Shrinking the News: Headline Stories on the Couch

Shrinking the News: Headline Stories on the Couch

by Coline Covington

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Shrinking the News brings together the author's wide range of articles from her regular column in the online newspaper, The Week. The articles cover current events from October 2008 until December 2010, concluding with more recent articles from 2013. These articles form a fascinating psychoanalytic insight on crime, politics, the economy, sports and stardom, and the quirky, bizarre events and trends that make up our daily life. The widespread popularity of these articles is a testimony to the public's interest in a psychoanalytic view of the world around us and why people do the things they do.

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ISBN-13: 9780429919183
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 05/11/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Coline Covington

Table of Contents

Preface , Why Palin appeals to shell-shocked Americans , The danger of a banker with a power complex , Frieze Art Fair: artistic or autistic? , The new feminism: how Michelle Obama is changing the rules , For glamour models, sex is in the eye of the camera , Financial failure is simply the final, fatal blow , Don’t bank on the buffalo: why we need to adapt or die , How can an Oxbridge Bishop deny the Holocaust? , Roman Abramovich and Chelsea: it’s all dad’s fault , Why Tzipi Livni craved the danger of a spy’s double life , Why Josef Fritzl thought rape was a “lovely idea” , How Jade Goody became the new Princess Diana , Nicholas Hughes was killed by Sylvia Plath, his envious mother , Inside this head: how paranoia turned Phil Spector into a killer , Why Britain’s Got Talent’s Susan Boyle makes people weep , Torturing terrorists is bad for your health , The psychological trauma behind surrogate pregnancies , Farrah Fawcett in denial as she films cancer battle , Why swine flu and torture provoke witch hunts , Ireland needs courage to change cycle of abuse , Why Americans can’t handle John Ensign’s affair , Pygmalion complex of the tennis parents who can never be satisfied , Miscavige’s reign of terror over Scientology , Narcissistic obsessions killed the Man in the Mirror , Antichrist director Lars von Trier plays god to create a new morality , Madness of wanting to be normal: Nancy Garrido’s make-believe family , What Hitler and Aids have in common , Why the world is scared of hermaphrodites , The fear behind Japan’s flourishing rent-a-friend business , What were Geimer and Shields’ mothers thinking? , Women paedophiles come out of hiding , The new trend in beards raises awkward questions , Radovan Karadžić: all the signs of a psychopath , You’re the one! Dangers of internet dating , Is Khmer Rouge jailer Duch just a nobody? , Why some women bosses turn into bullies , What deniers of climate change are really denying , Jessica Davies’ heady cocktail of sex and pain , Edlington brothers: why boredom turns to torture , Pope John Paul II: saint or closet masochist? , Sports stars lose out to philanthropists as today’s heroes , Tokyo: when a “splitter-upper” goes too far , The biggest bully is inside Gordon Brown’s head , Less clever men are more likely to cheat. Really? , Why Jon Venables wants to reveal his true identity , Chatroulette and perverts who want to attack mother , The spread of rape spells madness in the Congo , None of the party leaders is offering us charisma , TV’s virgin auctions: who pays the highest price? , Derrick Bird: mentality of a suicide bomber , Congress vs. Hayward: how it became a witch hunt , Aimee Sword: the hate that turned to incestuous love , Joanne Lee suicide pact: the comfort of strangers , The guilt that binds Ed and David Miliband together , Does Julian Assange suffer from being a mama’s boy? , Why the world will weep for Nelson Mandela , Criado-Perez scare: what turns men into misogynist bullies? , Ed Miliband and the problems of being Ralph’s heir apparent

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