Senior Class Sex Ed

Senior Class Sex Ed

by Sarah Graham

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Brandi Gravano, a buxom 25 year old teacher, offers her students some very special hands on tutoring when she takes over the health courses. She quickly shows that after class sex education is better than anything that can be learned in a book. When Emily Simms accidentally witnesses one of these special tutoring sessions it ignites a fire in the prim and proper girl jokingly called "Little Miss Frigid" that nothing will be able to put out. With a firestorm of sexual desire building up it is the last class trip before high school graduation where everything explodes into an orgy of wickedly erotic delights. This story features sex between barely legal high school seniors and the more mature adults they come in contact with including orgies, lesbianism, anal and oral gratification, and forceful seductions.

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Excerpt from Book:

Miss Gravano was naked, her long, tawny-red hair spread out behind her across the top of the desk, her full, muscular thighs up in the air, her legs encircling the young man standing between them. The boy was a nice looking blond headed senior who was naked from the waist down. his jeans and shorts in a rumpled heap around his shoes. His powerfully muscled hips were moving in and out between Miss Gravano's jerking thighs quite enjoying the special present she was giving him for his eighteenth birthday.

Emily recognized the boy immediately. It was Bruce Hopkins, a friend of Frank Garland's. A boy from her class, and he was fucking the holy living shit out of Miss Gravano!

Too shocked to retreat, Emily stood where she was, her eyes as large as saucers. She could see Bruce's long, skinny cock -- the only one she had ever seen, except for the ones in her textbook -- surging in and out of Miss Gravano's juicy gash. The teacher's big tits were bouncing frantically as the boy fucked in and out of her like the piston in a racing engine. Each thrust produced a guttural, hungry grunt of satisfaction from the stunning redhead.

"That’s just right, baby!" she groaned. "You are a fucking natural! Give to me like I love it! Hot and fast!"

"You know it, Miss G!" Bruce panted. "I always dreamed about plowing you! You have to be the hottest teacher ever! God this is my best day ever!"

Both of the partners cackled with laughter, each of them throwing even more into the lewd embrace. Brandi Gravano locked her hands around her young lover's neck while her legs snaked around his waist. She held on for dear life as the youthful stud drove her over the top.

"Oh god!" she cried out, closing her eyes as she came. "Give it to me, honey, get me off!"

Bruce grabbed the climaxing woman's jiggling tits in mid-bounce, like a fielder hauling in a fly ball in each hand at once. He squeezed the red-head's spongy flesh and poured the meat to her all the harder, driving his pecker into her grasping, flowing cunt folds a mile a minute.

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Publisher: Sarah Graham Books
Publication date: 04/24/2011
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