Secret Santa: Paper Doll - Coloring Book

Secret Santa: Paper Doll - Coloring Book

by Collette Renee Fergus


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A Secret Santa Gift idea for that hard to buy for person!

A coloring book and paper doll in one, Christmas Day will never be the same because this book will keep you entertained all day with eleven different outfits to choose from.

Being Santa is like a weekend job, the poor fella is only employed at the end of the year, so what does he do the rest of time?

He might be Stan from accounts or Trevor the repair man. You may have holidayed with him in Hawaii or talked mortgages with him at your local bank.

Secret Santa is a Grown-up Paper Doll cut out book that you color in. Make his hippie outfit as wildly psychedelic as you want, choose his corporate suit colour, heck even colour his traditional Santa Suit anything but red if you want.

You can even photocopy each of the eleven outfits and redo them in many different colorways, just because you can.

This is Santa as you have never seen him before.

Bonus pictures from Collette's other books with a Christmas theme are included!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781540490179
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/24/2016
Pages: 40
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.08(d)

About the Author

A crazy sense of humour is what led Collette to create this book. Asked to make a Christmas book, she took another angle and this is the result!

She is also the author/artist of the Chardonnay Minx Coloring Books, a tongue in cheek party girl series. She began painting young, prevailed on family and neighborhood artists for lessons, and reveled in their skill and knowledge. At 11 she sold her first artwork, a watercolour of Mount Taranaki/Egmont. At 16 she took night school classes in oil painting and acrylics, her subject matter still mostly New Zealand scenery. She exhibited often and at 17 had her first solo exhibition in Auckland, New Zealand. Known for her modern, contemporary work, Collette has two distinct styles: her serious, abstract works and a fun, contemporary surrealist style. Her artworks sell worldwide, including in Britain, Germany, Russia, USA, Canada, Cook Islands, Spain and Australia, as well as from galleries throughout New Zealand. She has a popular website; dedicated to the growing interest in her art. Collette finds painting extremely rewarding and puts her heart and soul into it, and is humbled by appreciation of her work.

Collette's latest venture into Coloring Books came from her time recovering from cancer where all she could do with her art was draw and like coloring-in is for others, drawing gave her the same solace and peace. Collette feels adult coloring books are not just a fad, she believes they help serve many purposes that are beneficial in so many ways, not just relaxation or stress release. They can help you focus with therapeutic, calming and problem solving benefits and give you the state of mindfulness we all strive for but seldom achieve.

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