Second Coming of Christ

Second Coming of Christ

by Ernest Johnson

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Second Coming of Christ by Ernest Johnson America in Prophecy Rapture Signs of the Times Hatred America in Prophecy – America is in directly mentioned in prophecy contrary to modern Christian dogma. This is what you don’t know America has the weaponry to boom boom the world back to Stone Age. The Christian Rapture will leave America powerless. America will rise, America will challenge, America will face Jehovah then America will bravely fight and die. Rapture – The Rapture will leave dead bodies by the billions throughout the plain. Souls will be snatched up or caught up. This perspective is also contrary to Christian dogma (Tenets). Let’s take a stroll through the sculptures and reevaluate this issue. This chapter is scripturally infested. Signs of the Times. Signs of the Times include: cold love, lawlessness, birth pangs, warring nations, Apostate Church and a demonic world, a world that is twisted, upside down and backwards. The Kingdom came and was established 2000 years ago. Now we are at the times of the end. Hatred. Hell itself has made its abode in each Soul. Hatred is second nature to us all. Hatred is Satan’s dying love for us monkey humans. He also twistedly believe that God also hated us. Truly Hell is vibrations or hate will spark heaven’s wrath and the earth will become the receptor of all hateful vibrations from hell, man and God. Faith is insane asylum of the galaxy.

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ISBN-13: 9781479760251
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 12/19/2012
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