Sea & Silence

Sea & Silence

by DeuterDeuter


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In the tradition of Sun Spirit, Garden of the Gods, and Like the Wind in the Trees comes Sea & Silence, another of Deuter's explorations of nature through music. As the title suggests, Sea & Silence mixes the sound of waves crashing on the shore with Deuter's usual mix of synths, flutes, and instruments like guitar and tabla, but arguably the most important part of the album's sound is the silence Deuter uses to convey the seashore's vastness and tranquility. Pieces like "Silent Bay," "Reflection 1," and the 13-minute title track feature elongated, rippling flute melodies that gently and subtly move from pensive minor keys to blissful major ones. Pianos, guitars, and windchimes add a little more color to tracks such as "Seven Sacred Pools," the Asian-inspired "Coral Gardens," and "Empty Shore," giving the pieces an immediate melodic focus as well as the deeply hypnotic, restful undercurrent that the droning synths and silences provide. While Sea & Silence may not be one of Deuter's most revolutionary albums, it is another lovely addition to his body of work.

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Release Date: 02/04/2003
Label: New Earth Records
UPC: 0714266230124
catalogNumber: 2301

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