Scrum Marketing: Applying Agile Methodologies to Marketing: Your Essential First Booklet about Implementing Agile/Scrum in Marketing Organizations

Scrum Marketing: Applying Agile Methodologies to Marketing: Your Essential First Booklet about Implementing Agile/Scrum in Marketing Organizations

by James S Wright


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Agile and Scrum are currently the biggest buzz words in business today. It's predominantly used in engineering environments, but provides the same benefits in marketing venues. The natures of these two disciplines are different in many ways which creates some confusion about the benefits and costs one may expect from implementation.
You'll learn how the Agile philosophy applies to marketing organizations, and how to implement the associated Scrum methodology. This information will help your organization become agile and more effective: to BE agile and not just to DO Agile.
I wrote this booklet for those investigating the value of Agile and Scrum and their potential application in non-engineering work environments, particularly in marketing. If you are in marketing, operations, or another area that isn't software development, this booklet is the right place for you to start. I'll explain the philosophy. I'll describe the methodology and how to implement it with marketers. I'll even identify some possible difficulties and ways to mitigate the risks and problems.
After reading through the limited pages of this booklet, you'll know what all this stuff is about and if it's worthy of further investigation for your company or group. If you decide not to continue, I can feel good about saving you time and money. If you opt to get into Agile and Scrum, then this will provide you with the foundation you need. This is not intended to give you all the information you need to scrumify your organization, but it's a great starting point. I limited the size of this publication and its price to make it as accessible as possible. Before you spend $24.95 on a 300 page book or $1,200 on a class that may not give you the information you really need, slap down a few bucks to get a handle on what it's really all about.

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ISBN-13: 9781500207366
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/14/2014
Pages: 100
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About the Author

James Wright is the principal consultant at Go Time Agile LLC. He has an extensive experience in product management, strategy creation, business development, and new product development. He has worked at large and small public companies, small and mid-sized private companies, and as an independent consultant. He has led product management, marketing, business development, sales, engineering, and operations departments. James has worked in several industries including computer software, hardware, networking, internet, consumer products, test and measurement, and alternative energy. He has been a featured speaker at industry conferences and technical seminars in the US, Europe and Asia. James is a Certified Scrum Master and the Creator of Scalable Adaptive Scrum.

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