Sober Up! A Collection of Featured Posts From

Sober Up! A Collection of Featured Posts From

by A. D. McCormick


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From the first sip of vodka I took in my college dorm at age 17, I've struggled with alcohol. As I write this, I'm a 35-year-old wife and mother and I've been sober for five months.

That's right. I struggled with alcohol for seventeen years.

Throughout those years, some times were better than others. I'd go through tough phases where I couldn't get it right for months at a time. During other extended periods I'd moderate successfully and think I was "fixed".

I had no issues whatsoever abstaining through my pregnancy and for the first several months after my son was born. But no matter what it would always end the same - with embarrassment, regret and too many things to apologize for.

At the time I quit, I had been moderating successfully for quite some time. I quit on an upswing, really. It wasn't some dramatic moment shrouded in turmoil that made me it let it all go. It was one glass of wine.

My husband had taken our son to visit his mother one evening, and I curled up with a good book and a glass of wine for a little "me" time. Once that glass was over, my head began to hurt, I became fatigued for no reason and my mind began to flip. If I finish that bottle, will it be enough? Should I grab more? Nobody will know.

At that moment I realized I was so tired and ready to do something different. So, I vowed to go dry for the next 100 days and evaluate my position once complete.

The rest is history.

I made so many sweeping changes during that first 100 days and I loved the results so much that I chose to make a temporary decision a permanent one. And there aren't words to describe how much more incredibly vibrant life has become.

In this manuscript, I'll share results of my first 100 days sober, show you how to tell if your drinking is out of control, and conclude with the exact life changes I made to quit drinking without AA, rehab or counseling.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoy the material within and feel supported and informed along your path to alcohol sobriety or moderation.

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