Scooter: My All Weather Friend

Scooter: My All Weather Friend

by Elizabeth M. Hacking Amarante


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Learning a life lesson, what true love and friendship mean between a young boy and man’s best friend. Can we learn Jeremy’s lesson from this short journey?

Always remember how you would feel

if someone you loved turned away from you.

Look forward to sharing Jeremy and Scooter’s

exploits in the next book as they

take on a camping adventure.

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ISBN-13: 9781490778099
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 01/06/2017
Pages: 26
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.07(d)

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My All Weather Friend

By Elizabeth M. Hacking Amarante, Ronie Pios

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2017 Elizabeth M. Hacking Amarante
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-7809-9


When Jeremy was just 5 years old, Mum and Dad bought him a puppy for his birthday. Jeremy sat by the big box with blue ribbons tied round it, he could hear the scratching inside the box and was a little afraid.

Mum and Dad sat down next to Jeremy, helping him open the box; as soon as the lid opened, out jumped a golden brown puppy. The puppy jumped onto Jeremy's lap, his tail wagging, and immediately smothered Jeremy in wet licking kisses.

Mum and Dad asked Jeremy what he would like to call the puppy who barely kept still for a second, "Jeremy said" Jeremy sat and thought but nothing came to mind, he told mum he would have to think about it. As soon as Jeremy had finished his breakfast, washed up and changed, he ran outside to play with his new puppy, which hadn't left him for a moment.

Jeremy had a little brown scooter which he loved and rode up and down the drive way. The puppy ran along side Jeremy jumping and yapping in delight. Jeremy parked his scooter, and ran inside to Mum, Mum he shouted excitedly, "I have decided what to call my puppy". Mum was pleased that Jeremy would name the puppy himself, stopping what she was doing mum listened as Jeremy told her his puppy's name; "its Scooter Mum" - Jeremy exclaimed with delight, "as he can run faster than my scooter". Mum said "that's wonderful Jeremy, and yes you are right he runs like your Scooter".


Jeremy and Scooter became the very best of friends, their days spent running, jumping, crying and getting into trouble. While Jeremy was at school Scooter paced the drive way each day, Mum watched from the kitchen window. Scooter knew before the car had turned down the road that Jeremy would soon be home, he would start barking, his tail wagging as if it would fly off in his excitement at his friends return home. Jeremy could hardly open his door and Scooter had dragged him out placing big wet kisses all over his face, Jeremy struggled to stand up, but would hug and pat Scooter back, just as delighted to see him. Scooter would then sit on the back step waiting for Jeremy to finish his lunch and home work, as he knew they could play ball and spend the afternoon together.


Scooter and Jeremy were very firm friends, up until Jeremy's 12 birthday, nothing and no-one had ever been able to come between them. As Jeremy's birthday approached Jeremy decided he would like to have a party with all his class friends.

The day arrived for his birthday party. Jeremy and Mum were busy arranging the garden and laying everything out. Scooter unsure of what was happening followed Jeremy back and fro, not quite sure what to make of the scuffle going on. Jeremy became irritated with Scooter and pushed him away harshly, "telling him to keep out of the way". Scooter, his tail between his legs left the garden. Mum and dad had watched, and noted that Jeremy had done this a lot recently.

Scooter no longer featured first even when he arrived home from school, or when he played ball, he hardly spent the afternoons with him, 'yet Scooter still sat and waited' on the kitchen step day after day, hoping.

Mum decided she needed to talk to Jeremy and ask why he was pushing Scooter away. The opportunity did not present itself as Jeremy's friends soon arrived. No sooner, were they splashing and shouting in the pool. The boys then started to play ball in the garden, Dad asked Jeremy why he had'nt called Scooter to join in, Jeremy ignored dad, dad again pressed him to answer. Jeremy responded sharply "he's a nuisance dad!", dad was a bit shocked and decided not to say any more.

The party soon came to an end, Mum, Dad and Jeremy started to clear the party things away. Again Mum mentioned calling Scooter and again Jeremy answered abruptly, "no later mum". Once everything had been put away mum walked out into the back garden and found Scooter lying in his kennel, she bent down to pat him, but Scooter hardly looked up his sad eyes showing how he felt. Mum patted him and said, "don't worry Scooter we all have bad days".

Mum went back to the kitchen and called Jeremy, "she asked" Jeremy please sit down as she would like to talk to him. Jeremy sat down pulling a face, Jeremy, "mum said" "whatever has happened between you and Scooter?", Jeremy shrugged his shoulders trying to avoid answering. Mum decided to continue whether Jeremy answered or not, "do you remember Jeremy when none of your friends were here, who waited for you every day? who sat with you when you were punished? and most of all, when you fell in the swimming pool! and could'nt swim properly, if it wasn't for Scooter I don't know who would have pulled you out the pool. I know you need friends Jeremy, but you should never forget the friends that are always there for you, and have been no matter the weather. Scooter may not be able to talk, but he understands everything, and like you feels pain when someone hurts him. Imagine if we pushed you aside, how would you feel?". Jeremy got up from the table but still did not go and see Scooter, mum shook her head and hoped that Jeremy would think about what she had said.

The next morning mum checked on Scooter who had barely touched his supper, she gentle patted his head trying to assure him that everything would turn out fine.

She had not long been back in the kitchen when Jeremy rushed through and asked if he could ride his bike to his friends house, both mum and dad told him to be careful and stay on the path. They had not finished the sentence and Jeremy was out of the door and riding his bike out of the yard, with no regard that Scooter stood watching him, his tail wagging.


Mum and Dad sat down with a cup of tea, not 20 minutes later Scooter started barking and would not stop. Mum looked through the kitchen window, "asking Scooter" what ever could be the matter, then both mum and dad opened the door where Scooter stood barking, he ran back and forth continually. Dad came out onto the step, Scooter immediately opened his mouth and grabbed dad's hand pulling him, mum and dad realised that

Scooter was trying to tell them to follow him. All three ran out the gate, down the path, Scooter turning and barking continuously.

They had not been running for long when they could see Jeremy's bike lying on the side of the path, Scooter stood in front of the bike barking for dad to follow him down the hill, dad rushed down to find Jeremy lying face down at the bottom of the large storm drain.

Dad climbed down and slowly turned Jeremy over, Dad could see

Jeremy had been hurt. "Dad shouted to mum" call the ambulance. Scooter whimpered and nuzzled Jeremy's neck. When the ambulance arrived, mum went with them to the hospital, dad and Scooter followed in the car.

Jeremy had broken his leg and was covered in bruises from the fall. The doctor "said, Jeremy would have to spend the night" he could go home the next day if he felt better. Mum and dad kissed Jeremy and said they would see him in the morning.

Early in the morning, mum, dad and Scooter drove to the hospital to pick up Jeremy. Scooter knew Jeremy had been hurt and was very careful not to jump or push himself on Jeremy. Jeremy could only walk using crutches which he found very frustrating and uncomfortable, mum assured him that once the six weeks were up he would soon be able to run around and play ball, this did not help Jeremy much and he became very moody hardly speaking to anyone.

To cheer him up mum asked his friends to come and see him. Jeremy hopped onto the step of the lawn as his friends played ball, not really paying any attention to him, soon they no longer came to visit, as Jeremy could not play with them. His friends found him boring and short tempered. As always Scooter lay at Jeremy's feet.


The next day, Jeremy was particularly bad tempered and mum told him to sit outside until he was in a better mood. Muttering Jeremy sat down on the step, Scooter ran and picked up the ball bringing it to Jeremy, "what do you want"? Jeremy said "you know I can't run", but Scooter pushed the ball onto Jeremy's lap standing in front of him barking. Jeremy threw the ball which Scooter immediately picked up and brought back, again Jeremy threw the ball higher this time and was shocked that Scooter jumped so high doing a summersault to get at it, no sooner had Jeremy thrown the ball again and Scooter had Jeremy laughing. Jeremy and Scooter played ball for the rest of the afternoon, Scooter never tiring or being bored with his friend. Mum stood and watched bringing out a cool drink to Jeremy, mum hoped that now he would see how very important his friendship is with Scooter.

Jeremy sipped his drink while Scooter lay at his feet. Jeremy looked down into Scooters big brown eyes and realized how wrong he had been to push him away. None of his friends had stayed to keep him company, Scooter had not only stayed beside him, he had managed to show Jeremy that he could still play ball without running through the garden. Jeremy called Scooter who put his head on Jeremy's lap, wrapping his arms around Scooter, Jeremy said "I am so sorry Scooter, I know that I pushed you away, but I promise I won't ever make the mistake again", Scooter barked and wagged his tail, his friend had come back.

Jeremy learnt a very important lesson, even though Scooter was a dog, he never once gave up on Jeremy no matter how badly Jeremy treated him. Scooter's love for Jeremy was like mum and dads, total and unconditional.


Excerpted from Scooter by Elizabeth M. Hacking Amarante, Ronie Pios. Copyright © 2017 Elizabeth M. Hacking Amarante. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
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