Sharing My Love with the World About Love: Poetry Pinned to Remind the Bitter Waters of Love

Sharing My Love with the World About Love: Poetry Pinned to Remind the Bitter Waters of Love

by Nakia Leach-Sedzro


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Sharing My Love With The World About Love: Poetry pinned to remind the bitter waters of Love, is a book offering the written Word of God, with scriptures from The Holy Bible coupled with spiritual poetry pinned by the author to inspire and encourage the heart, mind, body, and soul of readers. The author becomes transparent as she articulates the nature of humanity from a human yet, Divine perspective. Readers are given a glimpse into the realities of everyday struggles in which many people are faced with when enduring with Love. This book offers biblical principles that can assist people who are willing to apply Spiritual knowledge. To matters they face when dealing with worldly temptations and desires. This book challenge readers to explore the Holy Scriptures to sustain a healthy and victorious life. The fiber of this book is fashioned in Love as it shares a love between two, the natural verses the Spirit.

The Author sets out to take readers on a Spiritual journey, as she shares some of her intimate moments with Love. Moments in which tested her faith tremendously. In this book she uncovers how she utilized such moment of experiences to discover self. While searching to gain an understanding of some of the Manifold Wisdoms of The True and Living God, who is Creator of all things. Ultimately causing her to yield her will of self, to gain His will, as The Divine for her life. This book will inspire readers to fearlessly embrace where they are Spiritually, yet, it challenges readers to bravely explore new discoveries of self. Discoveries that can invoke a positive change of outcomes when combating the innumerable situations of this life coupled with preparing for Eternal Life.

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ISBN-13: 9781984587664
Publisher: Xlibris US
Publication date: 07/30/2020
Pages: 44
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.11(d)

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