She's Selling What She Used to Give Away: 28 Risque Hillbilly Songs from the '30s

She's Selling What She Used to Give Away: 28 Risque Hillbilly Songs from the '30s


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Talk to record collectors at random and they'll be able to tell you that there were scads of ribald prewar blues and R&B, but those same collectors may not know that there's a rich tradition of smut lying within country, too. Bear Family's 2018 compilation She's Selling What She Used to Give Away shines a spotlight into these filthy back roads, collecting "28 Risque Hillbilly Songs from the '30s," as the subtitle says. Some of the featured artists are well known for their genial mainstream material -- Jimmie Davis, the author of the sweet standard "You Are My Sunshine," is here singing "Tom Cat and Pussy Blues," "Jellyroll Blues," and "She's a Hum Dum Dinger (From Dingersville)," and Gene Autry sings a pair of tunes -- which only goes to show that these dirty tunes weren't confined to the underground: they were part of the country music industry in the 1930s. These songs alternate between Western swing, fiddle tunes, hot dance numbers, and cowboy songs, which means in addition to being bawdy and funny, She's Selling What She Used to Give Away also cooks. This was considered party music for a reason, and it's still a whale of a good time...and it can still produce a blush or two.

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Release Date: 06/08/2018
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 5397102175503
catalogNumber: 17550

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Roy Acuff   Flute,Vocals
Gene Autry   Vocals
Jimmie Davis   Vocals
Buddy Jones   Guitar,Vocals
Knocky Parker   Piano
Bill Carlisle   Guitar
Riley Puckett   Guitar,Vocals
Milton Brown   Vocals
Cliff Carlisle   Vocals,Slide Guitar
Cliff Bruner   Flute
Tom Ashley   Guitar,Vocals
J.R. Chatwell   Flute,Vocals
Bill Cox   Guitar,Harpsichord,Vocals
Cliff Hobbs   Guitar,Vocals
Eddie Whitley   Piano
Cecil Brower   Flute
Ocie Stockard   Vocals
Joe Barnes   Vocals
Derwood Brown   Guitar,Vocals
Buster Carter   Banjo,Vocals
Wanna Coffman   Baritone Saxophone
Gwen Foster   Harpsichord
Marvin Montgomery   Vocals,Spoken Word
Kenneth Pitts   Vocals
Posey Rorer   Flute
Preston Young   Guitar,Vocals
Odus Maggard   Banjo,Vocals
Harry Blair   Guitar
Buck Buchanan   Flute
Muryel "Zeke" Campbell   Electric Guitar
Tom Dickey   Flute
Garley Foster   Guitar,Harpsichord,Keyboards
Dick Hartman   Tarogato
Fred "Happy" Morris   Baritone Saxophone
Rip Ramsey   Baritone Saxophone
Oscar Woods   Guitar
Ed Davis   Guitar
Jess Easterday   Guitar
Clell Summey   Dobro
Bill Parker   Guitar
Hal Hebert   Tenor Saxophone
Claude Nichols   Fiddle,Vocals
Kenneth "Papa" Wolfe   Slide Whistle,Trap Kit
Betty Lou   Vocals
Elmer Warren   Fiddle,Flute
Mildred Good   Guitar,Vocals
Leon Cofer   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Cofer   Fiddle,Vocals
Lefty Groves   Guitar
Woodrow Roberts   Guitar
Lawrence Nichols   Guitar
Jim Boyd   Baritone Saxophone,Vocals
Dock Walsh   Banjo,Vocals
Ramon DeArman   Guitar,Vocals,Spoken Word
Walter Callahan   Guitar,Vocals
Red Jones   Baritone Saxophone
Homer Callahan   Guitar,Vocals
Fred Calhoun   Piano
Ed "Dizzy Head" Schaffer   Slide Guitar
Smoky Wood   Piano,Vocals
Loyce Swaim   Guitar
Warren Pottinger   Slide Guitar
Stanton Nichols   Tarogato
E. Cecil Curly Campbell   Banjo
J. Harrel Curley Williams   Baritone Saxophone,Vocals
Edwin P. Buster Coward   Guitar,Vocals
Dorothy Good   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Roy Acuff   Composer
Jimmie Davis   Composer
Cliff Carlisle   Composer
Eli Oberstein   Producer
Tony Russell   Producer,Liner Notes,Illustrations
Buster Carter   Composer
Odus Maggard   Composer
Richard Weize   Executive Producer
Kevin Coffey   Illustrations
Public Domain   Composer
Claude Nichols   Composer
Sven T. Uhrmann   Artwork,Illustrations,Photo Restoration,Photo Scanning
Woodrow Roberts   Composer
Buster Jones   Composer
William Calaway   Producer

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