Snatches of Life: A Collection of Stories

Snatches of Life: A Collection of Stories

by Neil Primus

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This manuscript is a compilation of original works. Folklore, legends, culture, fact and fi ction are all used to bring these pieces to life. Some of our folk lore’s and culture are refl ected in a ‘Perfect Christmas’, ‘Ma Lottie’s Farewell’, ‘Old Haigue a Fly’, ‘The Called’ and ‘Fraid De Dark’. Guyana’s beauty and nature’s gifts are weaved into pieces like ‘An Outing in the Country’, ‘A Wild Ride’ and ‘Life in my Neck of the Woods’. Life and its triumphs and failures and people’s unpredictability are recorded in stories such as ‘Plumber in the House’, ‘Pets are Us’, ‘The Days Goes Floating By’, ‘Needle in a Haystack’, ‘Rum Till I Die’ and ‘Two is a Crowd’. Humour fl ows through many of my stories and is quite evident in the following pieces. ‘Catch a Bull By the Tail’, ‘Flight of the Bats’, ‘Going Going Gone!’, ‘King Thief ’, ‘Rooster Rendezvous’. ‘Appointment with Dr. Punch’, ‘Making my Melody’, ‘Patrick the Prankster’, ‘Repeat After Me,’ ‘The Awakening’. ‘Millicent’. ‘The Young and the Wild’, is based on true events. Fiction and adventure are captured in ‘The Coming of a King’ and ‘Strange’. Written in simple language these stories are often upbeat and capture the imagination of the readers young or old. Readers can journey through many aspects of Guyana and its people and reminisce on days forgotten. Snatches of Life is a must read for children and adults.

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Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 11/22/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
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