She Brings Him Good: 31 days to becoming a happier wife

She Brings Him Good: 31 days to becoming a happier wife

by Tina Graham Anderson


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The secret to becoming a happier wife is to have a happier husband.
Many times, it really is that simple.
But it was a lesson I needed to learn, and one I continue to aim to put into practice.
The reason I began this project is because God convicted me.
That is nearly always the case.
Whatever I write about, whatever words from God I seek to share with you, He has already shared with me. Convicted me of is a better way to explain it.
I am no expert.
I am merely on this journey with you, and am honored to be along for the ride.
God did convict me, and brought me to the conclusion that I needed to be a better wife.
One day I was praying.
I was praying for my husband. I was crying out to God for ways I could help my husband. I did that for a while.
Then, God answered me.
But He did not give me instructions on how to "fix" my husband and the current situation we were in.
God told me it was my job to be the best wife I could be.
God told me to do my job.
God also led me to Proverbs 31:10-31 and said, "Here's how you do it."
Please don't misunderstand me.
My error was not in praying for my husband, it was in the misplaced prayers.
Somehow, I always find that God has a way of turning my pointing finger back in my face.
Hence, She Brings Him Good: 31 days to becoming a happier wife was born.
For 31 days, we'll discover a bit of wisdom to become more like the Proverbs 31 woman.
Each day consists of a portion of Scripture and a short piece I've written.
There's also space provided as a "Conversation Starter" between you and God as a way to respond to each day's reading. I encourage you to make use of this journaling time. For me, it is always a special time when God speaks to me more clearly and gives me direction on how to live out His Word.
I pray the words shared here help you draw closer to your heavenly Father and closer to your earthly husband.
Here's to becoming a happier wife.

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ISBN-13: 9780983922315
Publisher: Page Publishing
Publication date: 04/25/2014
Pages: 72
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About the Author

Tina Graham Anderson is the happy wife of Keith and a proud mother to daughter, Page, and son, Graham.

She is the family minister director at Union United Methodist Church, where she writes and directs a monthly family ministry production called "Alive," facilitates a weekly church-wide discipleship hour for adults and coordinates church communications.

Tina is also a writer for the Myrtle Beach Herald newspaper, having been honored with first place statewide awards in both faith reporting and education reporting for South Carolina weekly newspapers.

She writes a weekly column, The Whole Report, that is published in the Herald as well as online at her blog of the same name.

Tina has also led numerous women's Bible studies and created and taught children's church curriculum for several years.

She is an introvert by nature, a recovering Pharisee and credits only the grace of God in equipping her to be an ambassador of His Word.

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