Serving Up Love: A Four-in-One Harvey House Brides Collection

Serving Up Love: A Four-in-One Harvey House Brides Collection

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Bestselling novelist Tracie Peterson joins Karen Witemeyer, Regina Jennings, and Jen Turano in this collection of four novellas, each featuring a Harvey Girl heroine. From Kansas to Texas, the Grand Canyon to New Mexico, the stories cross the country with tales of sweet romance and entertaining history.

In Karen Witemeyer's "More Than a Pretty Face," a young woman works her hardest to escape poor choices from her youth. Tracie Peterson offers "A Flood of Love," where reuniting with an old flame after more than a decade offers unexpected results. Regina Jennings's "Intrigue a la Mode" delights with a tale of a young woman determined to help support her family, despite warnings of danger nearby. And Jen Turano's "Grand Encounters" heads to the Grand Canyon with a tale of a society belle intent on finding a new life for herself.

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ISBN-13: 9781432873011
Publisher: Gale, A Cengage Company
Publication date: 02/12/2020
Edition description: Large Print
Sales rank: 416,883
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.60(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

A recipient of the ACFW Lifetime Achievement Award, Tracie Peterson is well-known for her numerous award-winning, bestselling historical romances. She lives near Missoula, Montana. Visit her at

Karen Witemeyer is a winner of multiple Carol Awards and has been a finalist for the RITA Award and National Readers' Choice Award. She lives in Abilene, Texas. Visit her at

Regina Jennings
is the acclaimed author of The Fort Reno Series. She lives outside Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with her husband and four children. Visit her at

Jen Turano
, the USA Today bestselling author of over a dozen books, lives in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Visit her at

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Serving Up Love: A Four-in-One Harvey House Brides Collection 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
BlueJeansAndTeacups 9 months ago
Serving Up Love – Four (unrelated) Harvey House Brides Novellas (unrelated) 5 Star Book – Trains, Harvey House Restaurants, Mystery, Ciphers, Shenanigans & Romance. Something for everyone! A Flood of Love, Novella by Tracie Peterson •*•Great Ending •*• [OPENING] August, 1929 Gretchen Gottsacker stepped from the train and looked around at the tiny town of San Marcial, New Mexico. (5 stars) More Than A Pretty Face, a Patchwork Family Novella by Karen Witemeyer •*• Book 1.5 I loved It! •*• [OPENING] Gainsesville, TX, 1902 “I’m not going to marry her, Mother.” Caleb Durrington bit the inside of his cheek to keep the rest of the words piling up on his tongue from escaping. (5 stars) Intrigue al la Mode, a Novella by Regina Jennings •*• Good mystery which is hard to do in a novella •*• [OPENING] Emporia, Kansas, 1898 The breakfast rush had ended, and Willow Kentworth had already reset her station. There was nothing to do now except patrol her table and guard against horseflies dying on the starched tablecloth… (5 stars - Loved the cousin! She needs her own story!) A Grand Encounter, a Novella by Jen Turano •*•All the wonderful shenanigans one has come to expect from a Jen Turano story! •*• [OPENING] El Tovar Hotel, Grand Canyon, AZ, 1908 “I know you mentioned you’ve sworn off gentlemen forever, but Mr. Tall, Dark, and – need I say Delicious is here again, and, unsurprisingly, he’s sitting in your section.” (5 stars I would give it 10 stars if I could!) I don’t often find a novella collection where all the stories are 5 stars, so this was a great surprise! Bethany House Publishing © 11/5/2019 Karen Witemeyer kindly sent me a complimentary book in the hopes of a favorable review, with no further compensation. All opinions are mine alone.
LifeofLiterature 9 months ago
A Flood of Love by Tracie Peterson – Neatly written, this novella brings forth a lovely story from start to finish. I liked that the characters were friends in the past, because it made the quicker progression of their relationship more realistic. The addition of a spunky young girl is a great secondary character. I enjoyed learning more about the tiny town of San Marcial, New Mexico as well. Overall, I liked this story! More Than a Pretty Face by Karen Witemeyer – How is it possible for an author to write such an emotionally gripping story in such a short amount of words? I was so excited to read more about Rosalind, who we met as Abigail’s sister in More Than Words Can Say. She has made past mistakes but has matured into a wonderful young lady. She is poised and pretty but also has gumption and strength that is admirable. There are spiritual themes of forgiveness and mercy that are relatable and applicable to any reader. I really liked the historical aspect of the story and learning more about the Harvey Houses. I also found myself connecting with the characters almost immediately and definitely cried a time or two for Rosalind as she struggled and grew throughout the story. I really, really enjoyed this novella and highly recommend it! The author has penned another winner! Intrigue a la Mode by Regina Jennings – What a great read! I definitely read this novella in one sitting, as I eagerly turned the pages to figure out the mystery of the story. Even though this may be a novella, the story develops well and contains quite of bit of content for such a short story. I really liked the characters and their relationship as they become friends, then partners as they solve a mystery, and finally fall in love. I learned even more about the Harvey Houses from the historical tidbits. I definitely recommend this novella! A Grand Encounter by Jen Turano – Jen Turano always pens such fun stories, full of wit and humor that are intermingled with true character depth and development. Her great writing style carries into even this short novella! This story had time to develop with twists in the relationship despite its length. I really enjoyed the setting and history, the intermixed bits of spirituality, and the budding romance. I loved this novella and definitely recommend it! Overall, this was such a fun collection of novellas that seemed to connect with the theme of the Harvey girls in such a unique way! I really liked this book and highly recommend it! I received a complimentary copy of this book from Karen Witemeyer. Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
Lyssa Armstrong 4 months ago
I love these novella collections from Bethany House. That's actually how I discovered one of my favorite authors years ago. One of the best things about these shorter stories is that there is rarely a plot point of The Big Misunderstanding, which means I instantly love them more. The collection was extra appealing to me as the common thread was the Harvey House. I loved learning about it and seeing how it might have been to be a Harvey Girl at the time. So cool. I do wish the novels had been in chronological order, even if the characters were not related from story to story. Especially as some of the stories set in earlier times seemed to give a little more insight into the Harvey House and what it meant to be a Harvey Girl - how they operated, how they communicated, how they were viewed by different social classes etc. More Than A Pretty Face- I did not immediately remember Rosalind when I started her story, but OH was I excited when I realized who she was. I enjoyed getting to really know her, learn about her childhood from her point of view, and seeing the way she'd grown. I had one small snag of disappoint toward the end, with the way Caleb addressed the root problem. I kind of wanted to see him do more. Pursue a more complete and thorough justice. Intrigue a la Mode- It's hard to choose, but this one was probably my favorite of the set. Some of the situations seemed a little extreme, but it was a page turner for sure. I loved Willow's character and her family dynamics. And I thought this story best depicted being a waitress. Had me feeling vicarious frustration, indignation, and comraderie. Willow is someone I'd be friends with and count myself lucky. A Grand Encounter- This may be the best story I've read by the author. I've read a handful of her earliest novels, but none of her recent works. While I thought Myrtle's attitude toward her boss would not have flown in real life and didn't seem to fit with a Harvey Girl was built up to be in the other novellas, I liked her grounded, humble attitude the rest of the time, especially given her background. I loved that she was bookish and the ways she had apparently grown in strength. I thought her being randomly accosted while walking down the street seemed over the top and her speech at the end a bit much, but I found Jack charming and I really enjoyed the way their story came together. Very sweet.
CarolJo 6 months ago
I find the Harvey Houses fascinating! Serving Up Love is a collection of four novellas about Harvey Girls written by well-known authors! A Flood of Love by Tracie Peterson: Gretchen Gottsacker has worked her way up to Housemother at the Harvey House when she returns to her hometown. Gretchen is a great protagonist as she meets the young daughter of her old love, Dirk. More than a Pretty Face by Karen Witemeyer: Rosalind Kemp made an error in judgment as a young teen and is trying to escape the past. Caleb Durrington's mother is determined he will marry a woman of her choice and definitely not a "waitress"! You will admire Caleb as he wants to marry for love. Intrigue a la Mode by Regina Jennings: You will admire Harvey Girl Willow who works away from her family in order to send money back home. What is up with the new older busboy who is caught sneaking out at night? Grand Encounters by Jen Turano: Miss Myrtle Schermerhorn is an excellent protagonist who was born into New York society but has fled to the El Tovar Hotel as a new Harvey Girl! Myrtle has had to learn to do simple tasks since she was used to being waited on! I liked the mostly silent Jack Daggett who made a practice of sitting in Myrtle's section. I recommend Serving Up Love to anyone who enjoys historical fiction. I received a complimentary book from Regina Jennings and Bethany House Publishers. This is my honest opinion.
vics49548 6 months ago
This entire book left me with a happy sigh. Written by four incredible authors, I enjoyed reading more about the Harvey House Girls. Wonderfully written characters will make you want to go visit one of the Harvey Houses. Oh, if only we could. I really liked that each story takes place in a different state. It was fun to learn more about each one in such a charming way. Seriously, all of the stories are heartwarming, but not mushy. With unexpected twists and turns you’ll wonder if romance will ever find a way. I heartily recommend this book! I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.
Homesteading 7 months ago
Serving Up Love is a lively collection of stories that showcases each authors ability with well-crafted words to transport the reader to another time and place, experiencing a small bit of life as a Harvey Girl. Each novella is entertaining and informative. I learned some interesting things about Harvey Girls and felt the allure of going west to start a new life in an unknown town. I highly recommend this collection to fans of historical fiction. Laced with humor, faith and grace, Serving Up Love does just that. I received a copy of the book from one of the authors. No review was required. No compensation received.
lsnlj 7 months ago
This is four novellas in one book. All are stand alone novellas yet all four focus on the Harvey House Servers. A Flood of Love by Tracie Peterson - Dirk and Gretchen are not expecting to run into each other, when they do the sparks fly. More than a Pretty Face by Karren Witemeyer - Rosalind is trying to run from a mistake, Caleb is wanting something more than an arranged marriage. When the past comes crashing in will forgiveness and love make away? Intrigue A La Mode by Regina Jennings - I love the connections between Willow and Graham. As she tries to understand Graham and he tries to solve a mystery. A Grand Encounter by Jen Turano - I loved Myrtles personality and once Jack really started showing his true self I loved his too. Jack and Myrtle have some misconceptions to overcome and family and friends who help them along.
eLynda 7 months ago
Since seeing the Judy Garland musical, I have been intrigued by the Harvey Girls. So, when a collection featuring Harvey House stories by some of my favorite authors became available, it was a given that I’d need to read it as soon as I could! A Flood of Love by Tracie Peterson I enjoyed this story. While I haven’t read many books written by Tracie Peterson, after this novella, I’m thinking I may need to remedy that. I liked the characters and how multiple facets of history intersected in this one short tale, the Harvey House and an historical flood, specifically. Interspersed with humor and some sweet passages, this was a great start to the collection. More Than a Pretty Face by Karen Witemeyer This novella follows a secondary character from More Than Words Can Say, Rosalind, Abby's sister. Hard to read in some places because of past mistakes that make healing difficult, it is an exceptionally poignant story about forgiveness and grace, and not allowing our past to rob us of a beautiful, God-honoring future. Intrigue a la Mode by Regina Jennings Mystery is the added ingredient in this novella, who is stealing and how they are doing it; there is also a strong thread of family bonds and protecting those we love. I enjoyed lots of the unique details about how the restaurants prepared for each train and some of the standards the staff was expected to meet. A Grand Encounter by Jen Turano As is usual for a story by Turano, I was cracking up from the beginning. From mashed potatoes that look as fetching as the Harvey Girl serving them to engagements that need some intervention, this novella entertained me all the way through. Myrtle is a rare lady who has discovered what's truly important and witnessing her standing up for her own happiness was inspiring. I recommend this collection, especially for fans of these authors and those with an interest in the Harvey Girls, though anyone who enjoys shorter historical romances will not regret picking this volume up as it contains something for everyone: heartwarming moments, mystery, humor, and historical accuracy. Despite the novella length, the characters and plots are well-developed and a great taste of these authors’ work. I received a review copy of this book from the authors and publisher but was not required to write a favorable review. The opinions expressed are both honest and my own.
PrincessGlor 7 months ago
A Flood Of Love I loved this sweet story of lost loves reunited. Katiann was a perfect addition to the story as a precocious little girl wanting a mama. The flood made for an exciting element and the ending was perfect. Great paced novella. More Than A Pretty Face I had been looking forward to Rosalind’s story since meeting her character in Karen’s “More Than Words Can Say” from earlier this summer. This story was a perfect happy ending for Rosalind. Caleb was such a strong hero and just what I would have picked for Rosalind’s happily ever after. Intrigue A La Mode What a fun mystery! This story was neat since it had a mystery element, an undercover Pinkerton detective as well as another undercover player. I really liked Willow and Graham and I hope to see Calista get her own story. Fun read! Grand Encounter My favorite story in the set! The humor in Jen’s stories never fail to deliver and that is always my favorite thing about a Jen story. This one has it in spades! The story was sweet and moved well. Jack and Myrtle are great characters and I also enjoyed Walter and Ruthann and the rest of the supporting characters. Perfect story. I received this book from one of the authors and was not not required to post a positive review. All thoughts are my own.
Lattebooks 8 months ago
This is the perfect Harvey House collection. I was so excited when I saw this one come out I knew I needed it. Bookshelf keeper! So many wonderfully described landscapes, each author had a unique location and did so well in immersing us into it. So many laughs and heartwarming moments with characters who leap off the page and endear us to them. The banter was laugh-out-loud in a few stories. Each story was so unique that I didn’t stop between them, just kept on turning those pages and reading! Definitely worth the read!
Espan_Rose 8 months ago
What a sweet group of novellas! This collection is filled with amazing authors, and each has written an adorable little romance. I really enjoyed learning about the Harvey House girls throughout the decades, and especially how each had its own setting. This is a great group of stories, the romances are cute, the characters fun, and of course the shorter story-lines make for nice afternoon reads, and a series I highly recommend.
E_Espinoza 8 months ago
Serving Up Love: A Four-in-One Harvey House Brides Collection features novellas by Tracie Peterson, Karen Witemeyer, Regina Jennings, and Jen Turano. Memorable and engaging, each of these historical novellas is thoughtfully written and utterly delightful. All four stories contain well-developed characters, remarkable settings, and an abundance of sweet romance. With novellas that are set primarily in the western United States during the late nineteen and early twentieth centuries, this collection includes stories that will appeal to lovers of history, romance, mystery, and humor. Each novella tells the story of a different Harvey Girl as she diligently serves railroad passengers, nurtures friendships, perseveres through trials, strengthens her faith, pursues her dreams, and makes room in her heart for hope and love. I enjoyed this entire collection from the first page to the last. Once I started reading, it was difficult to put it down. I was truly captivated by the fictional worlds these authors created. I was easily drawn into the plot of each novella, quickly connecting to the characters and the themes within each story. Their struggles, successes, motivations, and fears kept me intrigued; while their grace, faithfulness, perseverance and courage kept me inspired. This collection contains four love stories that are charming, romantic, and meaningful. Serving Up Love is a book that I will certainly enjoy re-reading and sharing with others. I recommend it wholeheartedly to all readers. *I was given a copy of this book from the author/publisher. A review was not required. The review I have written is voluntary and contains opinions that are entirely my own.
LucyMR1 8 months ago
What a great collection of stories that bring everything to the table including historical information on The Harvey Girls. What an interesting time in our History that gave women a chance to be independent and travel to see parts of our country that previously wasn’t possible. A Flood of Love by Tracie Peterson is the first course served and doesn’t disappoint by blending fact and fiction into a well crafted story. More Than A Pretty Face by Karen Whitmeyer is the second course and delivers a delicious story of overcoming your past to find forgiveness and love. Intrigue a la Mode by Regina Jennings delivers the main course of secrets, intrigue, romance, and family. I loved Willow and her spunkiness. A Grand Encounter by Jen Turano serves us dessert by making us laugh with her quirky characters and charming storyline. Tie all these together into a meal that is satisfying and leaves you feeling like you went on an adventure into the past. Highly recommended reading material that is inspiring and well written. I received a complimentary copy from the author/publisher. The honest review and opinions are my own and were not required.
IHeartReads 8 months ago
The Romance: AFOL: This is a reunion romance where the hero and heroine are in love, but the heroine has much to forgive. I enjoyed how the hero never hid the fact he admired and hoped to win the heroine. MTAPF: I enjoyed how this novella made more of hero and heroine’s compatibility in personality, intelligence, and faith than simple physical attraction. Though I appreciated that the novella doesn’t completely leave out the latter, which I think lent a realistic aspect to the story. Given the plot and tones of the novella, this focus on the inner person feels appropriate. I did feel there was a lack of description for the characters other than eye color and her naturally curly blond hair. Although, with novellas, wordcount has to be considered and I understand if some descriptions were left out in favor of character development. IALM: Graham and Willow, hero and heroine in this novella, were thoroughly enjoyable to read about as they interacted, going from first blush to eventually trusting one another to the point of risking their lives for the other. Graham's strength of character and his never-faltering interest in and intention to pursue the heroine wins him big rewards in the end, he just has to learn to communicate those to his lady in the midst of all the intrigue of his investigation. This story had a fun hero-in-disguise thread, which is one of my favorite tropes. Willow is diligent, prides herself in excellent work, and is loyal to her family, all core values that resonate with Graham, who shines brightest when taking charge and taking care of his lady. GE: Jack, the hero, begins the story unable to manage more than a few words to the heroine because "she makes him nervous," which created a fun meet-cute where his face ended up covered in his plate of mashed potatoes. His brother gets the conversation started between the hero and heroine, and then the relationship proceeds at whirlwind speed until secrets derail their progress toward love. The hero, once he got to talking, was open and honest with the heroine about his interest in her and other subjects they needed to discuss, which seems to be a thread of continuity for all the heroes in this connection, though it may not have been planned, and I love that. Having courage to "have the hard conversations that matter" is so admirable in a hero. The Spiritual Thread: AFOL: Prayer is mentioned and the heroine prays when seeking direction about a life-altering decision. MTAPF: The subjects dealt with in this novella revolve around forgiveness and moving into a future that is not defined by another person’s opinion but by God’s calling on a person’s life. These truths are portrayed with grace and easily translated into our modern world. IALM: I don't recall any religious references in this story. GE: I just finished reading this one, but don't remember any religious references in the story. I enjoyed reading this collection and look forward to future titles by these authors. *I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and have provided my honest opinion in this review.
swissgranny 8 months ago
Serving Up Love is a delightful collection of novellas by some of my favorite authors. I’ve read books by all of these authors before and loved them, so I was quite sure I’d enjoy these stories. I wasn’t disappointed. Although the stories were short, they were full of action, history, romance, with a dash of inspiration. The characters were colorful and endearing, and I was fascinated by the historical tidbits I picked up about the Harvey House Girls and the part they played in the history of the United States. I’d heard of the Harvey Houses before, but wasn’t very familiar with them, the people they employed, or the services they offered to train travelers. The authors did a great job of making the collection feel cohesive, yet unique. I’d recommend it to those who enjoy historical fiction novellas. I’m looking forward to more books from these excellent authors. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from Bethany House. All opinions are my own.
MeganDiMaria 8 months ago
I was so happy to get this book at this time of year (we're just about to barrel into the holidays) when my time gets limited and my attention seems to scatter. The reason? These four SHORT stores are perfect for when you can only read in small snatches. I loved the theme that runs through the stories, brides, and loved that all the main characters were Harvey Girls. This was such a fun collection to read, and I especially like the four different perspectives brought by four different authors. Yes, I recommend this collection of stories from America's history. So satisfying!
AndreaBy 8 months ago
A Flood of Love by Tracie Peterson Gretchen is back in San Marcial, not that she wanted to be. Filling in as housemother and waitress, she comforts herself with only being there a couple weeks. Meeting Katiann is delightful, but Dirk brings up things long since buried. Great story about the bustling railroad town, and I also enjoyed the historical snippet the author shared at the end of the story. This is set solely in San Marcial Texas. More Than a Pretty Face by Karen Witemeyer Rosalind has worked for Harvey House for 5 years and is looking to head west to California. Instead, she’s been transferred to Santa Fe. Caleb is a lawyer with a mother who has someone of high class for him to marry. He’s settled his sights lower than she’d like. A story that draws you in quickly, with Rosalind being seen in a previous series set, and a nice addition with Caleb, Callie, Hank and a few others. Engaging story that will leave you with a sigh at the end. Intrigue a la Mode by Regina Jennings Willow works hard to keep the expectations of Harvey House, and be able to send money to her family. Graham, decides it’s time to play busboy to investigate some strange happenings on the railroad and find out why this Harvey House in Emporia is having troubles keeping employees. Smitten with Willow right away, along with him forgetting he can’t talk his normal way keep him more in the spotlight than he wants. Great story, with these characters being rounded out by Etta Mae, Mrs. Skyes, Marlowe, Calista and Willow’s family. A Grand Encounter by Jen Turano Myrtle left New York high society after a broken engagement and wound up in El Tovar Harvey House in Arizona. Jack has been dining there for months, and is rather taken with her. Thing is, he’s never really talked to her. His brother tries to speed things along. In typical fashion for this author, we have chuckles coming up quickly as these two start getting to know each other. They are joined by delightful supporting characters in Walter, Ruthanne, Opal, as well as Myrtle’s youngest sister and parents. Set primarily at El Tovar, we get a quick glimpse of Chicago and Newport as well.
Anonymous 9 months ago
I absolutely loved this collection of novellas! Each story is a complete story that allows the reader to come to know the characters intimately and personally. There are no cliffhanger endings and each story leaves the reader with a happy ending. Not only were these stories enjoyable, I learned about a piece of history of which I previously knew nothing. With impeccable writing, I was intrigued and decided to look further into history to learn a little more about the Harvey Girls and found it so interesting. Many thanks to these amazing authors for writing such wonderful stories inviting me to learn more about history!
BrittanyMc 9 months ago
What a great collection of historical novellas! I thoroughly enjoyed each one, finding them all to be very well-written. I feel like I have learned so much about Harvey Houses and the Harvey Girls who served in them. I truly enjoyed that each of these novellas felt very complete, with full stories that allowed me to connect with the characters and the situations that they were going through. The love stories were each unique and fit the style of the individual authors, yet had the continuing theme of a Harvey House setting. I enjoyed this novella collection so much! I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
singeralovesong 9 months ago
Are you or someone you know in need of a good book? Let the Harvey Girls in "Serving Up Love" be of service! Four books in one is an awesome deal. However, when the authors are Tracie Peterson, Karen Witemeyer, Regina Jennings, and Jen Turano, you know you’ve been handed a huge gift on a silver platter. I found myself smiling and laughing out loud so many times. I found myself instantly attached to the nine-year-old Katiann in Tracie Peterson’s "A Flood of Love". Her instant friendship with Gretchen was so sweet and her not-so-subtle meddling between Gretchen and Dirk had me blushing and giggling. Karen Witemeyer’s "More Than a Pretty Face" was the perfect ending to The Patchwork Family Series and a perfect addition to "Serving Up Love"! Rosalind Kemp is a character you wish you could meet in person. She is so real and relatable. We all have things in our past we aren’t proud of and may find ourselves facing the repercussions of a poor decision. And I believe most of us have wished for a fresh start at some point in our lives. The friendship and budding romance between Rosalind and Caleb is the kind that fills you with warm fuzzies. In addition, the story was full of surprising turns—especially at the end! I was hooked from page one (well… page 81). I just recently read a book by Regina Jennings and was excited to read another story written by her. I’m hooked! I can’t wait to get my hands on more books by her. In "Serving Up Love", Regina Jennings’ story "Intrigue a la Mode" was exactly that—intriguing. Wow. It had elements of mystery I wasn’t prepared for. My heart even started racing a couple of times! Before "Serving Up Love", I had never read anything written by Jen Turano. I was excited to try out a new author. "A Grand Encounter" was simply amazing! I was glued instantly. A couple of times I had to put the book down in order to see to a few chores. I was disgruntled and rebuked myself saying “Grace, you knew you shouldn’t have picked that book up!” One book, four stories, and 9 new friends… what could be better?!
TrixiO 9 months ago
In this novella collection, we meet four women from different walks of life who become Harvey House girls. This is a time in history that is especially fascinating to me because it's a turning point for women to pursue a career other than marriage and motherhood. I love the true story of how Fred Harvey opened up Harvey Houses all around the country, therefore providing opportunities for these women to find independence & sustain themselves financially. When I had a chance to read & review this book, I couldn't respond fast enough! Plus, these are written by four powerhouse historical fiction authors and knew I would enjoy each story. In “A Flood of Love” by Tracie Perterson we meet Gretchen Gottsacker and Dirk Martinez. They have a past history together as he left on the eve of proposing to her ten years prior when something went awry and changed both of their lives. I love second chance love stories and how God gave them both a chance to make amends, forgive, move past the pain and start over again. Dirk's daughter Katiann is such a sweet addition to the story! Her prayer for a mama was fulfilled in the most special way. In “More Than a Pretty Face” by Karen Witemeyer we meet Rosalind Kemp and Caleb Durrington. I love the overall lesson Rosalind learns that her past doesn't define her & God willingly gives second chances. Caleb was the perfect hero for her and showed her gentle love & acceptance of who she is. In “Intrigue a la Mode” by Regina Jennings we meet Willow Kentworth and Graham Buchanan. This one was fun because Jennings threw in a bit of a mystery thread to the mix along with the romance between these two! Finally in “A Grand Adventure” by Jen Turano we meet Myrtle Schermerhorn and Jack Daggett. I love the fact that this was set in the Grand Canyon area of Arizona—a place I hope to visit one day, I've heard it's a spectacular sight! At first Jack is the strong silent type, admiring Myrtle from afar until his younger brother Walter breaks the ice. Though Jack often blunders the romantic pursuit, he's still quite charming! They both hide secrets from one another that almost ruin it, but God works out all the kinks at the end. I also loved the double romance in this one! These were charming short love stories still packed plenty with faith, second chances, and penned by four of the best authors I could recommend to any reader! You will even find a bit of wit & humor in the most unexpected places to make you smile. *I received a complimentary copy from Bethany House on behalf of the authors and was under no obligation to write a favorable review. All opinions are my own. *
ONorman0 9 months ago
I've always loved reading about the Harvey House girls. :Serving up Love" has four stories by four different writers. I tried to choose a favorite but I liked all of them. Each one pulled me into their characters and had me hoping that they would find love. Each had a very satisfying ending.
Kristina Barnes 9 months ago
Serving Up Love is a collection of four novellas about women who worked in the Harvey Houses that served customers and workers of the railroads out west. Each of the novellas is a stand-alone story and set in a different location and in different years. For this historical fiction superfan, this series of novellas was perfection. I can honestly say I couldn’t pick a favorite. Each story was entirely different: some having danger, others mystery and plenty of romance! In Tracie Peterson’s, A Flood of Love, I loved the unique history of the setting, especially the swimming horses. And I loved the heartbreaking history between Gretchen and Dirk as well as the hilarious antics of Katiann. What a doll! Gretchen had such an inspiring spirit of forgiveness, and Dirk’s persistence melted more than Gretchen’s heart! I have been looking forward to reading More Than a Pretty Face by Karen Witemeyer since meeting Rosalind Kemp in More Than Words Can Say. Rosalind is haunted by regret and living in fear that her past mistakes will be revealed. Although she takes great pains not to be noticed, Caleb Durrington see her for the precious jewel she really is. I adored how Caleb loved her knowing she had untold secrets. And his unique wooing skills are adorable, especially to this nerdy girl! I knew Intrigue a la Mode by Regina Jennings would be full of laugh out loud moments (careful not to wake your sleeping baby or disturb your co-workers), and I was correct. Despite the mystery and danger surrounding the Harvey House in Emporia, Kansas, there were plenty of light-hearted moments between Willow and Graham. I loved how Graham’s swagger was tempered by his gentleman-like qualities and by Willow’s no-nonsense attitude. They make quite the team (and the couple) as they search for potential smugglers. I must admit this is my first time reading Jen Turano. I have her books on my TBR stack, but I haven’t had a chance to read them yet. But I’ll be catching up on the rest of her books soon because I absolutely loved A Grand Encounter! Jack is quite fetching (hehe), and I love the independence and outspoken nature of Myrtle. Plus, they are both book nerds, so we were all meant to be friends. Although their courtship might have been a bit awkward at times, and I might have laughed at Jack’s expense a few times, I enjoyed every minute of their story. If you are a lover of Christian historical fiction, do not miss this collection of novellas. It is an interesting part of history, and each book gives you a unique perspective. Enjoy! I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.
Amigagal 9 months ago
Just when I think I know pretty much all about American History, I read a book about the Harvey Girls and realize there is SO much more to learn about our great country! This book has four novellas about 4 women who were Harvey Girls working in Harvey Houses in the American West based on the real Harvey Houses (essentially restaurants) that populated the country at a time when train travel was the "thing"! It offered women a chance to gain independence and see our great country. Harvey Girls weren't "just waitresses", they were so much more! This book was so fascinating to me and I enjoyed each story set in a different city, but the Harvey House was real. Each author did such an amazing job of blending the history of the Harvey House with the area it was set in and the characters in the story. I highly recommend this book! A FLOOD OF LOVE - Tracie Peterson - A precocious young girl brings two former sweethearts together in New Mexico after a big misunderstanding that tore them apart a decade earlier but will they all survive the big flood? MORE THAN A PRETTY FACE - Karen Witemeyer - Rosalind Kemp wants desperately to one day move on to California so she can outrun the past and her youthful mistake but her past finds her and will Caleb make a stand and fight for her? INTRIGUE A LA MODE - Regina Jennings - Strange things are happening at this Harvey House and when Willow is warned by her cousin to stay away from things, she doesn't know what to think! But, a handsome new busboy needs her help in cracking the case and she just can't seem to stay away! A GRAND ENCOUNTER - Jen Turano Myrtle flees high society in New York after an embarrassing situation for a quiet life at the Grand Canyon until a frequent guest makes her "independent life" vow difficult to sustain.
Courtney_LaShea 9 months ago
Fans of clean historical romances will adore this collection of novellas from some of the best authors of the genre. Peterson's “A Flood of Love” is packed with action and emotion, even as a brief novella. Readers are sure to enjoy Gretchen and Dirk’s story as they navigate a complicated past. In Witemeyer's "More Than a Pretty Face", Rosalind and Caleb discover if love is powerful enough to bring freedom from the past. “Intrigue a la Mode” was one of my favorites as it followed Willow and Graham into dangerous territory. There’s a touch of mystery in this particular novella by Jennings and I was anticipating every last second of it. Finally, Turano's "A Grand Encounter" was just that--a delightful and hilarious telling of awkward Jack and sweet Myrtle's story. I loved this book! I received a complimentary copy of this book via the publisher, Bethany House. All expressed opinions belong to me.