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Shop Floor Management for Supervisors and Managers: How to Improve Your Profitability by Embedding a Lean Management System into Your Organization

Shop Floor Management for Supervisors and Managers: How to Improve Your Profitability by Embedding a Lean Management System into Your Organization


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This book outlines the Lean tools needed on the front lines including visual management tools, Gemba walks, standard work, time analysis, kanban, 5S and more. The authors use engaging stories and case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of shop floor management.

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ISBN-13: 9781498780957
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 01/01/2021
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Mike Meyers has over 24 years of manufacturing experience filling a variety of leadership roles. For 17 years, Mike worked at Donnelly Corporation where he focused on mastering and implementing the Donnelly Production Sysstem (DPS) company-wide. The DPS system is a lean philosophy modeled after the Toyota Production System. Starting as a Production Supervisor and being promoted to positions of Manufacturing Manager, Operations Manager and Plant Manager, Mike developed his skills for continuous improvement through a combination of comprehensive training sessions and shop floor experiences. He used these techniques and his distinct ability to work with teams to drive change and successfully turn around non-performing plants. Mike managed the benchmark production plant at Donnelly based on successful implementation of Lean Systems. Mike also supervised the start-up and expansion of a "Greenfield" facility while managing multiple consecutive and concurrent major models launches. During this period, plants he managed were awarded Toyota's coveted "Most Improved Supplier of the Year" award based on implementation of Lean Systems and were the subject of a worldwide benchmarking tour looking for Lean best practices by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Mike's primary focus over the past 7 years has been applying Lean at underperforming or distressed organizations, assisting them in either focused process improvement events or providing them with crisis or interim management. His knowledge and understanding of all levels of the manufacturing world give him a unique perspective and range of expertise to assist companies in ensuring that they emphasize speed, sustainability, team work, alignment, structure and a disciplined approach to implementation of a complete system. Charles Protzman spent over 13 years with AlliedSignal and has a total of 32 years experience in Materials and Operations Management. The first Lean Master and a Strategic Operations Manager for AlliedSignal, he received several special recognition and cost reduction awards. Charlie was an external consultant for the Maryland World Class Consortium and a contributor to the resulting World Class Guidelines. As CEO of Business Improvement Group, LLC, he has spent the last 18 years implementing successful lean product, and administrative implementations and World Class Kaizen events across the U.S. in all types of industries. He has taught Lean Thinking principles to students from all over the World. Mr. Protzman is following the footsteps of his grandfather, Charles W. Protzman, Sr. who, as part of the CCS, under the direction of MacArthur, in 1948 surveyed over 70 Japanese companies and in 1949, taught CEO's of over 50 prominent Japanese telecommunications companies an eight week course in the American Management Techniques which paved the way for Deming's visit in 1950. Daniel Protzman is Director of Customer Solutions for Business Improvement Group, LLC. In addition to benchmarking companies around the world, Daniel has consulted with a multitude of clients including Foundries, Manufacturing companies and those in the Service and Healthcare Industries.

Table of Contents

Preface. Introduction. First line leadership is the best job in any company. What it takes to make it in the role. The people side. The tools of Lean on the front lines. The difference between theory and the real world. Shop floor management designed for first line leadership. No canned approach. Marrying the people and the tools of Lean. Don't let perfect get in the way of good. Action, Action, Action.

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