbbing young breast in a sensual, delight-producing squeeze. "All girls are," he whispered wetly into her mouth.
"Darling," the beautiful girl managed to hiss. "No, you promised not to do this..."

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