Shattering the Myths of Darwinism

Shattering the Myths of Darwinism

by Richard Milton

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Richard Milton has been a science writer and journalist for more than forty years. In Shattering the Myths of Darwinism he re-examines Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection from a strictly rational standpoint, in the light of recent scientific research.

His independent reporting shows that much of the ‘scientific evidence’ for Darwinism that is taught in schools and colleges is deeply flawed - in some cases is no better than pseudoscience or junk science - given publicity and sermonised by biologists who should, and do, know better.

His investigation shows how Darwinism the scientific theory has been slowly replaced by Darwinism the religious dogma and how anyone who dares even to ask questions about the theory is stigmatised as a heretic who must be attacked and denigrated by the theocracy who have appointed themselves as guardians of the Darwinism paradigm.

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Publisher: Richard Milton
Publication date: 01/28/2020
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About the Author

Richard Milton is a journalist and writer who writes stories most sensible people wouldn't touch with a bargepole. His best-selling critique of Darwinism as an ideology, Shattering the Myths of Darwinism, caused a storm of controversy. His study of Anglo-German relations, Best of Enemies, has been turned into a film for German and British television. His latest non-fiction title, The Ministry of Spin, reveals how the Post-war Labour government used the facilities of the wartime Ministry of Information in secret for propaganda purposes. His book about corporate misbehaviour, Bad Company, was chosen by The Sunday Times as its Book of The Week.

Table of Contents

Shattering the Myths of Darwinism
Part One: Chaos
1. A Natural Treasure
2. Through the Looking Glass
3. A Matter of Conjecture
4. The Key to the Past?
Part Two: Clay
6. Tales from Before the Flood
7. Fashioned from Clay
8. An Element of Unreality
9. When Worlds Collide
10. The Record of the Rocks
Part Three: Chance
11. Survival of the Fittest
12. Green Mice and Blue Genes
13. The Beak of the Finch
14. Of Cabbage and Kings
15. The Ghost in the Machine
Part Four: Creation
16. Pandora's Box
17. Paradigm Lost
18. Down From the Trees
19. Hopeful Monsters
20. The Facts of Life
Afterword: Controversies
21. The Evolution of Evolution
22. On Being Thick Skinned
23. The Fish That Walked
24. Angels Versus Apes
25. Old Theories Never Die
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People index
Species index

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"The world of science faces the biggest challenge yet to one of its most basic beliefs."

"The world of science faces the biggest challenge yet to one of its most basic beliefs."

"On subject after subject—methods of dating, the fossil record, microbiology, geology, etc.—Milton shows the inadequacy of the evidence for Darwinian evolution."

"When a reputable science correspondent of more than twenty years' experience raises serious doubts, then it is time to sit up and listen."

"Bang goes the empirical basis on which neo-Darwinism rests."

". . . Significant and fascinating."

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