Sieg Larsson, Dead? or Fled?: The boy who died a fake death.

Sieg Larsson, Dead? or Fled?: The boy who died a fake death.

by Martin Liss


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English version of the alternative history of How the Swedish Author of the Millennium series about the hacker Lisbeth and the journalist Mikael Blomkvist. Stieg Larsson, If he didn't die, but escaped? How was it done and why? Did he maybe know too much about real happenings as the killing of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme 1986? Was Stieg larsson really a good guy? Was he a feminist? or just a regular man that liked women?
This is fiction but the characters are real...

Welcome into the Stieg World, where you never knows what is made up or hard true.

This book Is a Fiction book, one have to understand that it is not based on any real proofs, but on a lot of suspicious persons thoughts of Stieg Larsson.

Why was he such a secret person when he was alive?

Why did his Partner go to the editorial to get the books printed? She was as tired of the threats they lived under during his last 15 years. Why make it worse? Think of it, the triology is a suicidual work. A Requiem.

Now some one else (David Lagercrantz) is writing the continuation about Lisbeth Salander. Even if it will be a good book, I will not read it. I can not. I can not read a book that is written by someone else after what have happened with the real author.

I LOVE the books and the mystery around Stieg Larsson, dead or Alive, he has opened a new genre in the book shelf for me.

Stieg have inspired me to write as I never wrote before.

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Long live Stieg and long live Charlie!

/Martin Liss

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Publication date: 03/18/2015
Pages: 196
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