So, What Do You Know About Being Jewish?

So, What Do You Know About Being Jewish?

by Roni Rosenthal


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Who wrote the Torah?
What is haftarah?
What is inside the mezuzah?
Why do we celebrate Lag B'Omer?
Who was Theodor Herzl?
How many guests should we invite to our Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony?
What does the word "Jerusalem" mean?
Who was the first Jewish senator?
Can a year have 13 months?

It is often said that Jewish people love to answer a question with another question. This is a wise idea! Every new piece of information you uncover can spur you to learn even more.
Whether your deepest interest in Judaism is religious, historical, cultural, literary, musical, or all of the above, you will find that Judaism weaves these different strands together with a deftness that can be surprising. Every name, every event, and every custom that has become a part of Judaism has great meaning attached to it, and the answers are here.

"So, What do you know about being Jewish" present 165 questions and answers. All of these questions have many advantages, including evaluating your knowledge and learning important material in a more fun and memorable way.

So, What do you know about being Jewish also includes suggestions for Jewish teachers and educators, of fun learning activities using the educational material in this book.

Roni Rosenthal, M.A. in Education and counseling from the University of Haifa, Israel, is an experienced Judaic teacher, education director, lecturer and a published author of several books. Over the past five years, Roni has collected questions, debates, and matters for clarification. She consulted with rabbis (Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform), colleagues, and researched Jewish history books, making sure that all the answers in this book were both accurate and complete.
"It would fill a library to write down everything there is to know about Judaism, but I hope that the questions and answers in this book will enrich your world in the same way that this knowledge enriches mine".

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About the Author

Roni Rosenthal is the CEO and Founder of “The Pencil Pro." She is the innovator of the Brain-Empowered with Creativity model, an adjunct-Professor and an Education Director.

Roni is known for challenging and motivating people in becoming creative thinkers.

She is a frequent speaker at workshops, universities, and schools.

Roni believes that creative thinking is a virtue and a must have skill in the 21st century. Her goal is to promote original thinking worldwide, and she has developed the tools to do so.

Roni can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @RoniRosenthal, Facebook: or LinkedIn:

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Since I was a big admirer or Rosenthal's book - 101 Let's have fun - I hurried to order her new book "So, What do you know about being Jewish". And I was SO right! This Amazing book is finally giving answers to questions that you can't stop wondering about, such as: why do we dip APPLES in honey and not any other fruit on Rosh Hashanah? Why do we celebrate Tu B'shvat and where did this custom begin? There are 165 questions and stories (called: Did you know) that are presented in a very interesting way. My son (will be 13 yr. next month) is enjoying this book and I know he is learning a lot. I myself couldn't put it down. What can I say - Another excellent book of Rosenthal's!