Six Months to Live...: my Cardiomyopathy story of Mind over Medicine

Six Months to Live...: my Cardiomyopathy story of Mind over Medicine

by Margot Maurice, John Gallagher


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Six Months to Live was the prognosis given to the author in 1984. Still here in 2015, proves that not all prognoses are correct and it is often helped by recognition of the influence of the mind in healing the body.

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ISBN-13: 9781514714881
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/30/2015
Pages: 168
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About the Author

A potted version of the author's life would include: radio star at four-years of age, classically trained pianist; jazz pianist, cabaret entertainer, newspaper editor and journalist, music school principal, and magazine publisher just a few of the areas in which the author has contributed her energy, wisdom and unflagging enthusiasm.
A fuller version of each area is contained throughout the book. The author would like to take this opportunity to explain her reason for writing this book.

"There have been several contributing factors enabling me to outlive the original 1984 prognosis of having six months to live.

" 1. includes the love from my partner John Gallagher and my daughter Vanda Leigh. Also, by surviving the prediction I was able to see the birth of my granddaughter, Mondanna Leigh, now a happy young woman.
"Factor 2 stems from my being known as 'a bridge person,' someone willing and capable of creating a bridge between the orthodox and the unorthodox in a variety of fields.
"I trust I am able to do this in the writing of this book by perhaps showing the reader that the two methods of healing - traditional and complementary - can run side by side giving many benefits to all who take the adventurous path.
I include all health practitioners in this aim, because when both allopathic and naturopathic skills are combined we have a balanced healing process. Complementary healing is not about 'doctor bashing' nor should traditional medicine and healing be about 'comlementary practitioner' bashing.

"I bless my parents (now deceased) as well as my maternal grandmother (also now deceased) for providing factor three by breeding into me a strong, intuitive and positive mind and for teaching me that 'if it is to be, it's up to me.'

"I trust the reader will be able to learn something from my story and realize we are all very different and therefore handle our health and illness in a variety of ways. I attribute my survival to all of the above factors and encourage those with a health problem to understand there is more of the doctor in your God than perhaps God in your doctor.

Don't let the prognosis define the length of your life. Live every day as you choose and fill it with laughter and fun then each night before you go to sleep, give thanks to 'your God' for yet another day and remember that illness and health are mind/body decisions."

Margot Maurice.

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